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    Younger generations going all in with 401(k) contributions

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin features Gen Y and Gen X causing the the pace of 401(k) plan contributions to hit new heights. Plus: The ABCs of a hot REIT market, biotech stocks under the microscope, and something you might have in common with Bill Gates.

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    Retirement crisis is real and getting worse: Study

    More than half of U.S. households don't have enough saved for retirement, Center for American Progress finds.

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    Vanguard's funds reach new heights

    Vanguard Group surpassed State Street Global Advisors as the second-largest ETF provider, a new milestone following a year that was filled with them.

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    Brokers under White House scrutiny for costing workers billions in retirement savings

    New government research says some broker practices are costing investors $8 billion to $17 billion a year, and the White House may now support tighter oversight of brokers who handle retirement accounts.

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    A recipe for future retirement security

    When the American College of Financial Services released the results of its first-ever “Retirement Income Literacy Survey” last December, I dutifully reported the astounding results: Just 20% of retirement-age Americans can pass a basic quiz on how to make their nest eggs last throughout

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    Secrets for successful withdrawal strategies in retirement

    Market conditions in early retirement can help predict whether your clients' assets will actually last 30 years.

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    Blood and money: How familial strife can unravel estate plans

    Advisers can prevent undue influence by watching for radical behavior of family members and signs of dementia in clients.

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    Slow start to Obama's grand 'MyRA' retirement savings program

    Treasury Dept. met its deadline but significant hurdles remain to get workers signed up.

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    Global markets fixate on China's currency play

    In today's Breakfast with Benjamin, markets wonder if the Chinese yuan is the next shoe to drop. Plus: Notes on the default risk rising in China's dollar-denominated debt, President Obama's latest tax grab, and rolling 401(k) assets into a pension plan.

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    Persuading clients to defer enough salary

    Key is to be realistic when trying to get clients to save more for retirement.

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    Custom target date funds gaining in DC plans: Report

    Defined contribution plans are sharply cutting back on target-date funds offered by record keepers but expanding use of custom target-date funds, according to a survey by Callan Associates.In an annual survey of DC plan executives released Thursday, Callan found that 28.7% offered their record

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    Why security in retirement is often luck of the draw

    Specific returns clients earn on investments right around retirement disproportionately impact their lifetime outcomes.

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    As more states recognize gay marriage, planning traps still await couples

    Supreme Court could agree to rule on one of many appeals cases by this summer, and largely clear things up.

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    SEC puts emphasis on retirement savers in 2015 exam priorities

    This year, the regulator says it will explore risks associated with increasingly popular alternative investments designed to generate high yields amid low interest rates “as investors are more dependent than ever on their own investments for retirement.”

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    Your next client? Meet the six-figure skilled laborer

    Advisers: There's a client market where your help is sorely needed — it's called skilled labor, and it could see a bump in the ranks.