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    Active managers get a seat at the ETF table

    To the chagrin of some, a fast-growing industry comes to terms with active management.

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    Schwab adds 18 more funds to its commission-free ETF platform

    Schwab's fund platform is expanding to 198 the number of ETFs that trade without commissions.

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    Financial advisers rocket Vanguard to No. 2 in ETFs behind BlackRock

    The firm's focus on cost-conscious, fee-based advisers has been a winning strategy.

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    Fed confidence in the U.S. economy starts to wane

    In Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin, oil prices and consumer spending add a hint of concern about the economy to the Federal Reserve's outlook. Plus: Fido app adds new twist to stock picking, retired Franklin Resources billionaire tangles history, and BlackRock added as many ETFs as it shut down

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    BlackRock fund removed from UBS 'select' list

    UBS AG's U.S. wealth management arm has removed the BlackRock Equity Dividend Fund (MDDVX) from its list of preferred funds for advisers, according to a report Wednesday by Reuters.The news agency, which cited a memo dated Tuesday, said the firm was no longer recommending the $28.1 billion fund on

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    iShares says not so fast on passive investing winning the day

    iShares manager says money from active managers was primary driver of record 2014.

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    Supreme Court may weigh in on iShares case

    ETF investors say BlackRock keeps too much of the proceeds from securities-lending business.

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    ETF managers, bringing in historic levels of cash, still preparing for a bear

    As dollars in funds top $2 trillion, managers ready exotic products for a new market environment.

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    Precidian Investments takes a second shot at regulatory approval for active ETFs

    Precidian Investments has revived a once-rejected plan that fund managers hope will help them bring active management to the fast-growing ETF market.In a filing with securities regulators Monday, the firm recast its ActiveShares proposal — with support from fund managers including BlackRock Inc.,

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    BlackRock leads Vanguard as ETFs race toward a record year

    Two giants remain in a tight race for buy-and-hold index investors' money as category total close to cracking the $2 trillion mark in a 'victory of vanilla' story.

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    This ETF acts like a bond and will give $800 million back to investors

    'Swallowing hard' and sending checks to clients, Guggenheim sticks with strategy for advisers.

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    Pimco paid billionaire Gross $290 million bonus in 2013

    In 2013, when Pimco's Total Return Fund trailed a majority of peers, the money manager paid former CIO Bill Gross a gigantic sum.

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    The Fed struts its market-timing skills to inject a sense of calm

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Fed tries to inject a sense of calm in the market, Mohamed El-Erian passes on Pimco, all economists get it wrong, a global currency war is unfolding before our eyes, and more.

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    These ETFs are winning in the Pimco Total Return Fund derby

    Here's a hint: They're short-term bond funds that can provide safe places to park money, and provide a little yield and return in place of holding cash

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    iShares and Pimco to shut 22 ETFs

    The funds include iShares' target-date lineup and Pimco's foreign-bond trackers.