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    Passive investments now available in adviser-sold 529 plans

    Giving investors and advisers to 'make a trade-off between the lower-cost option or the opportunity' from actively managed portfolios.

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    Now it's the grandparents who are saving in 529 plans

    66% are chipping in a significant amount to their grandchildren's education.

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    Nitty-gritty of claiming college tax credits

    With the $2,500 American Opportunity Tax Credit's phaseout now at $180,000 of modified adjusted gross income, more parents are eligible. But claiming it requires coordination with distributions from 529s and education savings accounts.

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    Some 529 college savings plan fees likely hit bottom

    After demanding a reduction in administrative and investment costs, some states are now offering plans with such low fees that they are barely profitable for managers, one expert says.

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    College saving programs make changes as assets continue to rise

    College savings plans continue to be popular with investors, and sponsors of the nearly 100 different Section 529 plans offered in the U.S. are tweaking fees and other features to attract assets.

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    A new way to benchmark Section 529 plans

    Financial advisers soon will have a new way of evaluating the performance of college savings plans by comparing them with indexes that Morningstar Inc. plans to introduce in late December.

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    Four keys to choosing a 529 plan portfolio

    Choosing a Section 529 college savings plan without examining its investments is like buying a car without looking under the hood or taking a test drive.

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    Seeking help for college

    More American families are asking financial advisers for help saving for college, and nearly all those families have accumulated much more toward their goal than the typical family, according to a Fidelity Investments survey.

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    Corporate 529 plans may be revenue source

    Financial advisers with some expertise in college planning may want to consider helping companies set up Section 529 college savings plans for their employees.

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    More Americans rely on advisers when forming college savings plans

    A new Fidelity survey finds more parents are relying on their advisers to help when they make college savings decisions. What's behind this increase in advice-seeking?

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    How should alts fit into college savings plans?

    Advisers should prioritize investment mix and flexibility when pondering which college savings plans are right for clients, according to J.P. Morgan Asset Management, which runs New York's adviser-sold college savings plan.

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    College savings assets soar to $180B

    Stock market gains account for much of the rise but advisers doing their part too.

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    N.M. offers alternatives in 529 plan

    OppenheimerFunds Inc. has changed its New Mexico 529 college savings plan to include alternative investments and access to some of the firm's most popular funds within the tax-advantaged savings vehicle.

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    OppenheimerFunds adds popular funds, alternatives to college savings plan

    New Mexico 529 gets a revamp; changes include commodities, real estate and special minerals funds.

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    Upper-classmen? Study shows colleges taking from the poor, giving to the rich

    In what is being called a 'dramatic shift,' colleges are offering generous financial aid packages to wealthier students and shortchanging poorer ones. | The Road to Tuition States with the best 529s

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