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    Retirement savers' fund fees move lower: ICI

    A trade group's study says tough competition between fund managers is driving fees in 401(k) plans lower — but investors still may not be getting a good deal.

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    How to get Millennials on track for retirement

    As a mother of two Millennials — those young Americans born between 1980 and 2000 — I know that preaching the value of saving for a distant goal like retirement can be a hard sell. But it's a critical message, as these young workers will have to rely largely on their 401(k) savings as the source of

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    Ameriprise ordered to deliver Columbia funds chief's journals to ex-staff

    In Ameriprise case, federal judge rules chief executive of the firm's mutual fund unit must hand over documents in lawsuit over retirement plan's use of proprietary funds.

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    Treasury allows longevity annuities in retirement plans

    The Treasury Department announces a rule that will allow retirement plan participants access to deferred-income annuities, also known as longevity insurance.

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    Supreme Court rejects stock-drop defense often used in 401(k) cases

    High court says 'presumption of prudence' shouldn't be considered a special defense against lawsuits alleging breaches of fiduciary duty.

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    Barclays in the hot seat over charges it courted high-frequency traders

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Barclays tagged for HFT. Plus: A looming 401(k) crisis, the marriage math for gay couples, the fuzzy math of inflation data, tapping into the fracking boom, and Russian stocks are not for the meek.

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    Putnam's Reynolds to Congress: To grow the economy, help boost savings

    Putnam Investments chief executive Robert Reynolds has been proselytizing for years about the need for Americans to save more for retirement and the importance of workplace programs to help them do it.Now he has research at hand that he says backs up his point and could wake up lawmakers to the

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    Women closing financial literacy gender gap

    Despite gains, steep learning curve remains on investing and cash management.

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    Frothy markets have investors turning to short-term bets

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Going short-term with investments. Plus: Watching the Fed chase the markets, punishing corporate taxes force more companies overseas, the Dow inches toward another milestone, the pros and cons of 401(k) loans, and you too can be a bond trader.

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    How gay couples can act on Social Security benefits now

    Though rules still vary from state to state, all same-sex couples should take steps to claim benefits.

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    Retirees suffer as 401(k) rollover boom enriches brokers

    Complaints filed against brokers for inappropriate investments after money moved into IRAs.

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    Social Security planning comes to the workplace

    Social Security planning has taken a giant step into the workplace, and retirement planning may never be the same. Mary Beth Franklin calls the addition of claiming strategies to retirement income tools a possible game changer.

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    Clintons jump through financial planning loopholes to dodge estate taxes they support

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Brokers pouncing on 401(k) biz. Plus: The Clintons dodge the estate taxes they support. The Fed wants to add exit fees to bond funds, U.S. banks on the edge of new funding rules, Congress mulls investor confidence on your dime, El-Erian sides with the IMF, and merger mania

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    The big benefits decision

    Helping clients determine when to begin collecting their hard-earned Social Security benefits is always tricky. Having worked a long career and finally making it to the promised land of retirement age, many people are justifiably eager to take what the government is ready and willing to give them.

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    Galvin asks Congress to force 401(k) plan disclosures

    Massachusetts' chief securities regulator Wiliam Galvin has asked Congress to force 401(k) plan disclosures, ratcheting up pressure to force transparency in retirement accounts.

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The ongoing rot in the economy: http://t.co/uggZTz3lWO
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The bond market is beginning to look like a textbook definition of a bubble: http://t.co/k3JYK1rpvy

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