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    BlackRock leads Vanguard as ETFs race toward a record year

    Two giants remain in a tight race for buy-and-hold index investors' money as category total close to cracking the $2 trillion mark in a 'victory of vanilla' story.

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    This ETF acts like a bond and will give $800 million back to investors

    'Swallowing hard' and sending checks to clients, Guggenheim sticks with strategy for advisers.

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    Pimco paid billionaire Gross $290 million bonus in 2013

    In 2013, when Pimco's Total Return Fund trailed a majority of peers, the money manager paid former CIO Bill Gross a gigantic sum.

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    The Fed struts its market-timing skills to inject a sense of calm

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Fed tries to inject a sense of calm in the market, Mohamed El-Erian passes on Pimco, all economists get it wrong, a global currency war is unfolding before our eyes, and more.

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    These ETFs are winning in the Pimco Total Return Fund derby

    Here's a hint: They're short-term bond funds that can provide safe places to park money, and provide a little yield and return in place of holding cash

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    iShares and Pimco to shut 22 ETFs

    The funds include iShares' target-date lineup and Pimco's foreign-bond trackers.

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    BlackRock fights lawsuit claiming 'excessive fees'

    Judge poised to rule on whether a trial can proceed on claims the company violated its fiduciary obligations.

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    BlackRock says it's making inroads with wirehouses and RIAs

    BlackRock, fielding question on rival Vanguard, says it's best suited to educate the market about the power of ETFs.

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    BlackRock CEO Fink's comments on exotic funds divide ETF community

    Chief executive says leveraged ETFs could 'blow up' the industry, but some ETF fans disagree.

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    Bill Gross bets on shorter-term bonds in a controversial 'new neutral' strategy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bill Gross' controversial new strategy. Plus: BlackRock CEO Fink calls out leveraged ETFs, nobody can agree on the gold-price decline, dealing with lump-sum pension offers, a solar company that makes sense, and the various forms of a caffeine addict.

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    European stocks hit six-year high on fifth day of rally

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Euro stocks rally but for how long?. Plus: The China risk, big money managers are flush once again, the future of airplane seating, and 21 inspirational yearbook quotes.

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    BlackRock lists Ukraine among the biggest threats facing the markets

    Breakfast with Benjamin: BlackRock calls Ukraine a market threat. Plus: JPMorgan gets a slap on the wrist from Finra, Yellen ponders fuzzy unemployment data, where the gold rally is headed from here, and the emergence of subprime business loans.

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    Yellen takes another stab at offering clarity on Fed policy without jarring the markets

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Can Janet Yellen and her Federal Reserve colleagues avoid roiling the markets? Plus: Visa and MasterCard tighten screws on Russian banks, bond ladders get snubbed by a fan of bond barbells, checking the math on alternative-investment performance, and the momentum-stock ...

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    Vanguard beats BlackRock, taking in most ETF money in 1Q

    The Vanguard Group Inc., the third-biggest provider of exchange-traded funds, has gained ground on larger competitors so far this year after gathering more than seven times as much money into its ETFs than the rest of the U.S. industry combined. Vanguard attracted $13.1 billion, or almost 90

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    Ranking the 10 biggest 529 plans - Ranking the top 10 529 plans

    Assets in 529 college savings plans are up to $204.5 billion as of the fourth quarter of 2013, according to Strategic Insight. This would represent a 6.9% increase in assets from the third quarter, and a 21.3% increase compared to the fourth quarter of 2012. As more assets pour into 529 plans, ...