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    Hillary Clinton's plan to prevent stock market crashes

    Breakfast with Benjamin The Democratic candidate proposes new fees for taking investment risks, because taking investment risks aren't risky enough already, or something like that.

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    Bill Gross suing Pimco for 'hundreds of millions' over his ouster

    The legendary bond manager claims he was wrongfully pushed out by a “cabal” of Pimco execs seeking a bigger slice of the bonus pool. (More: Bill Gross speaks out on Pimco exit, vows to defeat his rivals)

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    Successful go-anywhere bond funds kept bets in check – but was performance due to skill or luck?

    New analysis suggests the difference between top and bottom unconstrained funds was Treasury exposure and the effectiveness of the manager's market timing.

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    Pimco minus Bill Gross equals outflows

    Breakfast with Benjamin Pimco finds itself in choppy waters without Bill Gross at the helm.

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    Vanguard Group hires a smart beta expert from pioneer Research Affiliates

    Index investing giant has challenged the marketing of smart beta funds. Now it's turning to someone whose research has helped those funds grow.

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    Advisers who fled Pimco Total Return pay a price in 2015

    Funds that won money from Pimco lag Bill Gross' replacements this year, but advisers say it will take more than a few months of outperformance to win back their business.

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    Jeffrey Gundlach's DoubleLine opens its first alternatives fund

    In a year when its peers lost 15% investing in commodities, DoubleLine wades in with a long-short strategy.

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    DoubleLine's Gundlach outperforms Loomis' Fuss and Janus' Gross in recent market rout

    Jeffrey Gundlach's $48.2 billion DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund returned 0.7% over the past month while his peers showed losses.

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    ETF providers step up to defend the status quo

    As comment period ends, firms hope to ensure the SEC knows that ETFs help, and don't hurt, liquidity, price discovery.

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    Pimco's brand takes a hit by advisers in wake of Gross exit but still ranks among top firms

    New research finds the firm that Bill Gross built, then left, lost some favor with advisers over the last year. (Don't miss the Top 10 most trusted mutual fund companies.)

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    Investors in unconstrained bond funds capturing less than half of returns: Morningstar

    Advisers need to provide better guidance so that clients get into — and out of — nontraditional bond funds at the right times.

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    Pimco executives say they've adapted to life after Bill Gross

    Douglas Hodge and Daniel Ivascyn highlight Pimco's new areas of focus while speaking at the Morningstar Investment Conference.

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    Pimco's Income Fund becomes the firm's new star

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Pimco's Income Fund (PIMIX) is shining bright under Dan Ivascyn, raising the question: Bill Gross who?

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    In latest test, active managers outperform bond indexes

    After a disappointing 2014, intermediate-term bond managers have found their footing.

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    Inclusion in new Pimco funds is a coup for Vanguard

    Bond giant's latest target date funds invest heavily in the low-cost firm's ETFs.