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    Tim Geithner spills the beans on how he navigated the financial crisis

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner spills the beans on how he navigated the financial crisis.

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    A portfolio strategy that goes all in for alts to dial down market risk

    Altegris founder launches new model likely to draw naysayers (who will be singing a different tune when the market corrects)

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    Exclusive: Jeffrey Gundlach warns advisers on 'unconstrained' bond funds

    DoubleLine Capital founder warns advisers that unconstrained managers are taking too much risk.

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    George Soros pitches a currency move to prevent a third world war

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The billionaire investor is calling on the United States to allow China's currency to join the International Monetary Fund's basket of currencies.

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    Gold bulls celebrate the strongest run since January

    Breakfast with Benjamin Gold enjoys its best performance since January as the dollar's run takes a breather.

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    Your clients might need some hand-holding for that first rate hike

    Breakfast with Benjamin There's no harm in helping investors better understand what it means for them when the Fed starts to tighten interest rates.

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    Dynasty hires Scott D. Welch to be chief investment officer

    Service provide plans to expand investment opportunities for its network of advisory firms

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    Alan Greenspan warns of another taper tantrum when the Fed lifts interest rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin What's going to happen to the markets when the Fed pulls the interest rate hike trigger? Alan Greenspan has an idea, and it's not pretty.

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    Global bond market selloff is now described as 'violent'

    Plus: Currency traders become the new yield producers, building a global portfolio, and what Yogi Berra might say about today's financial markets

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    Mountains of corporate cash drive stock buyback plans to a record high

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Stock buybacks hit an all-time high in April as companies continue to view repurchase plans as the best use of cash stockpiles.

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    Advisers, investors reopen rate hike debate, send stocks higher after so-so jobs report

    Strong market rally and mixed jobs report adds fresh fuel to the debate over when the Fed might institute the first rate hike since 2006. (See also: Schiff: Forget rate hike, look for QE4)

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    4 ways to keep clients' portfolios from getting taxed to death

    Your clients will appreciate it if you help them avoid the 43.4% tax bracket

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    Fed Chief Janet Yellen warns on stock valuations

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The chairwoman of the Federal Reserve called equity valuations 'quite high,' bond yields low and said the combination raises 'potential dangers.' Her comments roiled markets.

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    Bill Gross says 35-year bull market in stocks and bonds coming to an end

    Janus money manager says attempt by global central banks to cure a debt crisis with more debt doesn't have much further to run.

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    Jeffrey Gundlach places big bet on Puerto Rico

    DoubleLine Capital chief more than doubles holdings in island's junk-rated debt.