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    Bill Gross says 35-year bull market in stocks and bonds coming to an end

    Janus money manager says attempt by global central banks to cure a debt crisis with more debt doesn't have much further to run.

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    Jeffrey Gundlach places big bet on Puerto Rico

    DoubleLine Capital chief more than doubles holdings in island's junk-rated debt.

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    The housing market steps up to provide a needed economic boost

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The solid housing market stands in contrast to the dismal first quarter GDP numbers.

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    Lessons to learn from the last Nasdaq bubble

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Nasdaq is back to 2000 levels, but everything else is different.

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    Retail brokers are shut out of the SEC's market reform efforts

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Retail brokerages are shut out of the SEC's advisory committee for market reforms to protect retail investors.

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    BlackRock alternative credit fund hopes to play rising rates to its advantage

    Hedging out rate risk puts the focus on credit opportunities ... and manager sees plenty of them ahead.

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    Citi Private Bank adjusts equity allocations with eye toward end of the bull market

    Global CIO Wieting says 'significant market drop' likely by the end of the decade.

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    Bond investors not ready for a rate hike in September: Pimco

    Manager of the world's biggest bond fund says 70-75% chance of fall increase vs. market's 30-35% probability.

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    Go-anywhere bond funds not for the faint of heart

    Managers' ability to seek returns in multiple markets sounds great but comes with risks

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    Bill Gross says he will short the German bund, eventually

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bill Gross calls out the 10-year German bund, but you'll want to wait more than a year for the end of Europe's easing.

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    Bracing for the Greek exit

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Now might be a good time to start bracing for a Greek default, as the probability has never been as high.

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    Don't let duration blind your analyses of bonds

    Applying the same set of tools for all fixed-income options will lead to confusion, bad investments and disappointment.

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    Bond ETFs' resiliency surprises many investors

    Despite curveballs from central banks catching the greater bond market off guard, bond ETFs enjoyed a positive Q1

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    With one quarter down, Bob Doll still likes his 2015 outlook

    In a first-quarter checkup on his 2015 economic predictions, Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management, is giving himself a passing grade, while betting on a lot of help from consumers to carry through the rest of the year.“It's my contention that this is the least believed bull

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    The riddle and the dilemma of global bonds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bond bulls continue to shrug off logic, claiming it's different this time, even despite negative yields.