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    Lincoln National: Variable annuity sales are up, and there's still room to grow

    Lincoln National's variable annuity deposits hit $3.4 billion at the life insurer during the third quarter, reflecting a 56% increase from the year-ago period, but execs want to shift more to contracts without living benefits.

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    OSU, Pickens come up empty in insurance battle

    After a lengthy court battle, Lincoln National Life Insurance Co. will be permitted to keep $33 million in life insurance premiums it collected from an Oklahoma State University athletic fund program that eventually went bust.

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    Lincoln National ordered to make good on insurance in heated Stoli case

    Judge finds for claimant in $5 million stoli benefits payment from Lincoln National Life

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    Lincoln may get more defensive with MoneyGuard hybrid

    Lincoln National Corp. may raise fees and change its benefits on its popular MoneyGuard Reserve product, a combination of universal life insurance and long-term-care benefits.

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    Lincoln may get more defensive with MoneyGuard hybrid

    Insurer mulling raising fees and cutting benefits on popular product; low interest rates to blame

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    Lincoln National's universal life reserves are 'more than adequate': CEO

    Lincoln National Corp.'s CEO today stressed that the insurer has sufficient reserves for its universal life products

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    Moody's: Ameriprise, Lincoln have strong VA hedging programs

    Ameriprise Financial Inc. and Lincoln National Corp. have strong VA hedging programs, Moody's Investors Service said in a report on the most frequently asked questions about variable annuities

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    Ameriprise, Lincoln have strong VA hedging programs: Moody's

    Ameriprise Financial Inc. counts on controlled distribution and Lincoln National Corp. 'goes Greek' to hedge variable annuities.

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    Variable annuities selling at fever pitch

    Investors, attracted by the allure of guarantees, gobbled up variable annuities during the second quarter, placing some insurers on pace to beat estimates and bringing broker-dealers closer to pre-crisis VA sales levels

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    Insurers getting plenty of mileage out of LTC hybrids

    Combination life and long-term care polices are gaining serious traction in the marketplace. One for-instance: Sales for Lincoln National's MoneyGuard are up 62 percent over the past year.

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    Variable annuity market preps for features arms race

    Smaller variable annuity writers are expected to give the big boys a run for their money in the battle for market share

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    Finra: Lincoln Financial gave workers shared passwords for clients' accounts

    Finra claims that Lincoln Financial gave workers shared passwords for clients' accounts. All told, the regulator says more than 1 million records were viewed over a seven-year period.

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    Lincoln Financial hit with hefty arbitration award over selling away

    Finra panel ruled that the B-D was ‘negligent in not preventing' the outside business activities of a former broker

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    Analysts cool to a Manulife bid for Lincoln

    Reports began circulating on Aug. 27 that Manulife — John Hancock Financial Services Inc.'s parent company — was gearing up to buy Lincoln National Corp.

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    An easier pill to swallow

    In his early 60s and at the doorstep of retirement, Robert Neiswanger was considering long-term-care insurance. He acknowledged that the coverage made sense, but he couldn't come to terms with paying for something he might never need.

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