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    While 'doing business today' begin to 'build your business' for tomorrow

    As I travel around the country speaking at major industry conferences I often like to open with a question, "who do you think will be your biggest competitor over the next 5 to 10 years"? The answers always tend to be one of the major wire house or independent firms. I then click the button on my

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    OppenheimerFunds loses more bond bets

    Muni bond funds rocked by big bets on Puerto Rican debt, stirring up memories of 2008.

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    Oppenheimer's risky bond bets backfire — again

    OppenheimerFunds' municipal bond funds have been rocked by big bets on Puerto Rican debt, stirring up memories of its Core Bond Fund's disastrous 2008. Jason Kephart has the story.

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    OppenheimerFunds raids rival in bid to add value to value funds

    Spahr, three other Columbia Funds vets, sign on; 'no room for closet indexers'

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    Acquisition will give Oppenheimer foothold in MLP space

    OppenheimerFunds announced plans to acquire SteelPathCapital, which has $2.6 billion in assets and a seven-year track record in the master limited patnership space.

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    OppenheimerFunds misled investors about souped-up funds: SEC

    Firm allegedly failed to disclose use of derivatives in two funds adequately; agrees to pay $35M to settle the charges

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    Oppenheimer fund solicitation challenged in investor lawsuit

    The Oppenheimer Holdings solicitation allegedly overstated the value of holdings in the Global Resource Private Equity Fund, described in a private placement memorandum as a fund of funds intending to invest in natural resource-related companies.

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    OppenheimerFunds boots portfolio manager having 'terrible year'

    Freud out, Dishmon in at Quest International; analysis shows value fund not offering much value in 2011

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    No clear end to Greek drama

    FEW ANSWERS Hang on for a rough ride as the European sovereign-debt crisis continues. Investment managers and analysts believe European policymakers will struggle to come up with a permanent solution to the crisis, which has driven stock markets lower as fear of global contagion spreads. “I think

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    Greece's reckoning could be ‘day or weeks' off: OppenheimerFunds' CIO

    The worst of the European financial crisis could soon be over, said Art Steinmetz, cio at OppenheimerFunds Inc. But that could mean that things will have to get worse before they can get better.

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    12(b)-1 ruling eases fund firms', B-Ds' worries - for now

    Mutual fund companies breathed a sigh of relief last week when a judge dismissed a case that could have forced funds to pay back years' worth of 12(b)-1 fees, creating more pressure on broker-dealers to register as investment advisers. In Bradley C. Smith v. OppenheimerFunds Distributor Inc., the

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    Target groups see changes to rankings

    Morningstar Inc. has updated its quarterly ranking of large target date fund groups, raising its rating on TIAA-CREF and MassMutual Retirement Services, while lowering its rating on Fidelity Investments

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    American Funds is top fund family for indie B-Ds

    Despite billion of dollars in outflows, American Funds is the most popular fund group among independent broker-dealers, according to a survey conducted by InvestmentNews .

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    OppenheimerFunds digital campaign targets advisers

    OppenheimerFunds Inc. is moving away from traditional print ads and brochures to focus on new digital marketing strategies aimed at financial advisers.

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    Oppenheimer eyes novel way of getting into actively managed ETF biz

    Glavin says firm is mulling possibility of converting mutual funds into exchange-traded funds; won't introduce ‘clones'

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