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    Outlook remains positive for global listed real estate - InvestmentNews

    This white paper from Principal Global Investors discusses opportunities in the real estate securities market and shares insights on the best approach for exploiting pricing inefficiencies.

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    Deferred-income annuities grab spotlight from traditional variable annuities

    … industry's rapid growth can be attributed to more products from more participants, including QLAC manufacturers Principal Financial Group and American International Group Inc., according to Mr. Montminy. Three insurers — New York Life, Mass-Mutual and Northwestern …

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    Effects of market conditions on fixed income

    The impact of rising interest rates; a new white paper from Principal Financial Group . Behavioral finance: Why do investors make the wrong moves at the wrong times? Feb 5 Advisers constantly deal with a baffling …

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    Taking over an adviser's book can be a risky venture

    … that adviser. (More: Advisory firms aren't worth as much as advisers think)The partners, advisers with Principal Financial Group in Cedar Falls, Iowa, took over the business of a second retiring adviser in 2013. Both of the advisers the partners …

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    Rethinking the traditional retirement income glide path

    … headaches out of the bucket strategy Oct 26, 2014 @ 12:01 am By Mary Beth Franklin + Zoom A few years ago, the Principal Financial Group published a white paper comparing two of the most popular retirement income strategies: systematic withdrawals …

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    MassMutual raises retirement game with hiring spree

    … directors MassMutual announced Wednesday include:• Brian Cahal, who will focus on southern Ohio and hails from Principal Financial Group .• Will Deyoung, who's been promoted to regional sales director after serving as regional sales consultant at MassMutual …

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    Life insurers show their hands with new VA filings

    … benefit]; you can take it sooner. It's more of a win-win.” In another first quarter development, The Principal Financial Group filed an exchange offer with the SEC to kick in on Dec. 31, 2013 — making it available on Jan. 20 of this …

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    Principal CEO scoffs at private equity in 401(k)s

    … Private equity funds are probably too complicated for the average investor's retirement account, according to Principal Financial Group Inc., which provides the plans to 3.8 million people. “When people start talking about ETFs and liquid alts …

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    How Warren E. Buffett's top book purchase could guide an adviser to beat the market

    … University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee before being hired to buy international stocks for an Iowa insurer that became Principal Financial Group Inc., recalled how clearly Mr. Graham's message resonated. Rather than play the markets, the book advised, investors …

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    Financial literacy begins at the office

    … plain and simple,” said Jerry Patterson, senior vice president of retirement income strategy at The Principal Financial Group , a major provider of workplace savings plans. To elevate the success of any retirement plan, Mr. Patterson …

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    Survey says ... Our many moods about money

    … to carry more than $100 in cash. 3. Surveys ignore the biggest retirement roadblocks A study sponsored by Principal Financial Group asked financial advisers what holds back workers from adequately preparing for retirement. The most commonly mentioned constraints …

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    Beyond the automatic 401(K)

    … report, “A 360-Degree Approach to Preparing for Retirement.” The report, a collaborative effort by the Principal Financial Group and Create-Research, also stresses how financial advisers can play a critical role at both the plan and participant …

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    Passive investing gets some action in target date funds

    … 33% to index funds, up from 22% in 2011, according to Morningstar. ING U.S. Investment Management and Principal Financial Group both increased their passive exposure by around 5 percentage points, to 15% and 16% of assets, respectively …

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    Passive investing movement hits target date funds

    … to index funds, up from 22% in 2011, according to Morningstar. ING U.S. Investment Management and the Principal Financial Group Inc. both increased their passive exposure by around 5% to 15% and 16% of assets, respectively. “The …

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    … iana, Mississippi and northern Flo-rida. Previously, he was the senior retirement sales representative for Principal Financial Group of Des Moines, Iowa. Louis Sammartino, 44, who is based in Westfield, N.J., is responsible for developing …