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    What advisers need to know about bond fund duration ahead of an interest rate increase

    The risk-management tool is a Catch-22 for fixed income investors who need to think big picture.

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    Stocks are looking more wobbly by the day

    Breakfast with Benjamin: As the equity markets start to wobble, analysts start to claim they saw it all coming.

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    The surging dollar could crush unhedged global mutual funds

    Simple ways to remove the currency risk are available but advisers need to find — and understand — them.

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    Ex-F-Squared CEO's conduct 'did not cause loss or harm to anyone': lawyers

    Howard B. Present “acted in good faith” when he led F-Squared Investments, the firm that said it misled clients about its investing track record during his tenure, lawyers for the former executive said in court filings.

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    Highland Capital ramps up liquid alternative strategy push

    Catching the wave of the fast-growing category, asset manager plans to launch new platform for alts.

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    Small cap stocks go large on dividend payouts

    Dividend income is increasing from an unlikely source: small companies. It's a trend that has the potential to throw a wrench into traditional asset allocation models, and even add a performance boost to dividend-focused mutual funds as smaller companies are added to portfolios typically dominated

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    Foreign mutual funds look like a good way to dodge some U.S. market risk

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Foreign mutual funds might be a good hiding spot for investors as U.S. stocks peak in cost.

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    Rising interest rates to test REIT strength even as investors seek diversification

    Attractive yields aside, real estate investments wrapped in a mutual fund are not bonds.

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    Investors shun stock pickers, favor Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street

    Fund sales switch decisively toward plain-vanilla, index investing, move out of Pimco Total Return has big impact on flows.

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    Reading between the lines of liquid alternatives fund expense ratios

    What you see might not be what you get and the real cost of running some strategies can be steep.

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    DoubleLine's Jeffery Gundlach says 'blockhead' Fed should postpone raising rates

    $44.6 billion DoubleLine Total Return Fund manager says central bank should hold off on raising rates; gives a nod toward gold, India equities and shorting the dollar.

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    Alternatives make push for retirement accounts

    Being used in target date funds, but higher fees may prevent widespread use

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    The new world for oil is a manageable $65 a barrel

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Where the price of oil is likely to settle. Plus: On the responsibility of retirement plan sponsors and mutual fund directors; don't get blown away by the new jobs report and banks pass stress tests with flying colors.

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    Vanguard tiptoes into the liquid alternatives market

    New multialternative fund seen as endorsement of alts, while pressuring fees

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    Japanese stock funds reflecting long-awaited economic turnaround

    As an investment destination, Japan has had such a tarnished reputation for so many years it might not be the first place investors think about when considering international diversification, but the performance numbers are beginning to look pretty solid.And China's second interest rate cut in