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    Keys to building, or re-building, your bond portfolios

    With talk of interest rates starting to rise, investors may be nervous about investing in fixed income markets. Here's how to help your clients keep things in perspective.

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    Smart money moving to the sidelines as earnings signal flashes red

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Earnings signal flashing red, sending some investors to the sidelines, Gross sets a timeline, Bernanke wants the president to have more power, ETF investors hedge currencies and chase corporate bonds, and the first-year numbers behind Colorado's legal weed.

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    Back to the future: The Japanification of Europe?

    With Japanification — deflation, debt crises, demographic pressures and decades lost in economic stagnation — in evidence in the bond markets, it's reasonable for investors to question whether Europe is following the path Japan took.

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    Japanese stock funds reflecting long-awaited economic turnaround

    As an investment destination, Japan has had such a tarnished reputation for so many years it might not be the first place investors think about when considering international diversification, but the performance numbers are beginning to look pretty solid.And China's second interest rate cut in

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    Investors pile into bond ETFs ... at the wrong time

    Investors bought exchange-traded bond funds in February at the fastest pace in four months, just in time for the biggest market selloff since 2013.U.S.-listed bond funds grew by $13.7 billion, the most since October, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Blame oil for the reversal of fortune

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    When is a good time to convert to a Roth IRA?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: When it's OK to convert to a Roth IRA. Plus: Two emerge as Buffett successors; recognizing seasoned financial veterans, and Asian stocks get a boost from Chinese bankers.

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    Why an offense-only strategy won't succeed

    Risk management is as important to long-term financial planning as the growth of investments

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    Socially conscious funds ranked by one-year total return

    Values-based investing won new attention this quarter when BlackRock Inc. announced plans to launch BlackRock Impact, a unit catering to investors' social, environmental or religious goals. But the largest money manager is just one of many companies offering funds based on more than performance.

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    Green bonds climb as investors try to match their environmental goals

    Issuance of green bonds hit $36.6 billion last year, more than six times the $6 billion issued in 2012

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    Advisers slow to embrace socially responsible investments sought by clients

    Despite being increasingly in-demand from clients like Bryan Wilson (pictured), advisers have been slow to embrace socially responsible investments. (Plus: Our full Impact Investing special report)

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    Obama's proposed budget lets unemployed workers drain their retirement savings

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The president's 2016 budget lets workers tap into their 401(k)s penalty-free once unemployment runs out.

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    In rare move, Vanguard beefs up international exposure in target date funds

    Fund giant also plans to launch lower-cost institutional series to expand its market reach.

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    Bill Gross a victim of the plunge in oil prices

    Manager's $1.46 billion fund at Janus hit by investments in debt issued by U.S., Russian and Brazilian energy companies.

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    The bond market and the Fed are suddenly marching in lockstep

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bond market and the Fed are suddenly marching in lockstep, with inflation clarity coming soon.

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    Yellen and the Fed not swaying advisers

    Uncertainty about when the central bank will begin to raise interest rates has advisers sticking to their fixed-income guns.