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    The case against state-run retirement plans

    While most Americans are not aware of it, a broad nationwide trend is underway that could profoundly impact the choices and tools that are available to them as they plan for retirement. Across the country, state legislators have introduced bills that would establish state-run or state-assisted ...

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    401(k) fiduciary breach lawsuit heads to the Supreme Court

    Court asked to consider statute of limitations that require plaintiffs to bring a suit alleging breach of duty within six years.

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    What top 401(k) plans do differently

    A new ranking reveals which industries have the best plans — and what features set them apart.

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    DOL eyes brokerage windows in 401(k) plans

    The agency's request for more information on the choices and disclosures available to participants could set the stage for new rule making.

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    Employees shy away from personalized 401(k) advice

    Retirement plan advisers need strategies to engage otherwise reluctant participants.

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    Fidelity quietly settles employee lawsuits

    At issue was accusations the fund giant engaged in self-dealing in 401(k) plan.

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    Soldiers lured out of federal retirement plan

    John Turner suspected that brokers were encouraging federal workers to ditch their top-flight retirement plan. So he went under cover.

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    Lawsuit against Financial Engines a red flag for plan sponsors

    Patent infringement claims against Financial Engines means plan sponsors should be vigilant and ready to reassure plan participants.

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    The 401(k) retirement complex: Retooling Americans' nest egg

    Jerry Schlichter says 401(k)s — and the 401(k) retirement complex — need to retool so they work primarily in the best interests of American savers.

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    Lockheed Martin retirement plan case gets trial date

    Long-fought legal battle between Lockheed Martin and a group of its retirement plan participants will finally go to trial in December after the plaintiffs were granted class action status.

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    Who's risk averse? Not Millennials

    Concern that the future of the federal safety net for seniors is precarious and the ubiquity of 401(k)s are prompting those born from 1979 to 1996 to get an earlier start on saving than prior generations, And they're ending up in stocks.

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    Traditional advisory firm hammers out deal with robo-adviser

    Redhawk Wealth Advisors and Jemstep co-brand an online investment platform to help clients with investments.

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    GAO report calls for more disclosure of managed accounts in 401(k)s

    The Labor Department should require providers to share more on fees, performance and benchmarking, GAO says.

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    Succession planning doesn't mean selling

    Aging advisers need to ask themselves if selling their practice can fund their own retirements.

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    Secrets for getting high earners to save more through retirement plans

    These retirement plan designs can help highly-paid employees sock away more for retirement and reduce their tax burden