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    New inflation data could drive the Fed into hawkish mode

    On the Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Inflation data could turn doves into hawks. Plus: Oil could get a lot pricier in a hurry, insider trading runs rampant and SIFMA cuts its economic outlook.

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    SIFMA's Gregg optimistic that default can be avoided

    The former Senator and Governor is optimistic that Washington can cut a deal

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    SIFMA tells SEC that fiduciary standard would cost a bundle

    A leading Wall Street trade organization told the Securities and Exchange Commission last week that raising investment advice standards for brokers would force individual firms to spend millions of dollars to upgrade their compliance systems.

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    SIFMA names high-profile politicians to top posts

    One of the leading financial industry trade organizations has hired two former lawmakers for its top executive positions, underscoring the increasing importance of the intersection between Wall Street and Washington.

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    Mass resignations taking place at SIFMA spin-off

    The main trade association for the securitization industry is in turmoil after most of the board resigned in a dispute with the group's executive director over governance and bonuses, according to six people with knowledge of the matter. The exodus at the American Securitization Forum puts the

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    Take two for Finra on advance-notice rule

    Plans to reissue a package of controversial membership rules regarding alerts on business changes

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    Banks may sue feds over the Volcker rule

    With Washington bureaucrats devising all sorts of ways to regulate Wall Street, it is no wonder that there are so many grumpy people at the industry's chief trade group, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.

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    SIFMA wants SEC to move on fiduciary rule PDQ

    Association wants to eliminate uncertainty; Commission currently split along party lines

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    Bentsen may helm SIFMA permanently

    With Wall Street increasingly focused on Washington, the chief lobbyist at an influential financial services organization may extend his interim leadership into a permanent stay.

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    Ryan departs SIFMA to return to JPMorgan Chase

    The chief executive of one of the most influential Wall Street lobbying organizations is departing next month to return to the financial firm that he left to head the group nearly five years ago.T. Timothy Ryan Jr., president and chief executive of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets

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    SIFMA, fiduciary advocates mix it up at forum

    Comments letters to financial regulators about potential new rules can drone on for dozens of pages. It's likely that the vast majority of people who wade through the often dense, soporific prose are those who are paid to read them – in the agencies, media or at advocacy groups.On Tuesday, however,

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    Social-media seminar offers lessons for firms

    Collegial ribbing, good-natured consternation and gentle exasperation. Those were some of the responses I noted last week during exchanges between regulators and the regulated at the social-media seminar hosted by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association at its annual Tech Leaders

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    In re, BrokerCheck: SIFMA urges Finra to expand 'in re expungement

    Association wants to make it easier for brokers to clean up their official records

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    SIFMA on analyst coverage: Wipe out blackouts

    Securities association wants SEC, Finra to revisit restrictions on firms' research of smaller IPOs; states oppose the idea

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    Finra eyes wholesalers' role in vending

    Wholesalers, watch out. Finra is taking a clear interest in wholesalers' roles in the sale of products that clients — and sometimes brokers — don't fully understand. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc.'s concerns about wholesalers include how well-trained the sales force is, what