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    Why an offense-only strategy won't succeed

    Risk management is as important to long-term financial planning as the growth of investments

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    Obama's proposed budget lets unemployed workers drain their retirement savings

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The president's 2016 budget lets workers tap into their 401(k)s penalty-free once unemployment runs out.

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    In rare move, Vanguard beefs up international exposure in target date funds

    Fund giant also plans to launch lower-cost institutional series to expand its market reach.

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    Republican introduces bill to halt Obama's DOL fiduciary push

    Rep. Ann Wagner says proponents are 'offering a solution in search of a problem.'

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    Who needs a cash balance plan? Not just New Jersey

    A tussle over public pensions has thrust these defined-benefit plans into the spotlight.

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    With Obama's push, is fiduciary a done deal? Not so fast

    Advisers, experts weigh in on DOL fiduciary rule's prospects and what it might end up looking like.

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    Pivotal 401(k) fee lawsuit in front of Supreme Court means big changes for plan advisers

    Regardless of how the high court rules, ongoing investment monitoring will be here to stay.

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    Vanguard finds another way to get its ETFs in your clients' hands

    With new presence in the ETF strategist game, Vanguard wins Envestnet, Cambridge and more retirement-plan business.

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    Why Obama is 'proud' of this adviser

    President quoted Sheryl Garrett, founder of an hourly fee network, in supporting fiduciary standards.

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    Prudential and MassMutual in $2.5 billion pension risk transfer deal with Kimberly-Clark

    21,000 retirees of the hygiene products maker will now be receiving their pension checks from Prudential

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    Company stock fading in 401(k) plans

    Knowledge about diversification, restrictions and concern about lawsuits drive decline.

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    The art and science of longevity

    Advisers' responsibility to make sure their clients are prepared for the challenges and opportunities that come with extended life expectancies.

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    Lockheed Martin to pay $62 million settlement in 401(k) fee suit

    Plaintiffs claimed defense contractor breached fiduciary duty, mismanaged funds.

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    Creative way to get clients to save more: Offer a prize

    Financial advisers find they need several good psychological tricks to encourage saving, because no single approach works with every client. Research suggests that advisers may want to consider an unusual method to motivate savings: Offer a prize, or even a chance to win a reward.Programs that

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    401(k) challenge: Plugging plan leakage when workers change jobs

    Improved 401(k) plan features have proven successful, but a big challenge remains: how to plug the leakage in plan assets when workers switch jobs.