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    Alternative investments combined with fee-based services are changing the investing world

    Firms would be wise to embrace a fuller mix of services to satisfy today's investors and differentiate themselves.

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    As market volatility spikes, investors plan to lift allocation to alternatives: Survey

    Pensco study finds SEC's crowdfunding rule likely to draw investors to more private equity-like vehicles.

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    S&P's global financial literacy test is out

    Breakfast with Benjamin: S&P Rating Services has released its global financial services literacy test, which uses four questions to test understanding of interest compounding, inflation, and risk diversification. How would you do?

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    Fidelity, Schwab to halt AR Capital sales

    Firms pull the plug after Massachusetts charges RCS Capital with fraudulently rounding up proxy votes to support real estate deals sponsored by AR Capital.

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    Shakeup in senior management of AR Capital products

    President of BDCA, company at center of Galvin complaint, is removed; others step down

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    AR Capital to stop creating new nontraded REITs, close existing programs to new investors

    In a major reversal, the powerhouse nontraded REIT sponsor built by Nicholas Schorsch is exiting the business of creating and selling new alternative investment products and will stop taking new investor money for existing programs.

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    The endless and irrelevant financial woes of presidential candidates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Presidential candidates are not always good at managing their own money, and voters don't care, or need to.

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    Alternative growth strategies for a fearful low-growth world

    Making the case for alternatives is less about the absolute returns they can deliver, but their potential over full market cycles.

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    Crowdfunding platform borrows a page from private equity

    New fund offers 11% yield, no fees, two-year lock-up to accredited investors, but it's risky.

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    Calpers makes another move away from pricey investments by trimming real estate exposure

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Nation's largest public pension fund trims its real estate holdings with a $3B sale.

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    Goldman Sachs benches its BRIC strategy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Brazil, Russia, India and China assets are down 88% since their 2010 peak.

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    SEC's Mary Jo White rips bill to ease restrictions on BDCs

    Despite SEC chairwoman's concerns over leverage and impact on individual investors, backers hope legislation will pass because of bipartisan support.

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    What advisers need to know about peer-to-peer lending

    Before clients start asking, know the basics about this income generating investment.

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    Jobs report has the bond market on edge

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The specific things to watch for in today's jobs report that could influence the Fed's decision on interest rates.

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    Don't let volatile energy markets change your mind on MLPs

    Depending on the client, now may be a time to add to the allocation to this investment class.