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    CFP Board exam moves online

    For the first time, the CFP Board later this week will administer its qualifying exam online. The organization is promising CFP mark holders that the migration from paper-and-pad to keyboard-and-screen will not water down the test.

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    CFP isn't lone credential enforced via sanctions

    An Aug. 18 letter [“Industry group responds to editorial criticism,” by Ray Ferrara, chairman of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc.] contains the incorrect assertion that the certified financial planner designation “is the only certification or designation in the financial ...

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    CFP Board responds to compensation disclosure rule criticism

    Your Aug. 11 editorial, ACFP Board: Talking tough but acting soft,” incorrectly concluded that Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards enforces our compensation disclosure rules in a weak and inconsistent manner.

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    CFP Board: Talking tough but acting soft

    It's time for the CFP Board to be more transparent in its dealings over adviser pay descriptions.

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    Why more graduates aren't sitting for the CFP mark

    The CFB Board of Standards Inc. is digging around to try and figure out why many financial planning program graduates don't go on to attain the certified financial planner mark. Early results are telling.A recent study showed that 69%, or 351 out of 506 graduates, had not taken the two-day

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    CFP Board quietly cutting deals on compensation descriptions

    The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. is quietly trying to calm the waters that have been roiled over the last two years by controversy over how advisers holding the CFP designation define themselves.

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    Can an adviser affiliated with an insurance company be fee only? Yes.

    State rules on insurance affiliation complicate fee-only status for some CFPs.

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    Rivalry flares between American College, CFP

    War of words breaks out after The American College announces revamp of the ChFC designation with changes meant to make it more relevant to advisers.

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    Survey conducted for CFP Board shows increased awareness of its mark

    Survey conducted for CFP Board shows increased awareness of its mark; PR campaign though to be reason why

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    Advisers support CFP Board scrutiny of compensation definitions but still worry about fee-only labels

    React to plan to compare pay details in planners' profiles to information about their comp available in regulatory filings and on firm websites.

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    Setting record straight on CFP Board rules

    Answering the question about whether the CFP Board should adopt a less rigorous “fee only” definition.

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    CFP Board unleashes tsunami in fee-only court case, piling up legal fees

    Group asserts its intent to 'continue to vigorously defend itself' against lawsuit

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    Where are all the women?

    If advisory firms are truly interested in attracting more women, they will get behind the CFP Board initiatives to attract more women to financial planning.

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    Where are the female CFP professionals?

    CFP Board to announce results of new research on “feminine famine” in financial advice

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    Industry group launches latest TV commercial to build CFP brand

    It came one day after the Super Bowl advertising blitz, but the CFP Board hopes that a “reality” TV spot it launched Monday will help convince consumers to turn to a certified financial planner for advice. The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. unveiled an ad that shows average