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    Vanguard warns advisers on stock risk in client portfolios

    According to the fund giant, investors are taking on portfolio risk not seen since 1999 or 2007, and advisers need to adjust client expectations for low-return markets.

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    Active managers get a seat at the ETF table

    To the chagrin of some, a fast-growing industry comes to terms with active management.

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    Swiss franc fallout hits some liquid alt funds harder than others

    Financial advisers who have been watching from a distance the fallout from Switzerland's surprise move last week to remove its currency ceiling against the euro might want to take a closer look at some of the mutual funds in their clients' portfolios.While it might be disheartening to see something

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    Managed futures funds shine anew, but mystery remains

    As market volatility spikes and correlation between various asset classes breaks down, managed futures strategies are enjoying their day in the sun once again. But advisers need to do some heavy lifting before jumping in, because performance varies widely and fees can be extreme.

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    Utility, consumer stocks can play defense when market volatility spikes

    Barbell approach can help advisers manage through the volatile first quarter earnings season without ditching stocks altogether.

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    Hedge fund employees enjoy the fruits of their labor

    On Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin, average compensation at hedge funds remains gaudy, even with performance down. Plus: Smart beta takes another step out of the shadows, the right way to clean up your portfolio, and the new Congress sets the tone by taking an early swipe at Obamacare.

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    Advisers punished for diversifying globally

    Assets flood non-U.S. funds, but a broader allocation comes with trade-offs in a volatile world.

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    Latest twist in robo-advice: Actively managed funds

    Schreiner Capital Management is turning up the heat on the fast-evolving robo-advice game by employing actively managed and alternative-strategy mutual funds on a new platform called ALTS.The use of active funds in a robo-adviser is believed to be an industry first. Brian Schreiner, president of

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    As hot as liquid alts are, most can't compete against the bull market

    Another strong year for stocks and another round of head scratching for investors in liquid alternative strategies that are mostly designed to hedge the risks associated with market downturns.While there are always exceptions when it comes to alternative strategies — because performance dispersion

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    Case for active management gets stronger every day as stocks power ahead

    As the stock market wraps another solid year, advisers are beginning to wonder how long the indexed-investing run can last and are startign to think about risk management, which means looking for active managers.

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    From big rallies to fallen (bond) kings, we saw it all in 2014

    Of all the twists, turns and surprises of 2014, cheap oil has to be among the most pleasant. While there is plenty of risk facing the global energy industry and capital markets, it is hard to think about that when you're filling your tank for two bucks a gallon.But if collapsing oil prices caught

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    Restored Cuba relations will lead to travel, cigars, not investment opportunities

    Even if Cuba's economy doubled, it still wouldn't be 'big enough to move the needle for the U.S.'

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    Are ETFs really cheaper than mutual funds?

    New report from Morningstar casts doubt on the relative cost advantages of popular exchange-traded funds. And there is, of course, the Vanguard effect.

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    Political bickering aside, the health care sector is a healthy investment

    The seemingly endless political bickering over health care reform has not dampened investor enthusiasm for the sector, which is leading all stock categories this year, up 24%. “Health care has been kicking tush, and most of my clients want more of it in their portfolios,” said Theodore Feight,

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    Unconstrained bond funds disappoint

    Unconstrained bond funds have showed disappointing returns this year; 1.7% year-to-date compared with 5.6% for its benchmark.