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    Will the SEC use its extra funding to strengthen adviser oversight?

    Now that it looks like the SEC will get an additional $150 million in funding, speculation is mounting on how the funds will be deployed. Is increasing adviser oversight going to be a priority?

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    Debate still rages over fee-only issue

    The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors is tightening its membership rules and will no longer allow members to own even a small stake in any financial firm that charges commissions.The association, comprised of fee-only financial planners, notified its approximately 2,500 members in

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    NAPFA expects workable fee-only definition from CFP Board in next couple weeks

    Has a vested interest; practitioners will push for something predictable and enforceable.

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    NAPFA names new chief executive officer

    Among the challenges facing new NAPFA CEO Geoffrey Brown is making the trade association relevant to larger firms. Nearly half of the membership is comprised of sole practioners.

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    Tweeting Las Vegas: Hot chat at NAPFA 2013

    NAPFA's spring conference in Las Vegas has advisers taking to Twitter to discuss hot-button industry issues, and here are some of the meeting's best tweets

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    Journalist's book blisters advisers

    A new book that criticizes the financial advice industry is being panned by many advisers, but surprisingly, others agree with at least some of its conclusions.

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    NAPFA all-in on pushing CFP mark

    Why did NAPFA throw its full weight behind the CFP designation? The answer may not be as simple as you think.

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    Pavia: Industry should create a single standard for investment advice

    The back-and-forth touched off by NAPFA's announcement last Tuesday to go all-CFP next year highlights the fact that after decades of discussion and debate, the financial advisory business is still struggling to define itself.

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    Locker steps nimbly into NAPFA's top spot

    Although Lauren Locker was thrust into the leadership of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors unexpectedly, she is ready for the challenge.

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    New NAPFA national chairman expects quick transition

    The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors announced Tuesday that Lauren Locker was elected to serve as its national chair, filling a vacancy left by Ron Rhoades, who resigned last month after disclosing he had committed a compliance violation by failing to timely file registration

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    After bow-out, peers rally behind Rhoades

    Financial advisers rallied around Ron Rhoades following the surprise announcement last Monday that he wouldn't assume the role of chairman for the powerful National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

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    Advisers rally around Rhoades after NAPFA bow-out

    Advisers rally around Ron Rhoades, who yesterday bowed out as the next chairman of NAPFA after acknowledging a minor compliance violation.

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    Hashtag slag: Next NAPFA boss calls Finra 'colossal failure,' B-Ds 'dinosaurs'

    Ron Rhoades, the next chairman of NAPFA, is not bashful about bashing folks on Twitter. Some choice cuts: The future boss of the financial advisers association recently called Finra a 'colossal failure,' and labelled B-Ds 'dinosaurs'.

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    Ex-NAPFA chairman stole nearly $50M from clients: SEC

    Commission claims Spangler used the cash to secretly invest in tech companies he started

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    Financial elder-abuse rampant

    The tabloid newspapers and bloggers like nothing more than a messy fight involving a wealthy family.