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    CFP Board, with TD Ameritrade's backing, launches Center for Financial Planning

    The non-profit organization behind the CFP designation is debuting a center to promote greater diversity in the industry and build a body of academic research.

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    CFP Board sanctions two planners for improper use of 'fee-only' label

    Group sent letters of admonition to the advisers for misrepresenting their method of payment as fee-only.

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    Camardas appeal dismissal of case against CFP Board

    Florida planners will continue legal battle over use of fee-only compensation label.

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    CFP Board: Judge's ruling validates our rights to protect the public

    Chairman Richard P. Rojeck explains the Board's disciplinary process and questions why a judge who is not a CFP would be better able to interpret its rules and evaluate the evidence.

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    Camardas: None of the 70,000 CFPs are entitled to their day in court

    Financial advice couple who sued CFP Board over use of the fee-only compensation label responds to U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon's opinion, made public Tuesday, in the dismissed case.

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    Why a federal judge tossed out the Camardas' case

    U.S. District Judge Richard Leon made public Tuesday his opinion in a lawsuit over CFP Board's disciplinary action related to adviser use of the 'fee-only' label.

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    I took the test, I talked the talk. Now you can call me a CFP!

    I didn't think this day would ever come, but on July 15, I received an email from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. that said: “Congratulations! You are now a certified financial planner.”I completed the financial planning certificate program at the University of Virginia in

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    Camardas consider an appeal of dismissed CFP Board case

    Other advisers dinged by fee-only compensation definition weigh in on judge's decision.

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    Judge throws out Camarda case against CFP Board

    U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon granted a motion for summary judgment and dismissed the controversial lawsuit against the CFP Board filed by Jeffrey and Kimberly Camarda involving use of the fee-only compensation label.

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    CFP Board cracks down on compensation disclosure, revokes a license

    The Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards Inc. has revoked the CFP credential of a Florida investment adviser for administrative violations involving the way he described his form of compensation and admonished two other CFPs for mischaracterizing the way they are paid.The actions mark

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    CFP Board eliminates government relations position

    At a time when the investment advice industry is watching developments in Washington more closely than ever, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. is shelving part of its lobbying function.At the beginning of the month, the organization laid off Todd Cranford, who had been

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    Tittsworth exits IAA after waging battles on behalf of investment advisers

    After 18 years, David Tittsworth is leaving the Investment Adviser Association, a group he led during a period of expanding regulation.

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    CFP Board hires new general counsel to oversee ethics, designation enforcement

    Leo G. Rydzewski has been lead counsel in compensation-description litigation for the board, and in part replaces Michael Shaw, who left Dec. 12.

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    CFP Board eases restrictions on use of mark

    Board announces expansion of allowances for experience requirement and alternative to capstone.

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    CFP Board head of enforcement leaves in midst of compensation-definition disputes

    With no replacement named, it is unclear what Michael Shaw's departure will mean for board strategy.