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    Where are the female CFP professionals?

    CFP Board to announce results of new research on “feminine famine” in financial advice

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    Industry group launches latest TV commercial to build CFP brand

    It came one day after the Super Bowl advertising blitz, but the CFP Board hopes that a “reality” TV spot it launched Monday will help convince consumers to turn to a certified financial planner for advice. The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. unveiled an ad that shows average

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    CFP Board will switch to electronic exams later this year

    No more "fill in the dot completely" when the CFP Board begins administering CFP exam on computers later this year.

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    CFP board navigates rough seas

    Roiled by controversies over compensation disclosure and an attempt to offer its own continuing-education programs, the CFP board is forced to adjust.

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    NAPFA expects workable fee-only definition from CFP Board in next couple weeks

    Has a vested interest; practitioners will push for something predictable and enforceable.

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    CFP exam is a test of mettle, too

    Last month, my colleague Mark Schoeff Jr. filed a story about a recent survey showing that more than half of college students who had completed financial planning coursework at three universities had decided not to sit for the national exam that would qualify them as certified planners.

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    CFPs angry about 'fee-only' flap

    Rick Kahler was the first certified financial planner in South Dakota. He may soon become an ex-CFP.

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    CFP Board's investigation director exits

    Rex Staples, director of investigations for the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc., will be leaving his post Friday. The CFP board is searching for a replacement. Mr. Staples “is leaving to become more involved in complex areas of securities regulation and administration,” CFP

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    Florida advisers sue CFP Board

    Husband and wife balk over a disciplinary case the board raised for using the term “fee-only” to describe their compensation.

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    Investors want advice to be comprehensive

    Designations are important, as is knowledge of investing, taxes, insurance.

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    CFP Board extends reach with massive online course

    The organization behind the Certified Financial Planner credential is teaming with a university to offer the course in 2014

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    CFP Board to admonish ex-chairman

    The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. is expected to issue a public admonition letter today to Alan Goldfarb regarding allegations that its former chairman failed to describe accurately how he was compensated on the Financial Planning Association's website.

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    Foray into CE raises hackles

    Red flags have been raised over the possibility that the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc., which grants the CFP designation, will get into the continuing-education business for planners. The worries bubbled to the surface last Thursday at the National Association of Personal

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    CFP Board seeks to increase certificants by 5% in 2013

    The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. is mounting another big marketing campaign this year — this one aimed at persuading investment advisers to become CFPs.

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    CFP Board turns to CFPB to promote its credential

    One of the most controversial creations of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law – the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – is not supposed to creep into investment-adviser regulation, which is under the aegis of the Securities and Exchange Commission. But advisers should keep an eye on the agency;

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