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    Finra to seek a 'significant fine' from MetLife over variable annuity sales

    Regulator focuses on potential violations regarding misrepresentations, suitability, and supervision

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    Insurers adding optional death benefits to IOVA contracts

    The optional features allow for more investor choice and seek to capitalize on strong IOVA sales.

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    Fidelity throws its weight behind longevity annuities

    The Boston retirement-services giant is giving its clients a new option for planning for the costs and risk of living longer by making deferred-income annuities available for retirement plans. (See also the Top 10 annuity sellers in the second quarter.)

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    MetLife launches first longevity annuity for individual clients' retirement accounts

    Latest product comes as qualified longevity annuity contracts look for a place in retirement accounts.

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    MetLife files suit to fight 'too big to fail' status

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The firm files suit against the Financial Stability Oversight Council, charging them with acting as 'judge, jury and executioner.'

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    Spring variable annuity prospectuses and updates are here

    First quarter regulatory filings suggest that insurers aren't ramping up big new product releases but hybrid annuites appear to be making a comeback, with Voya charging back into the market.

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    MetLife gets back in the variable-annuity-with-living-benefits game

    Longtime variable annuity player MetLife Inc. is stepping off the sidelines and getting back into the game as it launches a new living benefit rider. The New York-based insurer will release a new guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit rider, called FlexChoice, for sale on Saturday, Feb. 14. MetLife

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    MetLife plans to sue to overturn Dodd-Frank systemic-risk label

    The insurer will be the first non-bank to argue that its failure would not pose a threat to the financial system.

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    When undervalued stocks are expensive

    How to find undervalued stocks in a bull market. Plus, Bitcoin (yes, Bitcoin) gets legit; big investors licking their chops at BofA $8.5B settlement proposal; some good news for Madoff victims; and welcome back cap gain distributions. Curated by InvestmentNews senior columnist Jeff Benjamin.

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    Cetera to buy two of MetLife's indie B-Ds

    After weeks of speculation, Cetera CEO Valerie Brown on Friday announced the company is buying two of MetLife's broker dealers. Bruce Kelly supplies the details.

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    Insurer's B-Ds may be Cetera's next target

    Industry watchers say acquisitive broker-dealer Cetera may be eying two of the insurer's B-Ds.

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    MetLife to bar new additions to VAs with old income riders

    Changes keep coming in the variable annuity space, as MetLife Inc. will stop taking additional contributions to VAs with legacy living and death benefits next Monday.

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    Study says VA opportunities remain for lower-profile carriers

    Though variable annuity sales continue to be dominated by a few big companies, lower-profile carriers may seek opportunities in product innovation and new distribution channels.

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    In rejiggering, MetLife to curb VA sales, roll out health insurance

    Carrier aims to pull away from ‘capital-intensive' products — including annuities

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    Slow 2012 for VA sales as costs climb, insurers leave the space

    After strong growth in 2010 and 2011, VA sales are expected to slow as products become less attractive, guaranteed-withdrawal percentages slide and fees continue to skyrocket.