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    The watershed moment for lifetime income

    Making lifetime income options more readily available will help enhance retirement security, according to IRI's Cathy Weatherford.

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    Good looks aren't everything, but it might help you attract more assets

    In today's Breakfast with Benjmain, looks might help money managers land more assets, but they also tend to underperform. Plus: Darryl Strawberry's contract balance goes to the highest bidder, Florida investment manager charged with bilking $17M from clients, and a hedge fund manager uses proper ...

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    The predictable downside of chasing performance

    The last Breakfast with Benjamin menu of the year features: A cautionary tale on chasing performance; why active management is not dead yet; cheap oil claims its first energy-sector victim; and a reminder that annuities are not investments.

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    'Longevity' in annuities could be the big 2015 focus

    New Treasury Dept. guidance pushes insurers to innovate while indexed annuities expected to continue to shine. Darla Mercado reports.

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    Strawberry strikes out with advisers

    IRS will auction an annuity that was part of a contract Darryl Strawberry signed with the Mets nearly 30 years ago.

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    SEC Investor Advocate: Budget boost 'insufficient' for full adviser exam coverage

    The budget increase the SEC received from Congress is “insufficient” to significantly boost investment-adviser examinations, according to an SEC official charged with representing retail investors.

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    2014 big for indexed annuities: Broker-dealer execs

    The year isn't over yet, but executives at broker-dealers say they've had a major rise in the indexed-annuity business — to the point that it may be cannibalizing sales of variable annuities.At Raymond James Financial Inc., the annualized run rate for variable annuities is about $1.8 billion, a

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    Key 401(k) Supreme Court suit will shake up retirement plan advisers

    Expect more due diligence on funds and fees, and expect to do it more frequently.

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    Lifetime income to reach defined-contribution retirement plans, but not anytime soon

    Existing products don't fit within the broad regulatory guidelines governing a lifetime income option that contains a deferred annuity offered within a target date fund.

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    Annuities' use in 401(k) plans gets green light

    Will 2015 finally be the year when plan sponsors welcome these insurance products with open arms?

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    The top variable and indexed annuity issuers and sales leaders

    Indexed annuities continue to be popular, and Jackson National continues to dominate VA sales.

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    The new variable and indexed annuity leaders

    Indexed annuities continue to be popular, and Jackson National continues to dominate VA sales.

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    Powerful GOP senator to defend retirement tax incentives

    Incoming Senate finance chairman Orrin Hatch says retirement vehicles are the 'greatest wealth creator' for the middle class, and shouldn't be part of tax reform.

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    Jackson National's variable annuity sales suspensions pay off

    Advisers willing to wait to get into the carrier's VAs and if history is any guide, first quarter sales will jump.

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    Broker-dealers sound off as AIG leads off with first annuity for 401(k)s

    Insurance giant AIG tweaks existing deferred-income product to meet Treasury's guidelines. But will it satisfy the market? (Don't miss: Top sellers of individual annuities)