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    Active managers get a seat at the ETF table

    To the chagrin of some, a fast-growing industry comes to terms with active management.

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    Financial advisers rocket Vanguard to No. 2 in ETFs behind BlackRock

    The firm's focus on cost-conscious, fee-based advisers has been a winning strategy.

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    Advisers punished for diversifying globally

    Assets flood non-U.S. funds, but a broader allocation comes with trade-offs in a volatile world.

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    Vanguard to offer its first muni-bond ETF

    The company expects the tax-exempt index fund to be available by the end of June.

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    ETF managers, bringing in historic levels of cash, still preparing for a bear

    As dollars in funds top $2 trillion, managers ready exotic products for a new market environment.

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    BlackRock leads Vanguard as ETFs race toward a record year

    Two giants remain in a tight race for buy-and-hold index investors' money as category total close to cracking the $2 trillion mark in a 'victory of vanilla' story.

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    Jack Bogle recommends a firm grip on U.S. stocks

    On Breakfast with Benjamin: Jack Bogle recommends a firm grip on U.S. stocks. Plus: The tide is turning in favor of active management, the oil-price slide is spreading across the commodities markets, and OPEC fades as a cartel.

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    John Bogle eats his own cooking: Traditional 60/40, intermediate-term bonds

    Legendary Vanguard founder invests only in U.S. and, of course, in index funds.

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    Vanguard files for 'ultra' short-term bond fund

    The Vanguard Group Inc. filed a registration statement today with the Securities and Exchange Commission for its Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund, which is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2015.“The fund had been under consideration for some time and it’s basically intended to round out

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    Vanguard's John Bogle beats the low-fee drum, takes a fresh swipe at active management

    On Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: John Bogle says retirement plans will suffer under active management fees. Plus: Cheap oil's fallout hits gold prices, media hype overstates the Fed's taper tap-out, and more.

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    These ETFs are winning in the Pimco Total Return Fund derby

    Here's a hint: They're short-term bond funds that can provide safe places to park money, and provide a little yield and return in place of holding cash

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    Bringing back pooled 401(k) plans could derail a fund industry cash cow

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu features: Revisiting the idea of pooled 401(k) plans, plus Jack Bogle gives a half nod to Fed policy, the curious appeal of water ETFs, and more rich folks are calling for a market correction.

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    Vanguard urges caution on liquid alts

    The fund company says performance of liquid alts has not been living up to the hype.

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    Fidelity has lowest-cost target date funds, edging out Vanguard

    Fidelity Investments edged out The Vanguard Group Inc., a major rival in the retirement-planning business, for having the lowest-cost target date fund lineup as of the end of last year, according to research released Tuesday.Fidelity Freedom Index charged 16 basis points for its target date series

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    European stocks hit six-year high on fifth day of rally

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Euro stocks rally but for how long?. Plus: The China risk, big money managers are flush once again, the future of airplane seating, and 21 inspirational yearbook quotes.