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    The cruelest month: IRS doesn't mess around in April

    Tax-time publicity, such as for prosecuting fraud, reminds the public of the agency's enforcement muscle.

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    IRS chief says Affordable Care Act not a problem for taxpayers

    Commissioner John Koskinen says biggest concerns are enforcement and identity theft.

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    Good looks aren't everything, but it might help you attract more assets

    In today's Breakfast with Benjmain, looks might help money managers land more assets, but they also tend to underperform. Plus: Darryl Strawberry's contract balance goes to the highest bidder, Florida investment manager charged with bilking $17M from clients, and a hedge fund manager uses proper ...

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    IRS losing the battle over mega-IRAs as company founders fill retirement accounts with nonpublic stock

    Corporate and private equity executives can accumulate millions of dollars in tax-favored retirement accounts, taking advantage of gaps in the law and IRS enforcement, according to a Government Accountability Office study.The Internal Revenue Service has trouble fighting back, because legal

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    Caution: New IRS rules for IRA rollovers come with risks for advisers

    Guidance from the IRS on its one-IRA-rollover-per-year rule requires advisers to know where clients' money has been or risk a snafu that could sever that relationship.

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    Tax chief tells Congress to renew tax extenders soon or risk filing-season delay

    If IRS Commissioner John Koskinen could set the agenda for the upcoming lame-duck session of Congress, he would make renewal of dozens of expired tax breaks the priority. If Congress doesn't act before the end of November, filing season could be postponed, giving taxpayers a big headache.

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    Strategies arise to take advantage of new IRS after-tax rollover

    Though after-tax dollars in a 401(k) can now be rolled into a Roth IRA, few employers accept such contributions.

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    Global consumer confidence soars

    Plus: Credit Suisse exits the commodities trading business, Allianz stands by Bill Gross, silver has a golden summer run, three taxes we can all dislike together, and don't let tourist scams rain on your vacation

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    Advisers embrace liquid alts to navigate Fed policy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Advisers go liquid to navigate Yellen Fed policy. Plus: Global stocks are loving the Fed's latest non-move, energy stocks ride high on the unrest in Iraq, an IRS excuse that the IRS would never accept from you, and political correctness has the Washington Redskins ...

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    When searching for investment advice, consumers are drawn to the alphabet soup of credentials

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Consumers drawn by alphabet soup of adviser credentials. Plus: Job cuts continue at Barclays, pushing for nationwide fracking, a big retirement risk, commodity hedge funds take a beating, and another smidgen of bad news for the IRS.

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    Barclays looks like the latest bank to back away from commodities trading

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Barclays backing away from commodities. Plus: Goldman hangs tough in the commodity-trading arena, getting esoteric with income investing, riding on an M&A high, and IRS bonuses whether you've paid your taxes or not

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    New rules for the new year - Tax updates for 2014

    With the end of the year a mere eight weeks away, the Internal Revenue Service has released its series of tax updates for 2014 and made a few other announcements. Both financial advisers and investors will want to keep an eye out for updates to account for inflation. A couple of key items will hold

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    IRS eases retirement loan procedures for Sandy victims

    People affected by Hurricane Sandy, or their close relatives, can tap qualified retirement plans without having to follow certain procedures for hardship withdrawals, the Internal Revenue Service said.

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    Social Security's coming crisis quantified: $20.5 trillion

    The $20.5 trillion fiscal gap separating Social Security's liabilities and assets -- its unfunded liability -- is enormous; it is 1.4 times U.S. gross domestic product and 34 times annual Social Security taxes.

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    Recession reduced wealthy's income while raising tax rate

    A CBO report has found that the before-tax income of top earners fell by 36.3% between 2007 to 2009 while their tax rate rose