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    Morningstar doubles down on expense ratio disparity debate

    The puzzling riddle of expense ratios for many liquid alternative mutual funds is not going away, as illustrated by last week's detailed post by Josh Carlson, director of manager research for alternative strategies at Morningstar Inc.For financial advisers, trying to answer the riddle often means

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    F-Squared's assets down 33%; settlement fails to stanch outflows

    Near $8 billion loss tracks the indexes of a once-top boutique portfolio manager: Morningstar.

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    Legislation would allow B-Ds to publish ETF research without fear of breaking securities laws

    Bill proposed by former broker passes key committee, would raise competition with Morningstar.

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    Inclusion in new Pimco funds is a coup for Vanguard

    Bond giant's latest target date funds invest heavily in the low-cost firm's ETFs.

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    Even outside U.S., passive investments widen share of sales over active

    Gap between active and passive funds in international equities reaches highest level since financial crisis.

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    Trekking to Europe and Japan for attractive dividend income

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Where to look when it's time to go beyond the traditional hunting grounds for dividend income.

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    Vanguard's new ambassador to advisers: We've earned your trust

    Thomas M. Rampulla's return to the U.S. comes after the firm recast itself as a patron of an industry that once saw it as a threat.

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    Morningstar is ready to move beyond the style box

    Powerful research firm asks advisers' help to better customize asset allocation.

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    Wirehouse advisers pile into euro-stock ETFs

    Currency-hedging ETF strategies are a no-brainer: Merrill Lynch portfolio manager

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    Fund expense ratios continue to fall as fund companies get richer

    Flood of money into passively-managed index funds has helped drive average expense ratios down, but there's more to the story.

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    Fidelity revives mutual fund sales

    Fresh off a year that trimmed its $1.3 trillion U.S. mutual fund business, the fund house made up all of those redemptions in the first quarter of 2015, with the help of successful active management strategies in stocks and bonds.

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    In Labor Department's fiduciary proposal, a nod to passive investing

    Brokers who sell index funds may get a leg up from newly proposed requirements that would impose more stringent advice standards.

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    American Funds charges into 2015 with best sales in seven years

    The mutual fund favorite pivots, finds success with financial advisers as investors look outside the U.S. (Don't miss: The first quarter's best and worst mutual fund groups)

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    Fidelity fights back against 'active share'

    Facing outflows in its actively managed funds, the $2 trillion money manager lashes out against a popular measure that more advisers and investors are using to pick funds.

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    DoubleLine's Shiller CAPE fund beating rivals while adding smart alpha to smart beta

    Fixed-income foundation pushed fund to the top of the large-value category.