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    Fidelity quietly settles employee lawsuits

    At issue was accusations the fund giant engaged in self-dealing in 401(k) plan.

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    Fidelity has lowest-cost target date funds, edging out Vanguard

    Fidelity Investments edged out The Vanguard Group Inc., a major rival in the retirement-planning business, for having the lowest-cost target date fund lineup as of the end of last year, according to research released Tuesday.Fidelity Freedom Index charged 16 basis points for its target date series

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    Fidelity Charitable promotes Danforth to president

    Changing of the guard comes as Sarah Libbey moves to managing director role at Fidelity Investments.

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    Bull market lifts average 401(k) balance above $89K

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The average 401(k) balance tops $89K. Plus: Comcast buying Time Warner, Fink likes emerging markets while Buffet shuns Graham Holdings, California drought hits agriculture stocks, and the ultimate smart car.

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    Fidelity Institutional lowers fees for financial advisers trading on its platform

    Starting Jan. 1, Fidelity will lower to $30, from $40, the standard pricing for a buy or sell transaction on its FundsNetwork platform, a 25% saving. But the custodian is also raising buy fees by 25% to $50 on five fund families, including the popular offerings from the Vanguard Group Inc.

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    Fidelity launches bond funds to weather uncertain markets

    The fund giant is offering clients a new way to prosper in uncertain debt markets.

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    Regulators to study BlackRock, Fidelity for risk

    Plus: Bitcoin is back with a vengeance, what's up with consumer discretionary stocks, how about BP and Tesla's surprising earnings miss. From InvestmentNews senior columnist Jeff Benjamin.

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    Fidelity late but not too late with new ETFs

    Mutual fund giant Fidelity Investments is set to launch a series of exchange-traded funds, the firm's first in 10 years. Is it too little, too late? Advisers say no, but they're not overly excited, either.

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    Galvin eyeing Puerto Rican muni debt obligations

    Massachusetts securities regulators have begun to make inquiries about the sale of Puerto Rican municipal debt obligations to investors in the state, with the office of Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin last Wednesday saying that it had sent inquiry letters to Fidelity's FMR Co. Inc.;

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    Now for something different at Fidelity: Event-driven investing

    Fidelity is adopting a popular hedge fund strategy as the basis for a planned mutual fund, embracing event-driven investing. But don't assume they're going full-bore into the alternatives world.

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    Fidelity zaps more RIAs with fee

    Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services will be charging more of its small registered investment advisers a $2,500 quarterly platform fee, beginning next month.

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    American Funds retools approach to adviser market

    After five years of outflows — to the tune of $242 billion — American Funds is overhauling its approach to working with financial advisers. Jason Kephart has the details.

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    Fidelity zaps more small RIAs with $2,500 quarterly fee

    Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services will be charging more of its small registered investment advisers a $2,500 quarterly platform fee, beginning next month. The firm will begin charging all firms with less than $15 million in assets under custody a $2,500 quarterly fee. Previously, the minimum

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    Firms seek reworking of money fund reform

    Major financial firms are calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission to narrow its money market fund reform plan, asking it to exclude tax-exempt money funds and revise the definition of “retail investor,” among other changes.

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    Everything you ever wanted to know about young millionaires but were afraid to ask

    Younger millionaires are far more likely than comparable baby boomers to use a financial adviser, but they are looking for a much different experience. Nearly three in four millionaire boomers rely on their advisers for investment advice, but younger millionaires — Millennials and Generation Xers —