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    BlackRock alternative credit fund hopes to play rising rates to its advantage

    Hedging out rate risk puts the focus on credit opportunities ... and manager sees plenty of them ahead.

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    Bill Gross says he will short the German bund, eventually

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bill Gross calls out the 10-year German bund, but you'll want to wait more than a year for the end of Europe's easing.

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    Carlyle Group misses the mark with liquid alts

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Carlyle Group is shutting down two liquid alternative mutual funds it launched last year.

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    Real liquidity: Why investors care about water

    Investors should understand the water risks in their portfolios, even if the companies don't.

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    The riddle and the dilemma of global bonds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bond bulls continue to shrug off logic, claiming it's different this time, even despite negative yields.

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    Options to invest in innovative technologies that address water shortages are limited

    Despite a multitude of water shortages, options to invest in innovative technologies that address the problem remain limited.

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    More companies than ever avoid paying taxes

    A record 54 companies in the S&P 500 are now at least partially exempt from the corporate income tax, more than twice the number four years ago.

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    The case for incorporating private equity in client portfolios

    As advisers search for yield and new asset classes, PE is making inroads into the retail market

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    Hedge fund bulls go big on oil

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Hedge fund bulls go big on oil. What do they know, or think they know?

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    Why 'smart beta' strategies deserve all the attention and assets they're attracting

    Strategies represent a cost-effective way to harnes quantitative insights and quickl, easily implement them in portfolios

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    Why it's time to believe the hype behind ESG investing

    Studies show socially conscious investing principles positively affect long-term, risk-adjusted returns.

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    DoubleLine's Shiller CAPE fund beating rivals while adding smart alpha to smart beta

    Fixed-income foundation pushed fund to the top of the large-value category.

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    Oil-price slide is starting to get scary

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Talk of an oil comeback is fading fast. Plus: Some good news for gold investors, bankers head for greener pastures, and a St. Patty's Day spelling bee

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    Stocks are looking more wobbly by the day

    Breakfast with Benjamin: As the equity markets start to wobble, analysts start to claim they saw it all coming.

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    The looming threat of an increasingly powerful dollar

    Breakfast with Benjamin: It's important to understand the scary downside of an extremely strong U.S. dollar.