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    Show me the money: Financial advisory trade groups pay handsomely

    If you want to make money in the financial advisory business, don't be a financial adviser. Heading groups that advocate for them pays much better. Plus, see what the top brass make.

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    Democrats torn between Obama, financial industry on DOL fiduciary rule

    Latest letter threatens to slow the rule-making process while time runs down on the current administration.

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    Advisers form coalition to oppose DOL fiduciary rule

    Grassroots organization is sponsored by a trade association for life insurance companies.

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    State regulators, Finra, SIFMA propose fee disclosure model for brokers

    State regulators, Finra, SIFMA say their approach would clarify charges to investors, yet commissions and advisory fees are left out of the plan.

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    Groups opposing DOL fiduciary rule step up lobbying spending

    Interest groups wanting to stop a Labor Department proposal that would change the rules for investment advice to retirement accounts have stepped up their lobbying expenditures.The Financial Services Institute, for instance, has spent $428,876 on lobbying during the first half of the year, compared

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    Broker groups step up political spending early in election cycle

    Groups representing brokers and investment firms have stepped up their political spending this year, while adviser advocates have slowed down their campaign contributions.The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, the major industry trade organization, contributed $261,198 to

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    Obama encourages statewide retirement plans

    President directs Department of Labor to propose rules by the end of the year to provide a “clear path” for states.

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    Finra board candidate wants to keep organization from 'antagonizing' members

    A candidate for Finra's board of governors has launched what he calls a “dissident campaign,” asserting he will try to prevent the regulator from “antagonizing” members, especially independent broker-dealers.

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    Top GOP senators pressure DOL on fiduciary-duty timetable

    GOP senators, including those with oversight of the agency, are among three dozen co-signers of a letter to Labor Secretary Thomas Perez seeking more time to comment.

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    Brokerage industry lobbying dollars dwarf investment advisers'

    The brokerage industry's lobbying spending dwarfed advisers' in the first quarter, with the DOL fiduciary rule a primary focus.

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    Financial industry asks DOL for more time on fiduciary rule

    Groups say they need an extra 45 days above the 75-day comment period to respond.

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    Are brokers being branded with a scarlet 'S'?

    Proponents of a fiduciary standard are ganging up on commission-based advisers through public shaming regarding the Suitability standard.

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    DOL head says fiduciary standard will happen

    Secretary Perez has confidence his agency will complete work on the rule before Obama's term ends.

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    With Obama's push, is fiduciary a done deal? Not so fast

    Advisers, experts weigh in on DOL fiduciary rule's prospects and what it might end up looking like.

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    DOL fiduciary rule stalls again as brokerage industry makes last-minute push against it

    The Labor Department's proposal to impose a fiduciary standard on retirement advisers has stalled as the brokerage industry makes one more, eleventh-hour bid to change it.