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    Gold not getting boost from investors seeking safe haven from Greek crisis

    The precious metal stays in trading range as Greece lives on the edge of default due to tepid inflation, muted demand for gold from China and a strong U.S. dollar.

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    As Puerto Rico crisis intensifies, mutual fund investors face loss of capital

    If the island can't pay back all of its debts, some fund holders could suffer haircuts.

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    Oakmark's Bill Nygren: Investors penalize 'shareholder-unfriendly' CEOs too much

    Top portfolio manager takes another perspective on an issue that BlackRock's Fink and other corporate critics have championed.

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    Krawcheck to advisers: 'Middle-aged white guys' must help women get raises

    At Morningstar conference, the former Merrill Lynch boss said gender pay gap is a key obstacle to retirement savings.

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    Automated advisers attract much smaller clients than humans: Morningstar

    Digital investment platforms with human advisers bring in account balances 10 times higher on average than regular robo-advisers.

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    Morningstar unveils active vs. passive performance comparison tool

    At its annual conference, Morningstar rolls out the Active/Passive Barometer, a tool that compares the performance of actively managed mutual funds net of fees to comparable passive products.

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    Bond fund alternative is turning heads with hot performance

    Income stream made of put options is up 12.7% so far this year, triple the S&P 500.

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    Wells Fargo faces major test of broker liability for selling F-Squared

    A 68-year-old widower claims wirehouse did insufficient due diligence on the troubled money manager.

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    Abandoning alternative investments at this point is based on twisted logic

    Just because your house hasn't burned down yet doesn't mean you can skip insurance.

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    In latest test, active managers outperform bond indexes

    After a disappointing 2014, intermediate-term bond managers have found their footing.

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    Hedge fund specialist SkyBridge pushes back against liquid alts trend

    Liquidity, performance concerns and business conflict cause the expanding hedge-fund firm to take a more traditional approach to mutual funds.

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    Latest Obamacare ruling could spark a sell-off in health care sector stocks

    If you haven't yet hitched a ride on the high-flying health care sector rally, there's still hope in the form of a potential pullback from an upcoming Supreme Court ruling that could trigger some near-term volatility. Even some staunch health care sector bulls who have already enjoyed the

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    How Fed policy is wrecking the bond market

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Welcome to the upside-down world of too much liquidity creating illiquidity.

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    Salient Partners designs liquid alts strategy with advisers in mind

    Salient Partners announced Wednesday it had completed its acquisition of Forward Management, and immediately set its sights on bringing alternative investment strategies to financial advisers.The acquisition of Forward, which was first announced in February, creates a $27 billion asset management

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    Major benchmark punts on adding China's booming markets to global indexes

    MSCI says it will open the door to the world's hottest stock market, just not yet.