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    $25B institutional money manager takes a leap into retail

    Pzena Investment Management, a relatively obscure $25 billion institutional money manager, is hoping to tap into the potentially lucrative retail investor market by creating a distribution team to promote three fledgling mutual funds.Even though Pzena, an equity manager, has a 20-year record

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    Mutual fund outflows add to the pain of capital gains distributions

    Mutual fund outflows can spell capital gains disaster and this year, some funds with low turnover are reporting sizable capital gains distributions as managers sell securities to meet investor withdrawals.

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    The endless and irrelevant financial woes of presidential candidates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Presidential candidates are not always good at managing their own money, and voters don't care, or need to.

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    Insurers adding optional death benefits to IOVA contracts

    The optional features allow for more investor choice and seek to capitalize on strong IOVA sales.

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    Chinese stocks go from a sell to a buy just like that

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Emerging-markets fund manager who darted out of Chinese stocks at the best possible time is now moving back in.

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    Jim Cramer's stock picks miss the mark

    Breakfast with Benjamin: TV stock barker Jim Cramer received a failing grade from a finance professor for a dismal 28% success rate in picking stocks.

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    Schwab, Morningstar partner on 401(k) managed accounts

    Schwab Retirement Plan Services is trying to get advisers more involved in 401(k) managed accounts through a new service for customized fund selection and portfolio construction for participants.

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    Fallout at Fortress Investment Group

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Top hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz (pictured) hits the bricks, and the firm is closing its flagship macro hedge fund.

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    An extreme tale of two liquid alt funds in the same category

    An extreme tale of two liquid alt funds in the same category When fund managers can go anywhere, sometimes they do Oct 9, 2015 @ 11:13 am By Jeff Benjamin + Zoom The late-summer bout of stock market volatility has shed fresh light on alternative-strategy mutual funds and, once again, has reminded

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    Investors facing the dark side of MLP investing

    Poor performance could send the income-generating category back to direct investing, where it belongs.

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    Jackson National to offer DoubleLine smart beta fund in VAs

    Smart-beta strategies got their latest seal of approval in the form of a $100 million mandate from variable annuity giant Jackson National, which has added the DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE Fund to its menu of VA investment options.

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    Hedge fund marketers have independent advisers in their sights

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Now that hedge funds have the green light to market their wares, they're zeroing in on independent advisers.

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    Advisers pouring more money into smart beta funds

    Reports find understanding remains scanty and strategies used don't always match goals.

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    MassMutual teams with Envestnet on defined-contribution managed-account service

    Insurer is trying to capitalize on big growth seen among asset-allocation products in the DC market and betting managed accounts become more widely used.

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    Cash rises above stocks and bonds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A flat return for cash is turning out to be the best bet out there, which should send a message to the Fed and the markets.