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    Investing in women a worthy strategy

    How financial advisers can put this strategy into practice and begin to invest with a gender lens

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    Blending Mars, Venus can energize a fund

    Appears that mixed-gender portfolio management teams tend to generate better performance

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    How investors get yield wrong and how dangerous that can be

    Three principles that can help advisers manage yield responsibly for clients.

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    December looking more likely for Fed rate hike

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Ground Control to Major Yellen. Commencing countdown, engines on. The Fed's October meeting minutes stress a potential December liftoff for rates.

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    How ETFs can help mitigate the impact of market bubbles

    Emphasizing defense and true diversification in ETF choices can provide protection.

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    Pimco loses another crown, this one for emerging markets bonds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The money manager has lost the emerging-markets bond crown when ill-timed bets drove investors out the door to the tune of 62%.

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    Financial markets brace for fallout from the Paris terror attacks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The financial markets are likely to be swept up in the immediate unrest following Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

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    Bond ETFs can help clients navigate rising rates

    Three ways advisers can utilize bond ETFs to ride out whatever waves the Fed's long-deferred action might kick up.

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    Beyond Fed's (all but certain) rate hike

    Markets are expected to experience some immediate, but short-term, volatility if the Federal Reserve decides to raise interest rates in December.

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    Want high-yield exposure? Forget ETFs

    If you have a short-term view on high yield, an exchange-traded fund might be right for you. But if you want long-term exposure, ETFs are a terrible choice.

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    The apolitical Fed is becoming a political target

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Even though it's designed and expected to be apolitical, the Federal Reserve is becoming a popular target of political attacks.

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    December rate increase would be rough on stocks and bonds, Gundlach says

    Hike could potentially drive up the value of the dollar to the point where it weakens the economy, fund manager says.

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    Investors, bond market warm to December rate increase

    Comments from Fed chair Janet Yellen and solid October jobs report has futures traders betting on sooner rather than later hike.

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    Jobs report has the bond market on edge

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The specific things to watch for in today's jobs report that could influence the Fed's decision on interest rates.

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    Ex-Ameriprise adviser gets 7 years in the slammer for bilking clients

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Susan Elizabeth Walker was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for taking over $1 million from clients' accounts.