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    Franklin Templeton billionaire escapes contentious lawsuit

    The billionaire who built Franklin Templeton survived a lawsuit by the son of an early investor who said he was cheated out of a stake in the firm worth $136 million. But the company will still have to defend itself in court.

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    Edward Jones: Stick to the classic bond flavors when rates rise

    While alts have risen in popularity as a way to hedge Fed action, their usefulness is overstated, says strategist

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    Massachusetts' Galvin to investigate alternative fund sales by advisers

    Sales of 25 top 'liquid alts' mutual funds will come under greater scrutiny from the state regulator.

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    As Puerto Rico crisis intensifies, mutual fund investors face loss of capital

    If the island can't pay back all of its debts, some fund holders could suffer haircuts.

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    Positioning bond holdings for when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates

    It's important to position portfolios both to gain from rising U.S. Treasury yields and to hedge against global risks in the bond markets.

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    The pursuit of happiness: Savings and income for a lifetime - InvestmentNews

    Meeting income requirements throughout a lengthy retirement may require looking beyond traditional short-term and fixed income assets and considering equities, global investments and specific strategies such as product allocation to broaden income sources and match sources of income to expenses.

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    Emerging markets get more attractive by the day

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Emerging markets getting more and more attractive. Plus: Bill Gross bounces back, the February buying opportunity, this isn't 1929, and Goldman manicures an apology for giving nail files to women.

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    Breaking the cycle of investment regret - InvestmentNews

    How investors can harness emotions for better investment decisions; a new white paper from Franklin Templeton Investments.

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    Plan sponsors don't choose advisers based on pricing

    Fees are important to plan sponsors shopping for advisers, but they aren't necessarily a deal breaker.

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    Franklin Templeton further elevates alt offerings with K2 buy

    Franklin Resources Inc. Ticker:(BEN) is taking another step into the alternatives universe with the acquisition of K2 Advisors Holdings LLC, a $9.3 billion funds-of-hedge-funds firm.

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    Hasenstab's new normal: You've got to take risks just to preserve wealth

    Easy money policy of central banks means cash no longer a safe haven; Greece is 'fiscally terminal'

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    Fee disclosures could put the squeeze on 401(k) fund firms

    Asset managers that provide investments and nothing else may feel pricing pressure from index funds, plans sponsors

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    Hasenstab's 'Erin go bond' strategy triggers Templeton turnaround

    Bets on distressed Irish debt vault Global Bond Fund back near the top; rough year in 2011

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    Crisis in Europe no 'cause for alarm': Mark Mobius

    Emerging market guru says woes on continent won't drag world into recession; 'don't see a let-up in demand'

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    Why Mark Mobius is convinced stocks will rebound

    Emerging market guru says inflation will force investors back into equities; 'bouncing along the bottom'