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    Coming off a big year, Janus files for exotic ETFs

    Janus Capital Group Inc. this year has already snagged the world's most famous bond fund manager and acquired a manufacturer of exchange-traded funds.But it has even bigger plans in the ETF market, and they go beyond Bill Gross, according to filings with federal regulators.The fund manager late

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    Shrugging off diversification, more advisers chase stock market performance

    On Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin, advisers are starting to shun alternatives to avoid the risk of missing out on the stock market's run. Plus: Venezuela's sinking credit rating, attractive valuations even at these prices, and investing rules from Stephen Colbert

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    Schorsch accused of manipulating ARCP books: Suit

    American Realty Capital Properties Inc.'s former chief accounting officer alleges the ex-chairman ordered numbers to be changed.

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    Schorsch allegations will haunt nontraded REIT industry

    Industry "floored" by allegation that REIT czar had hand in $23 million accounting error at American Realty Capital Properties.

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    Alts fund manager Daniel Thibeault arrested in securities fraud

    The FBI accused GL Capital Partners CEO Daniel Thibeault of creating fictitious loans to divert millions in assets to business accounts.

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    Jack Bogle recommends a firm grip on U.S. stocks

    On Breakfast with Benjamin: Jack Bogle recommends a firm grip on U.S. stocks. Plus: The tide is turning in favor of active management, the oil-price slide is spreading across the commodities markets, and OPEC fades as a cartel.

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    It's not too early to start worrying about a spike in oil prices

    Tuesday's Breakfast with Benjamin features a warning over it not being too early to worry about a jump in oil prices. Plus, Vanguard ramps up its financial advice offerings, the pain of diverging global economies in 2015, and John Paulson's painful comeback effort.

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    An alternative oil investment that hinges on infrastructure needs

    The sharp decrease in oil prices over the past six months undoubtedly has pained advisers and investors interested in the energy sector. Oil prices dropped sharply last week, reaching five-year lows. For the first time since July 2009, the price of benchmark U.S. oil fell below $61 a barrel. But

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    New platforms for alternatives trading miss the mark

    Smart money should be focused on finding ways to help advisers first navigate the liquid alts world.

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    If you only pay attention to a few market experts, Mark Mobius should be one

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu also includes: There's always John Bogle ... or not; how much insider trading is now legal, about that spike in gold and the battle between oil and stocks is about to turn.

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    John Bogle eats his own cooking: Traditional 60/40, intermediate-term bonds

    Legendary Vanguard founder invests only in U.S. and, of course, in index funds.

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    Cheap oil no reason to abandon the energy sector, strategists say

    Though the energy sector has dropped 14.6% in the past three months versus a 3.5% gain for the S&P, investing experts say the innovation potential in the sector should not be ignored.

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    UBS renews push to increase advisers' hedge fund use

    The wirehouse plans tools to explain the risks and benefits of hedge fund strategies to advisers whose allocations have been low.

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    Fidelity's clearing arm restores processing some Schorsch-related nontraded REITs

    National Financial Services, the clearing arm of Fidelity Investments, told its broker-dealer correspondents that, effective Monday, it was facilitating new purchases for 12 nontraded REITs and business development companies under the American Realty Capital brand along with other brands

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    Collapsing oil prices get real with no bottom in sight

    Start your week with Breakfast with Benjamin, featuring serious speculation about how bad oil prices might get. Plus: Russian equities take a direct hit, gold prices tank on a Swiss no-vote, and using Cyber Monday to satisfy your inner foodie.