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    REITS continue to be hot as first quarter flows top $4B

    Sputtering equity market, lackluster bond returns continue to drive investors.

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    Stocks search for direction on a data-rich day

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Which way for stocks on big data day? Plus: The downside of low rates; GM gets some love; Earth Day and earthy companies; the surging price of shrimp makes cheap food, well, less so; and reflection and hope in Boston.

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    Investors warming up to equities a little late in the game

    After watching the stock market climb from peak to peak last year, investors are finally starting to warm up to equities. More than 85% of investors are feeling optimistic about the investment landscape, and 74% think stocks have the greatest potential of any major asset class, according to a

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    Environmental services draws investor attention

    Progress, the needs of an expanding population and globalization bode well for the environmental services sector, which is a $55 billion industry, spanning everything from protecting the water supply to the disposal of nuclear waste.

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    Look before you leap into liquid alts

    Just as the time to buy homeowner's insurance isn't when the once-in-a-lifetime floodwaters crest the threshold of the front door, the time to insure client portfolios against declining stock prices or rising interest rates isn't when stocks are falling and rates are rising. With stocks continuing

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    Markets are bracing for a rough start to the week

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Why investors are bracing for a rough start to the week. Plus: The SEC hones in on hedge funds, rethinking stock buyback programs, trading stocks on your phone, and using your phone to break bad habits

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    Advisers warming to real assets as stock market volatility picks up

    Real estate, REITS and MLPs are increasingly on advisers' radar screen, but a new study finds allocations in just one of five portfolios. Jeff Benjamin explains.

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    When women-run retirement funds beat the boys

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Women-run retirement funds have consistently higher returns than those run by men. Here's why. Plus: Four data points to watch this morning, dealing with a bankrupt hedge fund, how the FBI is watching high-frequency trading, and April Fool's Day around the web.

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    Awash in alt fund launches, Morningstar examines coverage standards

    Advisers aren't the only ones struggling to make heads or tails of the market for “liquid alts.” Morningstar Inc. is grappling with how to deal with a deluge of the highly popular alternative mutual funds. “It's a challenge on a number of levels … we have a certain, defined amount of alternative

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    Look out, Lipper and Morningstar, hedge fund tracking firms gathering data on alt mutuals

    Aside from competition, it's a sign that liquid alternative investments are here to stay

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    Five things you need to know before investing in liquid alternatives

    1. The strategies most (and least) conducive to the liquid alternative structure. This is largely a function of the strategy's liquidity and leverage profile. Although in some instances, regulatory factors such as investment concentration can also come into play. Of the 24 distinct alternative

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    The perfect storm: Why alts make sense

    High equity prices, low bond yields and geopolitical risk are all leading to new popularity for this once-shunned allocation. Find out how more portfolio strategists are moving away from the traditional 60/40 split.

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    As liquid-alt mutual funds proliferate, some question their value

    When the news broke this month that $24 billion hedge fund firm Grosvenor Capital Management was breaking out of its otherwise secretive shell with plans to launch a registered alternative strategy mutual fund, it was generally interpreted as just the latest evidence of a continuing trend.

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    PE giant Carlyle Group is eyeing the retail investor market and liquid alts

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Private equity giant wants in on liquid alts. Plus: QE might have a fueled high-inflation cycle, the small-cap stock ride is ending, time to get some defense in that portfolio, and the poor outlook for the long-term unemployed

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    LPL hit with Finra fine for alternative investment sales

    Products include nontraded REITs, oil and gas partnerships, BDCs, hedge funds and managed futures.

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