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    Huge Marketfield Fund suffering outflows as performance wanes

    Manager of the long-short fund calls asset decline 'natural organic redemption' but others see investor focus on return.

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    SEC advisory panel recommends new approach to accredited investor label

    Group suggests gauging sophistication of individuals based on knowledge, or limiting the portion of a portfolio that can be invested in private placements.

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    Nontransparent ETFs a step backward

    Less transparency for new products seems in conflict with the SEC's interest in increased disclosure of mutual fund holdings.

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    Exclusive: New research service redefines 'liquid alts' for advisers

    Money manager says new definition will help determine whether funds are delivering on their promises.

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    What Scotland's 'no' vote means for markets

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin: What Scotland's 'no' vote might mean for the markets, Alibaba's IPO prices in record territory, the 'dumb money' is getting smarter, and gold continues to slide.

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    Is Calpers' move away from hedge funds a bellwether for advisers?

    If major institutions cannot justify hedge fund investing, where should advisers turn for alternative asset exposure?

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    This week's stories that financial advisers can't miss

    A scandalous lawsuit, new data on the growth of independent firms, and the rest of this week's must-reads

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    Market risk is ignored by invincible investors

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A real risk thanks to the bull market: investors' sense of invincibility, plus El-Erian dishes on Pimco, second-guessing Calpers, and more.

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    Untangling Nicholas Schorsch's vast web of businesses

    The REIT czar's empire is broken down in this "simple" visual covering all entities under his purview

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    Bill Gross rides derivatives around Fed policy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Bond King levers up. Plus: There is nothing smooth about the Fed's next move, the first nail in hedge funds' coffin and more.

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    Biggest pension shunning hedge funds a green light for liquid alts

    Fees and performance are encouraging institutional investors to choose the less-expensive, more-regulated liquid route.

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    Are you prepared to make an exit from the stock market?

    If the Federal Reserve pursues an “exit” from its ultra-low interest rate policy, are you be prepared for an exit from the stock market, should things turn south?

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    Schorsch's RCS buys majority stake in Docupace Technologies

    Company provides SEC- and Finra-compliant paperless processing systems to financial services firms.

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    A user's guide to this week's "Fedspeak"

    On this morning's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, a guide to the Fed's upcoming comments, Calpers sends hedge funds out to pasture, getting on the stock-split bandwagon, and more.

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    Tiny long-short equity mutual fund delivers huge gains

    The phones rang a lot more than usual this summer at Biondo Group LLC, the small Pennsylvania investment firm tucked away near the Delaware Water Gap and the foothills of the Pocono Mountains.