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    Citigroup says oil is going from cheap to dirt cheap

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Could $20 oil really happen? According to Citigroup, It's impossible to call a bottom point. Plus: Morningstar crowns the 'best' liquid alts fund, another oil producer feels the pain, and the case for active management gets stronger.

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    Sallie Krawcheck: Don't underestimate robo-advisers

    Sallie Krawcheck says online advice industry is filling a gap in the marketplace.

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    Citigroup dealt second fine for prospectus lapses

    Finra said the firm failed to deliver documents after ETFs were purchased by clients.

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    Citigroup fined $15 million for analyst supervisory failures

    Failing to supervise research analysts and their handling of material non-public information at issue, Finra says.

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    Markets climb in stride with pessimism

    Plus: Janet Yellen's dovish optimism, Ernst & Young's $4 million lobbying settlement, how Citigroup agreed on that $7 billion figure, and QE has had almost no impact on unemployment

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    Citigroup reaches $7 billion mortgage bond settlement

    Joins JPMorgan Chase in settling charges it misrepresenting the quality of mortgage-backed bonds sold to investors as housing prices plummeted.

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    Markets brace for the Fed's big talk about normalization

    Plus: Individual investors zig as professionals zag, hedging the U.S. market by going global, Citigroup in the spotlight, and futbol mania

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    European economic growth disappoints, adding pressure to the ECB strategy

    On the menu for today's Breakfast with Benjamin, European economic growth falls short of economists' expectations, plus news on Citigroup, ETFs and much more.

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    Investors turn focus to first-quarter earnings

    Breakfast with Benjamin: All eyes are on earnings. Plus: The SEC discovers high-frequency trading, momentum takes out passive investors, AAA credit ratings becoming extinct, new love for emerging markets, six solid stocks to watch this week, overwhelmed at the IRS, and Switzerland votes for the ...

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    Citigroup's Mexican unit under FBI scrutiny for alleged fraud

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Citi under the FBI microscope. Plus: Using P/E ratios to dispel bubble theories, re-calculating the size of the nation's oil reserves, big banks and big overdraft fees, GM and political grandstanding, and it's always a good time to teach kids about money.

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    Investor bullishness is the latest reason to be cautious about stocks

    As investors get increasingly bullish on stocks, the market's warning signs are beginning to mount. Getting that late-1990s feeling Goldman Sachs touts its warm and fuzzy side in an effort to recruit more of those high-maintenance millennials. Hey kid, take the weekend off So much for believing

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    Why does the SEC protect banks' dirty secrets?

    Remember Richard Bowen? He is the former senior executive at Citigroup Inc. who in November 2007 issued a clarion call to his colleagues and Citi's board that a major credit quality problem loomed for the bank. Mr. Bowen was the chief underwriter in the business unit that bought from third parties

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    INsider: Pandit exit could pave way for Geithner, analyst says

    Who did in Vikram Pandit? By most accounts, the former hedge fund manager turned global banking CEO did a great job saving Citigroup Inc. from ruin after taking the job in 2007. Sure, Citi needed a government bailout to avoid bankruptcy — as did several other major U.S. banks. But it's hard to

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    Smith Barney bites the dust

    It's official — management at Morgan Stanley has eighty-sixed the 'Smith Barney' name, rebranding the iconic brokerage as Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. What would John Houseman think?

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    Citigroup sees significant charge after brokerage valuation

    Morgan Stanley's estimate of the fair-market value of the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney unit is about 40% of what Citigroup believes the brokerage is worth, according to a regulatory filing