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    Warren Buffett doesn't have time to fiddle with activist investing

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Warren Buffett's distaste for activist investing boils down to simple math.

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    Bill Gross suing Pimco for 'hundreds of millions' over his ouster

    The legendary bond manager claims he was wrongfully pushed out by a “cabal” of Pimco execs seeking a bigger slice of the bonus pool. (More: Bill Gross speaks out on Pimco exit, vows to defeat his rivals)

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    Advisers who fled Pimco Total Return pay a price in 2015

    Funds that won money from Pimco lag Bill Gross' replacements this year, but advisers say it will take more than a few months of outperformance to win back their business.

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    DoubleLine's Gundlach outperforms Loomis' Fuss and Janus' Gross in recent market rout

    Jeffrey Gundlach's $48.2 billion DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund returned 0.7% over the past month while his peers showed losses.

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    Do fund sales predict fund performance?

    A new study looks at the evidence and finds a link between flows and performance. The question is why.

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    Bill Gross tweaks 'shorts of a lifetime' — causing Janus fund to rise

    China's Shenzhen Composite Index, having more than doubled in 2015, began declining about a week after the legendary bond manager made a prediction that Chinese stocks were overheated and poised to fall, and it has since plunged about 27%.

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    Health care creates a bright spot for beleaguered stock-pickers

    Sector funds give specialist managers an opportunity to shine during a long bull market.

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    Legg Mason wants to build 'better' ETFs

    Legg Mason Inc. has asked U.S. securities regulators for permission to build index-tracking ETFs, a first step toward building its own business after poaching two Vanguard executives.In a statement Wednesday, Legg Mason said its application is “the next step in building the organizational structure

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    In latest test, active managers outperform bond indexes

    After a disappointing 2014, intermediate-term bond managers have found their footing.

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    Bill Gross tweets and technical analysts get all giddy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bond manager tweets out a nerdy note that only technical analysts understand, but the translation is both bearish and fun.

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    Bill Gross: I bungled 'short of a lifetime' trade on German bund

    The bond manager's call proved correct, but he admits his bet on a narrow trading range was not.

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    Gross' greatest project: Giving it all away

    Bond King has already donated $700 million; plans to disburse rest of his $2 billion fortune to charity

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    Bill Gross says he will short the German bund, eventually

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bill Gross calls out the 10-year German bund, but you'll want to wait more than a year for the end of Europe's easing.

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    Bill Gross' contrarian bet against the dollar helps him regain footing

    Bill Gross' bet that the dollar's rally won't continue helps his fund post 2.4% returns in the past month.

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    Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman rakes in the big bucks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A 25% pay raise to $22.5 million means it's good to be Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman.