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    'Terror-free' investing proves winning strategy for Patriot Fund

    While Washington politicians bicker over the status of economic sanctions against Iran, Mark Langerman is quietly holding firm that U.S. companies doing business with that country are still bad bets.The managing director of Empowerment Financial Group is the engineer behind the Patriot Fund

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    Under regulatory pressure, Voya restricts sales of more variable annuities

    Voya Financial Advisors has restricted sales of variable annuities for the second time in two months, as the brokerage firm faces increased pressure from regulators questioning the suitability of the products for retirement savers.

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    Health care creates a bright spot for beleaguered stock-pickers

    Sector funds give specialist managers an opportunity to shine during a long bull market.

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    MLPs yield headaches for advisers who bought them for income

    Top analysts in the sector see a bear market as investors pumped $10.5 billion into energy funds over the last year.

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    As gold comes under attack, advisers show their mettle

    Permanent allocations to the precious metal come under fire again as market slides, but advisers who believe in the asset are ready to double down.

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    Pimco's brand takes a hit by advisers in wake of Gross exit but still ranks among top firms

    New research finds the firm that Bill Gross built, then left, lost some favor with advisers over the last year. (Don't miss the Top 10 most trusted mutual fund companies.)

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    Morningstar repeats 'not-ratable' status for Gundlach's DoubleLIne Total Return Bond Fund but can't ignore its success

    Even though Morningstar, for the second year in a row, has released its analysis dubbing the DoubleLine Total ReturnBond Fund not-ratable, analyst Sarah Bush is unable to get around pointing out that it's pretty good.

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    Goldman pares down liquid alts, presses Morningstar to follow suit

    The evolution of the alternative-strategy mutual fund universe continues with an effort by Goldman Sachs Asset Management to reduce, redefine and generally re-categorize the way Morningstar Inc. has been cataloging these funds over the past half-dozen years.From certain angles, it might look like

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    Dimensional, John Hancock in partnership to build their first ETFs

    The factor-based investor popular with financial advisers will build indexes for John Hancock funds.

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    Dan Fuss' Loomis Sayles Bond Fund underperfoms, hit by dollar's rise

    Investors stick with $22.6 billion fund as famed manager calls reason for negative returns temporary phenomenon.

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    Advisers choosing hedge-style stock-pickers face 'beta' challenge

    Closet indexing, market timing are among the risks in long-short equity: analysts.

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    China stock plunge reignites debate over when and whether U.S. investors should get in

    Not having access to the market has been protecting mutual-fund investors from fast declines.

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    Gold not getting boost from investors seeking safe haven from Greek crisis

    The precious metal stays in trading range as Greece lives on the edge of default due to tepid inflation, muted demand for gold from China and a strong U.S. dollar.

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    As Puerto Rico crisis intensifies, mutual fund investors face loss of capital

    If the island can't pay back all of its debts, some fund holders could suffer haircuts.

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    Oakmark's Bill Nygren: Investors penalize 'shareholder-unfriendly' CEOs too much

    Top portfolio manager takes another perspective on an issue that BlackRock's Fink and other corporate critics have championed.