National Association Of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

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    State officials to flag brokers with disciplinary history selling insurance

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners to launch program to inform state insurance officials about agents in their state who have a disciplinary history with Finra.

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    Former senator to lead insurance regulators' group

    Ben Nelson of Nebraska to head up National Association of Insurance Commissioners

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    Insurance regulators vote for stronger annuity disclosure

    A group of state insurance regulators voted yesterday to adopt amendments to an annuity disclosure model that would give customers a detailed breakdown of product features.

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    States' probe of death benefit payouts could spawn regs

    A continuing three-year, 35-state investigation into the practices by which life insurers pay death benefits may spawn more-stringent requirements for locating beneficiaries

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    Insurers to be responsible for fixed-annuity suitability

    Fixed-annuity sales are about to receive a new layer of supervision from state regulators.

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    Insurance regulators bolster annuity suitability rules

    Previously, the suitability rule imposed an obligation on insurers only with respect to variable annuities. Now it includes variable annuities as well.

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    Pimco to help set capital buffers for insurers' mortgage-backed securities

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has chosen the Pacific Investment Management Co. LLC to help regulators determine how much capital insurers should hold on their balance sheets to protect against potential losses from residential-mortgage-backed securities. Under the new model,

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    Industry officials sound off on federal insurance office proposal

    Regulators and representatives of the insurance industry appeared before Congress today to discuss a new draft of the Federal Insurance Office Act of 2009.

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    Advisers wary of insurance industry's mortgage-backed-securities proposal

    Financial advisers and consumer advocates are skeptical of a proposal from the life insurance industry that could reduce the amount of capital that carriers need to hold against residential-mortgage-backed securities.

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    Ratings agencies under fire over residential-mortgage-backed securities

    National ratings agencies re-ceived criticism Thursday at a meeting of the insurance industry for their failure to properly rate residential mortgage-backed securities prior to the crisis. As part of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' fall meeting last week, its ratings agency

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    Insurance commissioners to hold public hearing on credit ratings in industry

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners will hold a public hearing to discuss the role credit agencies should play in the insurance industry.

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    Advisers at peace with NAIC proposal for more annuity rules

    Although members of the insurance industry and some broker-dealer executives are butting heads with state regulators on tougher annuity regulation, financial advisers cheered the proposed use of Finra-esque suitability layers for all annuity sales.

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    NAIC’s proposed suitability regulations irk insurers

    Insurance carriers and producer groups are balking at a regulatory proposal that would curb commissions for agents and increase the suitability duties of insurance companies.

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    Brooks named chairman of NAIC’s life and annuities committee

    Kermitt J. Brooks, acting insurance superintendent for New York, today was named the chairman of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ life and annuities committee.

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    Iowa insurance regulator faults NAIC suitability provision

    A state securities and insurance regulator has called for reform of the way states contend with suitability matters for annuities.