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    Precidian goes back to SEC for approval of active ETF plan

    A proposal designed to put actively managed products on par with index funds in the ETF universe by allowing their holdings to be non-transparent is going back in front of securities regulators.

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    SEC denies active ETF proposal as NextShares launches salvo against competitors

    Eaton Vance looks to win the "VHS/Betamax war" for the future of actively managed investments.

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    Edward Jones' proprietary funds are outselling nearly all active managers

    Firm has raised $8.1 billion for its seven Bridge Builder funds this year as it moves money from its fee-based platform.

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    Vanguard plans to offer digital marketing tool for advisers

    Largest mutual fund manager hopes that the tool will enhance relationships for and with advisers.

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    Legg Mason wants to build 'better' ETFs

    Legg Mason Inc. has asked U.S. securities regulators for permission to build index-tracking ETFs, a first step toward building its own business after poaching two Vanguard executives.In a statement Wednesday, Legg Mason said its application is “the next step in building the organizational structure

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    American Funds charges into 2015 with best sales in seven years

    The mutual fund favorite pivots, finds success with financial advisers as investors look outside the U.S. (Don't miss: The first quarter's best and worst mutual fund groups)

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    Investors shun stock pickers, favor Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street

    Fund sales switch decisively toward plain-vanilla, index investing, move out of Pimco Total Return has big impact on flows.

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    American Funds to get approval to offer ETFs

    The SEC intends to approve an application by Capital Group, parent of the third-largest mutual fund company, to offer ETFs.

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    Precidian Investments takes a second shot at regulatory approval for active ETFs

    Precidian Investments has revived a once-rejected plan that fund managers hope will help them bring active management to the fast-growing ETF market.In a filing with securities regulators Monday, the firm recast its ActiveShares proposal — with support from fund managers including BlackRock Inc.,

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    Ranking the top 10 529 plans

    Find out what plans are dominating the 529 space based on their assets in the fourth quarter of 2013.

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    New NASAA chief: Time to beef up the SEC

    Ohio Securities Commissioner Andrea Seidt is concerned that the Securities and Exchange Commission is getting bogged down. As the newly appointed head of the North American Securities Administrators Association Inc., she wants state securities regulators to help the SEC get more federal funding and

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    American Funds retools approach to adviser market

    After five years of outflows — to the tune of $242 billion — American Funds is overhauling its approach to working with financial advisers. Jason Kephart has the details.

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    American Funds makes push to increase transparency

    Firm will share how portfolios are managed but won't reveal performance and holdings

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    Active management: More sales pitch than reality?

    This fall's market forecast calls for an increase in volatility, which means that financial advisers can expect to hear a lot about how active stock pickers can help cushion against a drawdown. However, much like the fabled stock picker's market, the message is more sales pitch than reality. The

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    Contrarian play on its way from American

    Capital Research and Management Inc.'s American Funds is preparing to launch its first pure-play emerging-markets-equity fund as the asset class suffers from growing pains.