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    JPMorgan faces lawsuit, inquiry over proprietary product sales

    JPMorgan faces lawsuit, inquiry over proprietary product sales as a church alleges the firm steered it into costly and poorly performing proprietary investments

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    JPMorgan's fund choices for its clients said to be under regulatory review

    The SEC is reviewing whether conflicts of interest led the firm to sell certain products to individual clients.

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    Global markets collide with geopolitics as Obama orders airstrikes in Iraq

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin feature: Global markets collide with geopolitics as Obama orders airstrikes. Plus: Gold bugs rejoice; a senator takes parting shot at Wall Street; hidden risks in mutual funds; and find your perfect TV office.

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    Fed watchers see more tapering and little else from today's minutes

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Gearing up for Fed news. Plus: Putin's next move could be painful; Argentina teeters on the brink of default; another naysayer calls for a correction; the long view on a higher minimum wage; and a portfolio rebalance refresher.

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    Citigroup reaches $7 billion mortgage bond settlement

    Joins JPMorgan Chase in settling charges it misrepresenting the quality of mortgage-backed bonds sold to investors as housing prices plummeted.

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    Investors bracing for a wild second half of 2014

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Buckling up for a rocky second half. Plus: Companies tweak bylaws to tamp down shareholder lawsuits, Morningstar settles software piracy case, JPMorgan embraces smart-beta investing, and buying beer stocks when it's hot outside.

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    JPMorgan investors show support for Dimon in cancer fight

    CEO tells investors and shareholders he'll continue to run the bank 'as normal' during treatment

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    Most investors missed the Dow's early fireworks

    Today's Breakfast with Braswell covers investors missing out on the Dow's latest rally, another gender bias suit hitting Wall Street, and much more.

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    Ex-Credit Suisse brokers sued over alleged theft of client data

    Two advisers who had $3.5 million in production took confidential information when they moved to J.P. Morgan Securities, suit alleges.

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    Clintons jump through financial planning loopholes to dodge estate taxes they support

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Brokers pouncing on 401(k) biz. Plus: The Clintons dodge the estate taxes they support. The Fed wants to add exit fees to bond funds, U.S. banks on the edge of new funding rules, Congress mulls investor confidence on your dime, El-Erian sides with the IMF, and merger mania

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    J.P. Morgan jumps into white-hot ETF fray

    Wading into a crowded ETF market, J.P. Morgan is set to launch 'strategic beta' fund on Tuesday. Don't miss: How smart beta ETFs turned closet indexing into a winner and Smart beta is silly talk.

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    BlackRock lists Ukraine among the biggest threats facing the markets

    Breakfast with Benjamin: BlackRock calls Ukraine a market threat. Plus: JPMorgan gets a slap on the wrist from Finra, Yellen ponders fuzzy unemployment data, where the gold rally is headed from here, and the emergence of subprime business loans.

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    Next on Janet Yellen's to-do list: Winding down a $4.5T balance sheet

    On Friday's menu: What's next on Yellen's to-do list. Plus: Small-cap stock weakness as a leading indicator, an SEC official dishes on PE funds, big banks are loving big mortgages, three finance questions you better be able to answer, and getting by on $6,000 an hour.

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    Wirehouses warm to bank channel recruits

    Wirehouses are now focusing on a new market segment in their talent searches: bank channel recruits. Why the change in sentiment for advisers once considered too risky?

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    Living with market volatility

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bull run is not over; neither is the spike in volatility. Plus: The upside of suddenly cheaper stocks, JPMorgan's big miss, mutual fund investors always get creamed, placing speed bumps in front of high-frequency traders and not having Kathleen Sebelius to kick around