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    Goldman Sachs' CEO Lloyd Blankfein says rate hike will be 'jarring'

    Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd C. Blankfein says markets are poised for prolonged growth and will quickly move on after a jolt from the Federal Reserve's first interest-rate increase since 2006.

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    A warning shot across the market's bow

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Package delivery company UPS has warned that the U.S. economy appears to be slowing. That's bad news for the Fed and stock investors.

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    As dividend-paying stocks fall out of favor, trading strategies could help

    Advisers should resist the urge to shift their dividend-stock assets into bonds as interest rates rise and instead consider dividend swaps and futures, as well as option combinations.

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    Federal Reserve could offer clues to rate hike at this week's meeting

    With Janet Yellen widely expected to hold policy steady at this week's meeting, Fed watchers looking to the central bank's statement on Wednesday for clues on liftoff.

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    Bond markets get it all wrong when it comes to fixed income's biggest foe

    The disparity is especially important now because the bond market's outlook is key in helping the Federal Reserve to decide just how much interest rates will need to rise from rock-bottom levels.

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    Make your short-term bond investment work smarter

    Savers are increasingly worried about the prospect of rising interest rates, but with bank deposit rates close to zero, they're searching for short-duration investment products that minimize interest rate risk without sacrificing income. If this is your goal, it's worth considering a “crossover”

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    The market's zero-to-hero story

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The financial sector has been a laggard and in fact hasn't been an early cycle winner since 2011. But the picture is getting brighter.

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    Donald Trump's investment portfolio a messy hodgepodge: advisers

    Advisers say the presidential hopeful and real estate mogul's investments reveal a scattered approach to money management. (See the top five fund companies holding Mr. Trump's money.)

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    MLPs yield headaches for advisers who bought them for income

    Top analysts in the sector see a bear market as investors pumped $10.5 billion into energy funds over the last year.

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    Morningstar repeats 'not-ratable' status for Gundlach's DoubleLIne Total Return Bond Fund but can't ignore its success

    Even though Morningstar, for the second year in a row, has released its analysis dubbing the DoubleLine Total ReturnBond Fund not-ratable, analyst Sarah Bush is unable to get around pointing out that it's pretty good.

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    Carl Icahn vs. Larry Fink: Should advisers fear junk bonds?

    Legendary activist investor sounds the alarm while BlackRock CEO pushes back.

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    Edward Jones' proprietary funds are outselling nearly all active managers

    Firm has raised $8.1 billion for its seven Bridge Builder funds this year as it moves money from its fee-based platform.

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    Icahn, BlackRock's Fink battle over high-yield ETFs

    Carl Icahn criticized asset management firms such as BlackRock for selling ETFs that give an illusion of liquidity for “extremely illiquid, and extremely overpriced” securities such as high yield bonds. But BlackRock CEO Larry Fink disputed the characterization.

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    You know investors are getting nervous when oil becomes a safe-haven play

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Oil stocks are starting to attract investors seeking safety, and that should be cause for concern.

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    3 things to consider before pursuing a strategic asset allocation

    Common assumptions that come with investment strategies don't always reflect reality.