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    Pimco flagship Total Return Fund loses top Morningstar rating

    Research firm cites "uncertainty regarding outflows" and shuffled management as the reasons for downgrading Pimco's flagship fund.

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    Morningstar takes new approach to 'smart' ETFs

    Make-or-break firm classification system gives fund managers more insight into fast-growing funds.

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    What last week's junk bond selloff means for stocks

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin looks at the impact of the junk bond selloff, Morningstar's approach to nontraditional bond funds, how higher rates will ripple across the economy, and much more.

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    Junk-bond investors are jumping ship

    Breakfast with Benjamin: What's up with junk bond investors? Plus: Four sorry years of Dodd-Frank, ignore the Fed's warnings at your own risk, mathematical excuses for sluggish wage growth, and it's not too late for a mid-year portfolio checkup.

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    Investors bracing for a wild second half of 2014

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Buckling up for a rocky second half. Plus: Companies tweak bylaws to tamp down shareholder lawsuits, Morningstar settles software piracy case, JPMorgan embraces smart-beta investing, and buying beer stocks when it's hot outside.

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    Morningstar settles software piracy case

    Morningstar reached an agreement with Business Logic, which had filed an intellectual property lawsuit against the research firm.

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    Morningstar goes to trial in intellectual property lawsuit

    Business Logic Corp., a managed accounts software firm, is suing Morningstar Inc., claiming the company illegally replicated some of its software

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    IRI hires Morningstar annuity executive

    The new addition is aimed at bolstering the firm's resources to help advisers with retirement income strategies/

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    Time for advisers to get smarter about smart beta strategies

    As the universe of strategic-beta products continues to swell, it's refreshing to see some efforts being made to help investors and advisers understand how these strategies can be used inside portfolios as opposed to just pointing out how much better they are than traditional indexes. Charles

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    Why clients are their own most valuable asset

    A new risk factor has been identified for financial advisers who are helping clients save for retirement: the person's earnings potential and career path. On Monday, Morningstar Inc. unveiled a research paper entitled “No Portfolio is an Island,” authored by David Blanchett, head of retirement

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    Barclays looks like the latest bank to back away from commodities trading

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Barclays backing away from commodities. Plus: Goldman hangs tough in the commodity-trading arena, getting esoteric with income investing, riding on an M&A high, and IRS bonuses whether you've paid your taxes or not

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    Ally Financial IPO is banking on short investor memories

    Breakfast with Benjamin: One IPO hoping investors have a short memory. Plus: Bracing for weaker earnings, here comes Fed meeting minutes, bond market opportunities, shoving investors toward behavioral finance and refusing LinkedIn requests.

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    Jobs report looks beyond the winter blues

    Friday's menu: Jobs report looks past winter blues; investing in weed for a pot of gold; GM execs get PR all wrong; five funds set to bounce: jumping on the HFT bandwagon, and when the rich don't feel rich

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    PE giant Carlyle Group is eyeing the retail investor market and liquid alts

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Private equity giant wants in on liquid alts. Plus: QE might have a fueled high-inflation cycle, the small-cap stock ride is ending, time to get some defense in that portfolio, and the poor outlook for the long-term unemployed

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    Pimco drama proves no stock is an island

    Think the unfolding drama at Pimco can't affect your clients' portfolios? Think again.