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    Coming off yesterday's big bounce, futures do not look bright for today

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Backing off the big bounce. Plus: Bill Gross confesses, Bank of America pays for cheesy marketing tactics, investing in wind energy and an urgent reminder to change those passwords

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    Pimco drama proves no stock is an island

    Think the unfolding drama at Pimco can't affect your clients' portfolios? Think again.

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    Advisers ratchet up scrutiny of Pimco

    Advisers are ratcheting up their scrutiny of Pimco in the wake of a critical report from Morningstar. While few are pulling assets from the bond fund giant, the possibility is rising. (One big fund shop, however, has replaced Pimco as manager of a large fund.)

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    What are the economic consequences of the next Cold War?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: How the Russia situation could hit the economy. Plus: JPMorgan abandons its commodities business, Morningstar's deep dive into the Pimco mess, expect the expected from Yellen today, retirees give Boomers the playbook, and, big surprise, short-sellers badmouth stocks.

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    ICI pushes back on too-big-to-fail label for big fund firms

    Breakfast with Benjamin: ICI resists 'Too Big to Fail' label for fund firms plus Crimea chooses Mother Russia and what that means for the markets. And guess what, the Fed is out of ammo, Pimco spins the Mohamed El-Erian departure while Mr. El-Erian opens a Twitter account.

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    Gross: Get to 'old normal' and you'll see growth

    Appreciating assets will lead to respectable growth rates and a reduction in unemployment, Pimco chief said in monthly outlook.

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    Advisers eyeing Pimco carefully in wake of upheaval

    Advisers are anxiously watching to see if the fund giant's recent management upheaval masks broader problems that could impact performance. Few are cutting and running. Yet.

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    Emerging markets get more attractive by the day

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Emerging markets getting more and more attractive. Plus: Bill Gross bounces back, the February buying opportunity, this isn't 1929, and Goldman manicures an apology for giving nail files to women.

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    Janet Yellen takes the helm (and the heat) at the Fed

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Janet Yellen takes the helm (and the heat). Plus, data breach at Barclays, Pimco's guide to reducing volatility, investing when you're really scared, and investing when you're in love.

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    Bill Gross compares Chinese economy to 'mystery meat'

    Breakfast with Benjamin:The Bond King: China's a big risk. Plus: JPMorgan goes on a settlement binge, finance industry tells investors to stay calm, Obama administration catches a CBO boomerang, and some healthy balance sheets for the New Year.

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    What does the future portend for Pimco?

    Analysts agree it should stick to its brand as a bond shop, but advisers open to new products.

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    Emerging-markets selloff sparks global concerns

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Emerging market selloff raises contagion fears. Plus: Short-selling starts to make sense, Bill Gross plans to work till he's 109, Obamacare triggers downgrade of health insurers, economists bicker over minimum wage laws, and tricks of debt-free Americans.

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    How Pimco misread the Fed's tapering plan

    Today: How Pimco misread the Fed's tapering plan, plus: Gold starts to shine, the dollar rallies and ETFs are on track to overtake hedge funds. Also: Oops, Obamacare forgot to include an option for adding babies to insurance.

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    Investors go berserk over Bitcoin trading platform

    Also in today's Breakfast with Benjamin: Getting contrarian in 2014, El-Erian picks apart the Fed's taper plans, Morningstar warns against timing this market, more Obamacare taxes coming, and companies that got social media right

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    Taper threat triggering global debt fallout

    Today's Breakfast with (InvestmentNews senior columnist Jeff) Benjamin: SEC targets advisers; hedging with gold mining stocks; new muni bond math, and how athlete IPOs pull a hammy.

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