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    Democrats torn between Obama, financial industry on DOL fiduciary rule

    Latest letter threatens to slow the rule-making process while time runs down on the current administration.

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    DOL, industry spar over cost estimates for fiduciary rule

    DOL, industry spar over cost estimates for fiduciary rule Perez defends White House study, while SIFMA and ICI attack it Oct 16, 2015 @ 4:50 pm By Mark Schoeff Jr. + Zoom Labor Secretary Thomas Perez defended a proposal to raise investment advice standards for retirement accounts by asserting that

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    Is the bull market making advisers and investors behave better?

    Mutual fund investors get closer to capturing 100% of the returns of the funds they invest in, according to Morningstar.

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    Broker groups step up political spending early in election cycle

    Groups representing brokers and investment firms have stepped up their political spending this year, while adviser advocates have slowed down their campaign contributions.The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, the major industry trade organization, contributed $261,198 to

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    Brokerage industry lobbying dollars dwarf investment advisers'

    The brokerage industry's lobbying spending dwarfed advisers' in the first quarter, with the DOL fiduciary rule a primary focus.

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    Financial industry asks DOL for more time on fiduciary rule

    Groups say they need an extra 45 days above the 75-day comment period to respond.

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    Will mutual funds' pay-to-play at brokerages go away?

    Fund industry worries about fallout from results of SEC exam sweep on distribution fees.

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    What Obama's attempt to tax 529 plans says about the safety of Roth IRA assets

    Changes could spark revolt, but 'when Congress needs dollars, they're going to get them,' one adviser says.

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    Who's spending what on political candidates?

    With Senate control at stake in tomorrow's election, interest groups representing the brokerage and insurance industries are spending substantially more than financial adviser groups, and are adding to their lead.

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    DOL fiduciary opponents point to UK experience to bolster their case

    A ban on financial advisers' charging commissions in the United Kingdom has driven investors with small accounts out of the advice market, according to a mutual fund official in Europe, something that Department of Labor fiduciary opponents argue could happen here.

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    ICI pushes back on too-big-to-fail label for big fund firms

    Breakfast with Benjamin: ICI resists 'Too Big to Fail' label for fund firms plus Crimea chooses Mother Russia and what that means for the markets. And guess what, the Fed is out of ammo, Pimco spins the Mohamed El-Erian departure while Mr. El-Erian opens a Twitter account.

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    Nobel Prize winner argues markets are efficient

    The work that earned Eugene Fama the Nobel Prize in economics provided the intellectual foundation for index-tracking funds, which have upended stock picking as investors have abandoned active money managers.

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    Investors continue to prefer equity to bond funds, ICI data show

    Flows to long-term mutual funds continue to reflect a preference for equities over fixed income, according to estimates from the Investment Company Institute. With continued uncertainty surrounding the expiration date of the Federal Reserve's monetary stimulus program, bond funds experienced

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    Mutual fund costs for 401(k) plans still dropping

    Mutual fund costs continue to tumble for 401(k) plans, thanks in part to plan sponsors' demands for cheaper investment options.

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    ICI criticizes risk council

    The Investment Company Institute, the mutual fund industry's main trade group, last week said that federal regulators exceeded their legal authority in urging the Securities and Exchange Commission to overhaul rules for money market funds.