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    Alternative investments can do what stocks and bonds can't

    Adding alternatives could help clients more than traditional portfolios, InvestmentNews webcast panel agrees

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    More distressing news for the 'Diva of Distressed' Lynn Tilton

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Lynn Tilton is now being charged with 'grossly' mismanaging $100 million in investor assets, which she denies.

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    Pimco builds an alternatives business as bond turmoil grabs the headlines

    Unit focused on real estate and distressed debt is a bright spot in the firm's quest for profitability and growth.

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    A weak outlook for earnings doesn't bode well for stocks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Corporate earnings are expected to decline 4.1%, and the stock market hunkers down for a rough earnings season.

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    Smart beta and market cap indexing: Better together

    It's not an either/or proposition; when combined, the two strategies can achieve broad diversification.

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    Hedge fund marketers have independent advisers in their sights

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Now that hedge funds have the green light to market their wares, they're zeroing in on independent advisers.

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    Financial advisers get more tools for navigating the liquid alts space

    As stock market volatility continues to tick higher, another player is emerging to help financial advisers navigate the alternative investments space for portfolio diversification.Launched eight months ago and recently upgraded to make it more user-friendly for advisers, the Liquid Alternative

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    When interest rates rise, alternative strategies have chance to shine for income, diversification

    As clients clamor for more income, there are eight alternative assets that emerge as viable options

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    LPL to pay $1.4 million fine and return investor money for certain nontraded REIT sales

    Broker-dealer agrees to a $1.4 million fine and will return investor money on approximately 2,000 sales of nontraded REITs. Firm also settles with states regarding leveraged ETFs.

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    Why the upward trend for stocks is no more

    Plus: Goldman's Cohen says don't chase high-dividend stocks, university endowments become hedge funds, and companies are taking the carbon tax threat seriously

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    The Fed tosses out another teaser that rates could still be hiked this year

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If you can believe it, Janet Yellen is still teasing the markets with the idea of rate hike this year.

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    Papal visits have become precursors to stock market pullbacks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Turns out, rare trips to the U.S. by a Pope have not always been good for stocks.

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    3 allocation strategies that can help clients navigate through volatility

    Strategies designed to ride market waves provide the best upside in a market that points down.

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    What advisers should know about managed-futures funds

    Often overlooked by advisers, these noncorrelated strategies can fit well in a thoughtfully constructed portfolio

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    Why closed-end funds are more appealing during market turmoil

    Current valuations and distribution rates mean long-term investors should take notice