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    Vanguard beats BlackRock, taking in most ETF money in 1Q

    The Vanguard Group Inc., the third-biggest provider of exchange-traded funds, has gained ground on larger competitors so far this year after gathering more than seven times as much money into its ETFs than the rest of the U.S. industry combined. Vanguard attracted $13.1 billion, or almost 90

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    Bull market lifts average 401(k) balance above $89K

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The average 401(k) balance tops $89K. Plus: Comcast buying Time Warner, Fink likes emerging markets while Buffet shuns Graham Holdings, California drought hits agriculture stocks, and the ultimate smart car.

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    Dennis Stattman's 25-year balancing act

    Dennis Stattman, manager of BlackRock's global allocation fund, has made advisers look smart and has kept clients happy thanks to 25 years of outperformance.

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    Institutional investors moving more cash to diversified strategies

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin featuring what big investors are doing with their cash. Plus: Bracing for an SEC exam, robo-adviser asset-gathering update, stocks to watch next week, and more ways to spend bitcoin.

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    BlackRock creates U.S. retirement group led by Chip Castille

    He will remain head of the DC business; Bruce Wolfe is COO of new business.

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    BlackRock puts the brakes on market-moving analyst sentiment reports

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin features BlackRock's settlement with the N.Y. attorney general. Plus: Stock futures looking up, activist hedge funds rock, a look at 4Q earnings, the myth of cybersecurity, retirement mistakes to avoid and the upside of office relationships.

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    When undervalued stocks are expensive

    How to find undervalued stocks in a bull market. Plus, Bitcoin (yes, Bitcoin) gets legit; big investors licking their chops at BofA $8.5B settlement proposal; some good news for Madoff victims; and welcome back cap gain distributions. Curated by InvestmentNews senior columnist Jeff Benjamin.

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    Regulators to study BlackRock, Fidelity for risk

    Plus: Bitcoin is back with a vengeance, what's up with consumer discretionary stocks, how about BP and Tesla's surprising earnings miss. From InvestmentNews senior columnist Jeff Benjamin.

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    iShares' Core ETF strategy doing the trick

    A year ago, BlackRock Inc.'s iShares unit launched a series of exchange-traded funds aimed at buy-and-hold investors to fight its declining market share.

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    Volatility in Treasuries falls as heat in D.C. spikes

    The world's biggest investors are finding government bonds becoming safer, not more risky, as the deadline to avoid the first American default approaches.

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    Firms seek reworking of money fund reform

    Major financial firms are calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission to narrow its money market fund reform plan, asking it to exclude tax-exempt money funds and revise the definition of “retail investor,” among other changes.

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    Early leaders in liquid alternatives

    It may take several more years for the cream-of-the-crop liquid-alternatives managers to emerge, but even in the early innings, these four firms are making strong cases.

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    iShares takes next step to woo retail investors, fend off Vanguard

    BlackRock's ETF unit extends its core series to include managed portfolios as it takes another step in its efforts to woo retail investors. And keep Vanguard at bay. Jason Kephart explains.

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    Fee war redux? State Street ETFs undercut iShares and Vanguard

    State Street Global Advisors, the second-largest provider of exchange-traded funds, is making a push to join the ranks of low-cost ETF providers by offering the cheapest Russell 1000, 2000, and 3000 ETFs on the market. SSgA launched the SPDR Russell 2000 ETF (TWOK) on Tuesday and changed the

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    Where are the fund shareholders' yachts?

    Shareholders of mutual fund companies have had a lot to be happy about so far this year — much more, in fact, than the shareholders in the mutual funds themselves. Publicly traded shares of mutual fund companies soared more than 62% for the 12-month period ended May 20, more than double the S&P

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