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    Republicans want to see cost-benefit analysis before SEC proceeds on fiduciary

    Today's hearing on 2016 budget discussed the DOL rule as well, with a lawmaker asking Chairwoman Mary Jo White, 'Why are you allowing the Labor Department to take over your territory?'

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    SEC Chairwoman White says agency is 'full-out' working on fiduciary rule

    SEC chief says “if at the end of the day, you are depriving retail investors of reliable, reasonably priced advice, you will not have succeeded."

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    Democrats torn between Obama, financial industry on DOL fiduciary rule

    Latest letter threatens to slow the rule-making process while time runs down on the current administration.

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    DOL, industry spar over cost estimates for fiduciary rule

    DOL, industry spar over cost estimates for fiduciary rule Perez defends White House study, while SIFMA and ICI attack it Oct 16, 2015 @ 4:50 pm By Mark Schoeff Jr. + Zoom Labor Secretary Thomas Perez defended a proposal to raise investment advice standards for retirement accounts by asserting that

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    State regulators, Finra, SIFMA propose fee disclosure model for brokers

    State regulators, Finra, SIFMA say their approach would clarify charges to investors, yet commissions and advisory fees are left out of the plan.

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    Groups opposing DOL fiduciary rule step up lobbying spending

    Interest groups wanting to stop a Labor Department proposal that would change the rules for investment advice to retirement accounts have stepped up their lobbying expenditures.The Financial Services Institute, for instance, has spent $428,876 on lobbying during the first half of the year, compared

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    Broker groups step up political spending early in election cycle

    Groups representing brokers and investment firms have stepped up their political spending this year, while adviser advocates have slowed down their campaign contributions.The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, the major industry trade organization, contributed $261,198 to

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    SIFMA's advice to DOL on the fiduciary rule: Start over

    Industry heavyweight argues the proposal would limit access to investment advice.

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    State regulators work on uniform approach to elder financial abuse

    New measures are aimed at encouraging brokers to notify authorities when they suspect someone is trying to scam one of their clients.

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    DOL Secretary Perez touts Wealthfront as paragon of low-cost, fiduciary advice

    In his effort to build support for a proposal to raise investment advice standards for retirement accounts, Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez often uses a prominent robo-adviser as a talking point.When he appeared at a June 17 congressional hearing, Mr. Perez mentioned Wealthfront, an

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    Perez assures lawmakers DOL will make fiduciary rule work

    Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez assured lawmakers Wednesday that the agency is listening to concerns about a controversial investment advice proposal and will “make it work.”

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    DOL fiduciary proposal feels heat as more industry players pile on

    Great-West CEO Reynolds, Chamber of Commerce warn rule will hurt investors, advisers.

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    SIFMA proposes own standard for brokers to act in clients' best interests

    Proposal means to counter DOL fiduciary duty with an amended suitability standard.

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    Washington latest state to encourage workplace retirement plans

    Creates website to match small employers with private-sector retirement plans

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    Financial industry asks DOL for more time on fiduciary rule

    Groups say they need an extra 45 days above the 75-day comment period to respond.