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    Rollovers of 401(k)s into pension plans gets government agency backing

    With move, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. clears the way for annuitization of the funds.

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    Broker-dealers sound off as AIG leads off with first annuity for 401(k)s

    Insurance giant AIG tweaks existing deferred-income product to meet Treasury's guidelines. But will it satisfy the market? (Don't miss: Top sellers of individual annuities)

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    DOL to review documents in 401(k) excessive fee suit

    The Department of Labor will look for a possible ERISA violation after making an unprecedented petition to look at the case documents last summer.

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    Retirement plan sponsors want more from advisers

    A desire for greater expertise was cited as the primary reason for switching advice providers, says Fidelity survey

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    Demand for socially responsible investing options in 401(k)s on the rise

    Money managers say more participants want to link retirement savings to values.

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    BlackRock names Castille as chief retirement strategist

    Former head of firm's defined contribution unit will focus on target date business, retirement indexes, create research platform.

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    New rules for annuities and target date funds inspire products race

    Firms are at the drawing board designing retirement products, thanks to new guidance issued last week by the Treasury and Labor departments

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    Conservative target-date funds weathered the third quarter market rout

    More conservative target-date funds — those favoring higher relative positioning in bonds — weathered the market rout best in the third quarter, according to target date fund analyst Janet Yang of Morningstar Inc.

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    Best- and worst-performing target date funds

    Track the performance of the best and worst target-date funds through the third quarter, and see which funds best weathered the market's volatility.

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    Treasury, IRS OK annuities in 401(k) target date funds

    Approval of annuities in 401(k) target date funds, including as a default investment, will make lifetime-income features more popular.

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    How leverage led the market sell-off

    Monday's Breakfast with Benjamin: How leverage led the market sell-off. Plus: Riding wild markets all the way to the elections, the tragic economics of Ebola, using all the Roth tools, more scary theories from Robert Shiller.

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    A 401(k) conundrum: Can you make cash pile last for life?

    Little thought – or government help — is given to the question of how to make withdrawals from a retirement plan

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    Supreme Court decision on 401(k) fee case could have domino effect

    Where the court stands on a six-year statute of limitations could shape how fiduciaries serve retirement plans and participants.

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    Supreme Court to consider workers' rights to sue 401(k) plans

    Workers could have more power to hold plans accountable for excessive fees, depending on how the court rules on a key case next year.

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    The dangerous downside of the stronger dollar

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu covers the U.S. dollar threatening to knock markets off balance, riding an ETF back into commodities, retirement plans turning on the Pimco Total Return Fund, and more.