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    Merrill posts record revenue on fee growth

    Asset management fees were up almost 17% year-over-year; total client balances hit $2 trillion.

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    Indie reps happier at work than employee advisers: J.D. Power

    Independent advisers continue to be happier at work than their colleagues who are employees of broker-dealers but the gap in job satisfaction among the two groups is narrowing. See how your firm ranks

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    Wirehouses warm to bank channel recruits

    Wirehouses are now focusing on a new market segment in their talent searches: bank channel recruits. Why the change in sentiment for advisers once considered too risky?

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    Merrill Lynch dodges high-profile gender bias suit

    N.Y. Supreme Court justice dismisses a complaint from three former trainees who claimed they were given a book called “Seducing the Boys' Club” and ultimately fired out of bias.

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    Consumers left in the loan lurch as big banks still hold off

    Friday's menu: Consumers still left in the loan lurch. Plus: Which manager just jumped into the liquid alts pool? Some stocks for a rising-rate cycle; commodities are hot again; European banks ride the wave; and Merrill trims its housing outlook.

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    Wirehouses sweeten succession deals for retiring advisers

    Wirehouse firms are revamping their succession programs with higher payouts and lower barriers to entry for advisers who are preparing to retire. The efforts are aimed at competing with independent firms that hold a reputation for the highest payouts.

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    Merrill Lynch nabs $400M team from Morgan Stanley

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch has snapped up a former Morgan Stanley duo who oversaw some $400 million in assets. The two advisers, Michael Bromberg and Daniel Gerschel, have joined Merrill Lynch's New York office. They previously produced about $1 million in revenue while at Morgan Stanley,

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    Merrill Lynch ends 2013 on a high note

    Fee-based business and strong markets drive up results for BofA's wirehouse.

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    Merrill Lynch advisers embrace a goals-based investing approach

    Kathleen Delong, a senior Merrill Lynch adviser in Allentown, Pa., has embraced the emotional side of behavioral finance.

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    Merrill Lynch's John Thiel leads charge toward goals-based planning

    A look inside the 100-year-old firm's efforts to drastically change its client-adviser relationships, led by John Thiel, the head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.

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    UBS sees recruitment pay off in the fourth quarter

    With a year-end windfall of veteran advisers, the firm topped off a year of big gains. Check out how UBS stacks up against the other wirehouses.

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    Broker who took the bull by the horns

    “I'll give you as much time as you want,” George McReynolds drawled, leaning back in a chair in his Nashville, Tenn., office.

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    3 wirehouses raise stakes to court rich

    Three of the four wirehouses have announced tweaks to their adviser pay packages and incentives, with their sights set on courting the wealthiest clients.

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    New Merrill Lynch comp plan rewards teams

    Merrill Lynch will reward teams that double their revenue in the five years after 2013 with a shared payout equal to 10% of the team's incremental revenue growth.

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    Female Merrill Lynch advisers object to gender bias settlement

    A group of women advisers contend that a $39 million payout will actually reinforce policies allegedly tied to gender discrimination.