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    SEC approves rule requiring BrokerCheck links

    SEC will require brokerages to include a 'readily apparent reference and hyperlink' to the database on home pages and broker profiles.

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    Mandatory arbitration reform on the docket at CFPB

    Experts in the financial industry question what spillover effect it will have on such clauses for brokers.

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    State regulators, Finra, SIFMA propose fee disclosure model for brokers

    State regulators, Finra, SIFMA say their approach would clarify charges to investors, yet commissions and advisory fees are left out of the plan.

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    Finra board to consider tougher expungement guidance to arbitrators

    Inserting strong language into rules, such as that wiping clean a broker's record should only be considered 'an extreme remedy,' could give it more weight.

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    Groups opposing DOL fiduciary rule step up lobbying spending

    Interest groups wanting to stop a Labor Department proposal that would change the rules for investment advice to retirement accounts have stepped up their lobbying expenditures.The Financial Services Institute, for instance, has spent $428,876 on lobbying during the first half of the year, compared

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    SEC warns brokerages to monitor risky products better

    The Securities and Exchange Commission is warning brokerages to better monitor the sales of risky complex investments to retail clients.In an alert issued Monday, the agency said an analysis of 26,600 transactions totaling $1.25 billion of structured securities products revealed a significant

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    SEC commissioners push for bond transparency in wake of Edward Jones settlement

    Regulator says Finra and MSRB should issue rules 'requiring the disclosure of mark-ups and mark-downs.'

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    'Dissident' candidate defeats Finra's hand-picked nominee for board seat

    Brian Kovack wants to make the organization more effective without antagonizing firms that are doing the right thing

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    SIFMA's advice to DOL on the fiduciary rule: Start over

    Industry heavyweight argues the proposal would limit access to investment advice.

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    Finra brands DOL fiduciary rule misguided, confusing

    The proposal to reduce conflicts of interest for brokers working with retirement accounts would create overlapping regulations that would baffle advisers and investors, regulator says.

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    Plucky candidates seek Finra board seats

    Three contenders had to work way onto ballot, want reform in exams and arbitration

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    Finra board candidate claims examiners are out of touch

    Finra examiners should adhere to a code of conduct when reviewing member firms, Stephen Kohn, a candidate for the SRO's small-firm board seat, asserts. (Don't miss: How to make Finra work: Kovack)

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    Wells Fargo, Raymond James, LPL to repay investors more than $30 million for mutual fund overcharges

    Finra says Wells Fargo, Raymond James and LPL self-reported their failures to waive sales loads for Class A shares for retirement accounts and charities.

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    Finra board candidate wants to keep organization from 'antagonizing' members

    A candidate for Finra's board of governors has launched what he calls a “dissident campaign,” asserting he will try to prevent the regulator from “antagonizing” members, especially independent broker-dealers.

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    State regulators work on uniform approach to elder financial abuse

    New measures are aimed at encouraging brokers to notify authorities when they suspect someone is trying to scam one of their clients.