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    SEC's Daniel Gallagher questions need to revise accredited-investor standard

    Commissioner says the private market is working just fine and the effort to revise the accredited-investor standard is a waste of time.

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    Why the IRS is toothless in the fight against supersized IRAs

    On Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, the Government Accountability Office solves the riddle of the multimillion-dollar IRA. Plus: Oil stocks bounce on the Senate's Keystone 'no' vote, seniors can't wait for Social Security, and strippers pose a threat to the '1099 economy.'

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    As oil prices fall, investment opportunities emerge

    For most people, the dramatic drop in oil prices over the past few months has been welcomed in the form of cheaper gasoline prices. But for investors, the story is less clear.Beyond the obvious pain felt by energy producers as the price of oil drops closer to a production break-even point, there

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    Federal Reserve's next move might not be until 2016

    Tuesday Breakfast with Benjamin: Why the Fed's first interest rate hike could be pushed off even further. Plus: What happens when all asset classes stand still, cutting into timber investments, and a Goldman hedge fund swings and misses on interest rates

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    Nicholas Schorsch's RCS Capital could be facing major changes

    RCAP may remake itself to boost value with stock down 39% since late October

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    Liquid alts' drawback: High cost

    The more alternative products that fund companies offer, the bigger the dilemma facing financial advisers.

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    Robo advice meets alternative investments

    New platform aspires to be an alternatives outsource for financial advisers.

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    Investment managers ditching 60/40 portfolios in favor of more liquid alternatives

    On its last legs, the 60/40 portfolio will be replaced by 30/30/40, some managers say.

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    Largest alternatives funds

    Fund/tickerNet assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*MainStay Marketfield I (MFLDX)$16,035.7-6.48%8.95%8.48%1.52%Gateway A (GATEX)$8,181.46.40%7.13%5.37%0.94%AQR Managed Futures Strategy I (AQMIX)$6,377.17.32%3.12%N/A1.23%Pimco Emerging Markets Currency A ...

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    Best- and worst-performing alternatives funds

    Top 10Net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year retunExpense ratio*AST QMA U.S. Equity Alpha$531.625.42%25.93%17.53%1.60%LoCorr Long/Short Commodity Strats A (LCSAX)$57.221.47%N/AN/A2.20%Natixis ASG Managed Futures Strategy A (AMFAX)$1,290.120.14%3.18%N/A1.70%Glenmede Total Market ...

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    Advisers who sold MainStay Marketfield a fickle bunch

    MainStay Marketfield, the blockbuster long/short equity liquid alt fund, was a darling at the wirehouses, but when its performance dragged, the outflows came quick and heavy.

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    Fidelity, Pershing, Schwab join suspension of Schorsch REITs

    The clearing and custody giants have followed B-Ds by suspending sales of nontraded REITs controlled by Nicholas Schorsch, presenting another potential blow to the real estate czar's business.

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    Mining stocks shine in gold-price pullback

    Even with the price of gold down more than 40% over the past three years, there doesn't appear to be a big appetite for the precious metal, which is exactly why Keith Trauner is selecting adding exposure in his go-anywhere GoodHaven Fund (GOODX).While Mr. Trauner isn't yet ready to add direct gold

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    Liquid alts suffer big asset drop; MainStay Marketfield takes biggest hit

    After strong growth, the category suffers its first outflows in two years in the month of October. Redemptions were dominated by a continued sell-off of the MainStay Marketfield Fund, the largest in the alternative category.

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    Morningstar's latest Pimco remarks spark catty comments

    On Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: A string of catty comments accompany a Morningstar talk-up of Pimco's outlook. Plus, what municipal bond investors can learn from Detroit and Stockton, avoid getting sucked in by the market's latest winning streak, and much more.