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    Janus sees Gross as a 'game changer'

    After years of redemptions and on its third CEO, Denver investment company is giving the ball to the Bond King.

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    Coming off a big year, Janus files for exotic ETFs

    Janus Capital Group Inc. this year has already snagged the world's most famous bond fund manager and acquired a manufacturer of exchange-traded funds.But it has even bigger plans in the ETF market, and they go beyond Bill Gross, according to filings with federal regulators.The fund manager late

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    Off with his head: How Pimco deposed the Bond King

    The inside story of the final months of turmoil at Pimco as Bill Gross lost control.

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    How the Long Bond Stole the Trophy - InvestmentNews

    Janus Fixed Income CIO Gibson Smith reflects on why he believes consistency beats the long shot, in sports and in investing.

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    Pimco paid billionaire Gross $290 million bonus in 2013

    In 2013, when Pimco's Total Return Fund trailed a majority of peers, the money manager paid former CIO Bill Gross a gigantic sum.

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    Gold's 'dead-cat bounce' is a temporary distraction from an inevitable fall

    Also on Monday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Janus rides the wave of a Bill Gross effect, bond managers talk their book, IN's deep-dive into bond fund assets shifts, some oil stocks are worth buying on the dips, and happy birthday to the United States Marine Corps.

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    Janus fixed-income chief steps into the spotlight

    The chief investment officer overseeing Janus' bond business adjusting to the added attention on the firm.

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    The trouble with porosity and prosperity

    Decades and indeed centuries have taught us that both inflation and deflation are the enemies of stability and growth, but knowing which one is just around the corner can be difficult. Read what Bill Gross has to say about inflation in his latest investment outlook from Janus.

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    Gross calls deflation a 'growing possibility' threatening wealth

    Central banks' efforts to fuel inflation have pushed up financial assets, rather than prices in the real economy.

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    The Fed struts its market-timing skills to inject a sense of calm

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Fed tries to inject a sense of calm in the market, Mohamed El-Erian passes on Pimco, all economists get it wrong, a global currency war is unfolding before our eyes, and more.

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    Public pensions put Pimco on watch after Gross exit

    Fund managers looking for signs of stability at both Pimco and Janus following dramatic move.

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    Two high-profile adviser terminations take center stage

    This week's must-read stories for advisers include employment drama at LPL and Merrill, Bill Gross speaking out, and a renewed push for more women in advice.

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    Gross exposes $42 trillion bond market's key flaw in exit

    Gross exposes $42 trillion bond market's key flaw in exit Lack of liquidity in less-traded corners of the market is the big issue Oct 1, 2014 @ 2:18 pm By Bloomberg News + Zoom (Bloomberg News) One man shook a $42 trillion bond market last week, highlighting just how vulnerable bond prices are to

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    Gross' last defiance stuns Pimco, Allianz

    Gross' last defiance stuns Pimco, Allianz Move to Janus was a complete surprise to company, bosses in Germany Sep 29, 2014 @ 9:16 am By Bloomberg News + Zoom Even the executives at Allianz SE didn't know. It was 2:28 p.m. in Munich on Friday, and Bill Gross, in charge of $2 trillion as chief

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    Pimco likely to pick Dan Ivascyn to succeed Gross

    Deputy chief investment officer has inside track to succeed 'Bond King' as CIO