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    Stocks are looking more wobbly by the day

    Breakfast with Benjamin: As the equity markets start to wobble, analysts start to claim they saw it all coming.

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    Can the REIT run weather a rate hike?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Will higher interest rates crush the real estate market, or is it supposed to be different this time?

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    The looming threat of an increasingly powerful dollar

    Breakfast with Benjamin: It's important to understand the scary downside of an extremely strong U.S. dollar.

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    The surging dollar could crush unhedged global mutual funds

    Simple ways to remove the currency risk are available but advisers need to find — and understand — them.

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    Oil-price slide is starting to get scary

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Talk of an oil comeback is fading fast. Plus: Some good news for gold investors, bankers head for greener pastures, and a St. Patty's Day spelling bee

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    Rising interest rates to test REIT strength even as investors seek diversification

    Attractive yields aside, real estate investments wrapped in a mutual fund are not bonds.

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    Goldman Sachs' BDC launch signals high-yield investments on the rise

    Financial advisers would be wise to bone up on the asset class because they'll be getting sales pitches.

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    At 85, Vanguard's John Bogle still fighting hard for index investing

    Mutual fund elder statesman doesn't mince words when discussing active management, and he worries about ETFs.

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    CNL Lifestyle Properties REIT suffers another sharp drop in value

    The estimated per share valuation of CNL Lifestyle Properties, a large nontraded REIT that owns ski and mountain resorts, continues to sink despite the recent broad rally in commercial real estate.

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    Big banks are stressing over the Fed's stress tests

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bar will keep rising for banks as mixed stress test results come in for some of the world's largest banks.

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    Cash-heavy mutual funds take downside protection to the extreme

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Some funds using cash for protection. Lots of it. Plus: Adviser charged with stealing $1.3M from widows and church friends, up from the ashes arises a new subprime giant, and Wall Street courts millennials.

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    Merrill Lynch tells its advisers to get some water

    Nontraditional investment could benefit from long-term trends, values-based investing: CIO Bartels.

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    Vanguard tiptoes into the liquid alternatives market

    New multialternative fund seen as endorsement of alts, while pressuring fees

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    Smart money moving to the sidelines as earnings signal flashes red

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Earnings signal flashing red, sending some investors to the sidelines, Gross sets a timeline, Bernanke wants the president to have more power, ETF investors hedge currencies and chase corporate bonds, and the first-year numbers behind Colorado's legal weed.

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    Why an offense-only strategy won't succeed

    Risk management is as important to long-term financial planning as the growth of investments