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    Restored Cuba relations will lead to travel, cigars, not investment opportunities

    Even if Cuba's economy doubled, it still wouldn't be 'big enough to move the needle for the U.S.'

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    Are ETFs really cheaper than mutual funds?

    New report from Morningstar casts doubt on the relative cost advantages of popular exchange-traded funds. And there is, of course, the Vanguard effect.

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    Political bickering aside, the health care sector is a healthy investment

    The seemingly endless political bickering over health care reform has not dampened investor enthusiasm for the sector, which is leading all stock categories this year, up 24%. “Health care has been kicking tush, and most of my clients want more of it in their portfolios,” said Theodore Feight,

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    Unconstrained bond funds disappoint

    Unconstrained bond funds have showed disappointing returns this year; 1.7% year-to-date compared with 5.6% for its benchmark.

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    Cheap oil no reason to abandon the energy sector, strategists say

    Though the energy sector has dropped 14.6% in the past three months versus a 3.5% gain for the S&P, investing experts say the innovation potential in the sector should not be ignored.

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    India's roaring stock market, and funds that track it, get boost from cheap oil

    Single-country funds average 12-month gains of 55% but region can be volatile for investors.

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    Morningstar founder Joe Mansueto still dreams big

    Morningstar wants to become 'ubiquitous' with investors, according to founder Joe Mansueto. Will their new initiatives turn around the firm's declining share prices and profits?

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    As oil prices fall, investment opportunities emerge

    For most people, the dramatic drop in oil prices over the past few months has been welcomed in the form of cheaper gasoline prices. But for investors, the story is less clear.Beyond the obvious pain felt by energy producers as the price of oil drops closer to a production break-even point, there

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    Robo advice meets alternative investments

    New platform aspires to be an alternatives outsource for financial advisers.

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    Financial advisers take note: Smart money is already hedging against inflation

    Just because inflation is still a mere blip on the economic radar screen is no reason to ignore the potential threat to investment portfolios. That's the message that institutional investors are delivering.Maybe it's time for financial advisers to start following suit.Quietly, but diligently,

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    Advisers who sold MainStay Marketfield a fickle bunch

    MainStay Marketfield, the blockbuster long/short equity liquid alt fund, was a darling at the wirehouses, but when its performance dragged, the outflows came quick and heavy.

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    Morningstar's latest Pimco remarks spark catty comments

    On Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: A string of catty comments accompany a Morningstar talk-up of Pimco's outlook. Plus, what municipal bond investors can learn from Detroit and Stockton, avoid getting sucked in by the market's latest winning streak, and much more.

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    The Fed's QE sleight of hand: Please ignore that $4.5T balance sheet

    Breakfast with Benjamin - The Federal Reserve's QE sleight of hand, cheap oil's winners and losers, Schwab bringing advisers premium Morningstar access, and more.

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    Morningstar releases new 529 college savings plan ratings

    The college year now in full swing, Morningstar Inc. has released its ratings of top Section 529 savings plans based on expected risk-adjusted performance into the future. With total assets in the savings vehicles reaching $214 billion as of Sept. 30, up 18% from last year, advisers are taking ...

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    Pimco flagship Total Return Fund loses top Morningstar rating

    Research firm cites 'uncertainty regarding outflows' and shuffled management as the reasons for downgrading Pimco's flagship fund.