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    DeWaay settles with Labor Department over retirement plan recommendations

    Famed financial adviser Donald Gene DeWaay Jr. has reached a settlement with the Labor Department to pay $341,487 to 68 retirement plans following federal investigations into some of his firm’s sales. The DOL’s Employee Benefits Security Administration claimed Mr. DeWaay, the firms he owns and a

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    John Hancock B-D to terminate health and insurance benefits

    Registered representatives at Signator Investors Inc., John Hancock's broker-dealer, received some dismaying news on Tuesday: The firm will be terminating its health and insurance benefits and will freeze its retirement benefits plan at the end of the year. Effective Jan. 1, 2015, the firm will

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    Great-West Financial to acquire J.P. Morgan retirement unit

    Robert Reynolds' Great-West Financial agreed to acquire J.P. Morgan Retirement Plan Services, boosting its profile as a retirement plan record keeper and putting it at No. 2 in the retirement services business by participants nationally.

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    Account opening is No. 1 tech concern: Survey

    Beacon finds 'client onboarding' has replaced social-media archiving as brokers' biggest technology challenge.

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    Retirement plan diversification improving, women take the lead

    Wells Fargo report says few men or women are contributing recommended 10% to their 401(k).

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    Reader reacts: Investors must know 401(k) rollover options

    Moving assets into an IRA is just one of many options investors should consider

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    Target date funds to capture 63% of 401(k) contributions by 2018

    Risk management, asset allocation features appeal to younger investors, study finds.

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    Keep a cool head when the DOL comes knocking

    As the number of audits climbs, here's what could put plan sponsors at risk for scrutiny

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    Supreme Court signals interest in 401(k) plan fiduciary case

    Justices seek DOL comment on case involving share classes offered to plan participants.

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    How to build a better nest egg

    It's not novel or innovative. It's what our parents' advisers told them they should be doing – socking money away in a defined contribution plan so that when their Golden Years arrived, the era's shine would not be dimmed by financial concerns.

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    401(k) fiduciary lawsuit raises questions on record keeping

    A court decision sheds new light on issue of whether float income is a plan asset.

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    Small retirement plan fiduciaries drowning in new fee disclosures

    Documents are way too long, information is split up among multiple documents, and the legalese is mystifying

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    Schlichter in new 401(k) lawsuit, this one against health care provider Novant Health

    A group of medical professionals are suing their employer, health care provider Novant Health, arguing that the company violated its fiduciary duty by offering excessively costly 401(k) investments and overpaying its providers.

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    DOL proposes 401(k) fee disclosure guide

    The Department of Labor, headed by Thomas Perez, aims to assist plan sponsors understand costs after 2012 regulations pushed for more disclosure. The solution? A fee road map. Skeptics warn the map could be as complicated as the disclosure.

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    Galvin's scrutiny of 401(k) matches misfires

    The Massachusetts Securities Division, led by William Galvin, targeted many of the wrong firms in questioning 401(k) record keepers about employers moving to an annual match instead of contributing each pay period.

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