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    Living with market volatility

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bull run is not over; neither is the spike in volatility. Plus: The upside of suddenly cheaper stocks, JPMorgan's big miss, mutual fund investors always get creamed, placing speed bumps in front of high-frequency traders and not having Kathleen Sebelius to kick around

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    What are the economic consequences of the next Cold War?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: How the Russia situation could hit the economy. Plus: JPMorgan abandons its commodities business, Morningstar's deep dive into the Pimco mess, expect the expected from Yellen today, retirees give Boomers the playbook, and, big surprise, short-sellers badmouth stocks.

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    J.P. Morgan Securities goes on recruiting offensive

    Firm signs on to broker protocol as it moves to make sure its name is more prominent in the eyes of top advisers.

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    J.P. Morgan adds six advisers with $1.2 billion

    J.P. Morgan Securities recruits come from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bernstein and UBS.

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    Bill Gross compares Chinese economy to 'mystery meat'

    Breakfast with Benjamin:The Bond King: China's a big risk. Plus: JPMorgan goes on a settlement binge, finance industry tells investors to stay calm, Obama administration catches a CBO boomerang, and some healthy balance sheets for the New Year.

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    Securitization makes a comeback

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Securitization comes back and it's not all bad...Plus, how JPMorgan is positioned for rising rates, Deutsche Bank suspends currency traders, GM pays a dividend, and more minimum wage math.

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    JPMorgan's Madoff missteps

    Breakfast with Benjamin: JPMorgan's Madoff missteps, Prudential's bullishness, ETF inflows' lessons, gold bugs' squashed state and Kraft's Velveeta shortage warning. Plus: pot stocks vs. prison stocks.

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    Goldman, JPMorgan advise ducking out of emerging markets

    In today's Breakfast with Benjamin: Two big investment houses recommend exiting emerging markets. Also: Credit Suisse offloads risky assets, investment gurus get nervous about 2014, cold weather and a weak economy, and what will cost more this year.

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    Big banks feel the heat from religious investor groups

    Friday's breakfast is served: Big banks feel the heat from religious investor groups; Deutsche Bank settles with Finra; the housing recovery's recovery and Jamie Dimon's wacky holiday card

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    Do your clients really need long-term care insurance?

    What's InvestmentNews senior columnist Jeff Benjamin reading this morning? Whether your clients need long-term care insurance, hedge funds loading up on GM stock, Greenspan calls Bitcoin a bubble, JPMorgan confirms cardholders were hacked and Britain gets bullish. Breakfast with Benjamin is served.

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    Look out below: T. Rowe Price warns of correction in the New Year

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin: T. Rowe Price warns of correction, Deutsche Bank bans chat rooms, the first-ever hedge fund ad debuts, big banks sweating over the looming Volcker rule, and EU Commission levies heavy fine for rate rigging.

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    Bernanke looks past end of QE and sees low rates for a long time

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin: Bernanke sees low rates for a long, long time; holiday retailers on the ropes; SAC Capital jury selection; investigating fishy employment data; coal becomes the next tobacco-style villain

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    Global markets riding high on the 'Yellen effect'

    Did Janet Yellen affect global markets? Better believe it. Also, four U.S. banks get cut by Moody's, some big names load up on gold and yes, there's an ETF with a chunk of Twitter. From InvestmentNews senior columnist Jeff Benjamin, who adds a Turkey Day preview.

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    JPMorgan feels Twitter's doubled-edged sword

    After big IPO hit, the bank learns the hard way how not to use social media

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    SEC to mutual fund industry: Stop promising safety and protection

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin: The regulator tells the mutual fund industry to stop promising safety and protection. Plus, the QE government bonanza, JPMorgan's Twitter beatdown, SAC Capital trial could go inside the hedge fund.

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"J.P. Morgan Securities goes on recruiting offensive" good read

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