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    Tech employed as client service

    Technology is often meant to improve efficiency, but see how one firm's focus on improving its tech has also improved client service.

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    Organic growth is key to $4.8B firm's success

    Ballentine Partners is among the fastest-growing RIAs in the country, and it's one of the few that has built its business organically and without relying on institutional clients to juice its assets.

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    Plugging into technology was key to building assets

    Careful technology choices helped one firm drastically improve its bottom line.

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    Keys to success: Systems and personal service

    Two important steps helped Robert Rinvelt and Roger David turn their firm into a lean, mean financial planning machine.

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    Industry icon is enthusiastic about technology

    Harold Evensky is an icon. The co-founder of Evensky & Katz Wealth Management is an influential champion of the fee-only, planning-first business model that's increasingly shaped the way financial advice is delivered to mom-and-pop investors. But you knew all that. What might be less well-known is

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    Respect for tech puts firm on path to success

    This top performer treats technology with the same importance with which it treats clients.

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    Client concierge frees up advisers

    Pinnacle Advisory Group Inc. has facilitated the tricky business of acclimating new clients by hiring a “concierge.”

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    Combining firms reduces costs and spurs collaboration

    Sandy Johnson's best business decision was to participate in an Ameriprise Financial Inc. experiment 20 years ago that brought individual advisers together to operate as a group practice. Today, her Proviant Group boasts operational efficiencies that would turn both smaller and larger firms green

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    3 decades of learning from mistakes

    Rick Adkins has been in the financial advice business for 32 years. That is long enough to make every mistake in the book, he jokes. In the early 1980s, professional financial planning was in its infancy, and simple computer spreadsheets were de rigueur. Mr. Adkins couldn't import data about his

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    Wealth manager thrives on 'do it yourself' culture

    There is no shortage of software products that developers market as the “solution” to financial advisers' every conceivable need.

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    Seizing opportunities in social media

    For many advisory firms, social media is the ungainly jigsaw piece that doesn't seem to fit in the puzzle.

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    Smart advisers, smart machines

    Brian A. Hunter says that technology is important, but it is no substitution for what people can do — that is, think.

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    Cultivating a corporate mien leads to profits for advisory firm

    E. Jeffrey Roof says that a C-suite mentality is the key behind his financial advisory firm's stellar profits.

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    Making it a priority to work with clients' children can pay off

    When Kathy Fish's biggest clients, a married couple, died within a year of each other, she worried that their two children would walk their parents' assets right out the door, since most children don't retain their parents' adviser after they inherit wealth.

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    Innovation drives results

    Record keeping, color coding and cloud computing help one firm add a personal touch to client relationships.