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    Vanguard's John Bogle beats the low-fee drum, takes a fresh swipe at active management

    On Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: John Bogle says retirement plans will suffer under active management fees. Plus: Cheap oil's fallout hits gold prices, media hype overstates the Fed's taper tap-out, and more.

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    Federal Reserve to end bond buying but keep interest rates low

    Policy makers say labor market has improved while inflation likely to remain subdued over the near term.

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    Americans feeling squeezed in saving for retirement

    BlackRock poll show most find it hard to pay bills and put money aside for retirement; Social Security considered key source of income.

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    BlackRock, Loomis Sayles replace Pimco at $6B Prudential fund

    Move comes on heels of record withdrawals from Pimco Total Return after Gross exit

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    Decision day: What Fed policy makers will have to say

    Breakfast with Benjamin: What will Janet Yellen and the other Fed policy makers say, and how will investors react? Plus: Why focus on the Fed at all? And traps to avoid on the way to success, Facebook earnings, private equity risks and Game 7

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    Investors push rate-hike forecast out to late 2015

    Recent global economic and political turmoil leads to doubt about forecasts from Federal Reserve officials — and most Wall Street economists — that the Fed will begin to lift its benchmark interest rates in mid-2015.

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    ETF investors bail on the financial sector

    Breakfast with Benjamin:Finance-focused ETFs suffer huge outflows. What gives? Plus: Prudential Financial's spooky reinsurance bet, investing in obesity, private lawyers give corporate inversions a leg up, and location matters less when the house you're selling is haunted.

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    BlackRock cuts fees, expenses on three bond funds as battle for Pimco assets heats up

    Money manager instituted or lowered voluntary caps on share classes of its Low Duration, Core Bond and Total Return funds.

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    Pension funds to put more in long bonds, Fidelity says

    Money manager scaling back investments in Asia in favor of Europe and the U.S.

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    Fed flirts with leaving taper on the table

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The end of QE? Not so fast. Plus: Gold gets the cold shoulder, most European banks pass stress tests, and why you shouldn't get too excited about stock buyback plans.

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    Blame 'loss aversion' for bond dip

    50-basis-point intraday swing Oct. 15 caused by investors betting on rising rates - and bailing out

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    Regulators quiz money managers about liquidity as market volatility spikes

    BlackRock's Laurence Fink just one CEO asked about what's going on in financial markets lately.

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    The Fed's QE sleight of hand: Please ignore that $4.5T balance sheet

    Breakfast with Benjamin - The Federal Reserve's QE sleight of hand, cheap oil's winners and losers, Schwab bringing advisers premium Morningstar access, and more.

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    Advisers played a role in market sell-off as they turned to risk-averse ETFs

    Pattern of investors moving out of stocks could be set for balance of the year and into 2015.

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    Holiday spending can't come soon enough for the economy, markets

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Investors banking on holiday spending. Plus: Less-secure Social Security, when gold and platinum run in stride, Facebook is now bigger than IBM, and the tired saga on endless office meetings.