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    MassMutual jumps into a hot investment-only variable annuity market

    Insurance firm is debuting its first IOVA as the products are helping prop up overall VA sales.

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    Finra to seek a 'significant fine' from MetLife over variable annuity sales

    Regulator focuses on potential violations regarding misrepresentations, suitability, and supervision

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    Time to expand the tool kit for delivering retirement income

    Current retirement income products miss the mark in striking an optimal balance between investment opportunity and income protection.

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    Insurers adding optional death benefits to IOVA contracts

    The optional features allow for more investor choice and seek to capitalize on strong IOVA sales.

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    Fixed indexed annuity sales gaining on VAs: Cerulli

    Fixed indexed annuity sales are steadily gaining on those of variable annuities, thanks in large part to continued low interest rates.

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    Sen. Warren blasts annuity sales incentives

    She claims agents are more interested in winning free vacations than finding the best investments for their clients.

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    Advisers shy away from LTC insurance dialogue: Study

    Low comfort level with LTC products makes advisers recoil, but some think that's a weak argument.

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    What advisers need to know about the most complex type of annuity

    A lack of understanding of variable annuities can lead to misperceptions among advisers of how the products function, and among clients as to what they're buying. (Plus: See the top 10 annuity sellers.)

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    Wall Street is now fretting over the threat of another recession

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The word 'recession' is being used openly on Wall Street, in case you needed more proof that the U.S. economy is barely moving forward.

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    Jackson National to offer DoubleLine smart beta fund in VAs

    Smart-beta strategies got their latest seal of approval in the form of a $100 million mandate from variable annuity giant Jackson National, which has added the DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE Fund to its menu of VA investment options.

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    Longevity annuities could boost retirement readiness, study finds

    EBRI takes close look at QLACs, which provide monthly benefits after a significant deferral period in retirement.

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    IBDs, wirehouses drive second-largest sales quarter for fixed indexed annuities

    Variable annuities may have won the day in quarterly sales, but broker-dealers are stepping up their distribution of fixed indexed products, which hedge against rising interest rates.

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    Fidelity throws its weight behind longevity annuities

    The Boston retirement-services giant is giving its clients a new option for planning for the costs and risk of living longer by making deferred-income annuities available for retirement plans. (See also the Top 10 annuity sellers in the second quarter.)

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    How to not get gobbled up when the next bear market arrives

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Avoid these investing missteps when the next bear rumbles through the market.

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    Under regulatory pressure, Voya restricts sales of more variable annuities

    Voya Financial Advisors has restricted sales of variable annuities for the second time in two months, as the brokerage firm faces increased pressure from regulators questioning the suitability of the products for retirement savers.