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    Consumers left in the loan lurch as big banks still hold off

    Friday's menu: Consumers still left in the loan lurch. Plus: Which manager just jumped into the liquid alts pool? Some stocks for a rising-rate cycle; commodities are hot again; European banks ride the wave; and Merrill trims its housing outlook.

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    After big TIAA-CREF-Nuveen deal, boomlet predicted in fund manager mergers

    With two money manager acquisitions in the bank this week, industry watchers see more on the way. Which firms are top targets?

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    Small fund nimble enough to navigate the edges of fixed income

    Leader Total Return Fund manager goes off the beaten path to make nimble bets on market and rate patterns.

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    Fixed-income ETFs ranked by inflows and outflows

    $146.9 0.40% As of March 31. Excludes leveraged and inverse funds, and exchange-traded notes. *Most recently reported net prospectus expense ratio. Source: Lipper, a Thomspon Reuters company

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    Equity ETFs ranked by inflows and outflows

    $2,330.1 0.67% As of March 31. Excludes leveraged and inverse funds, and exchange-traded notes. *Most recently reported net prospectus expense ratio. Source: Lipper, a Thomson Reuters company

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    Ranking the lowest-cost ETFs

    Expense ratio*Net assets ($M)YTD return1-year return3-year retun5-year returnLarge CapSchwab U.S. Large-Cap ETF (SCHX)0.04%$2,492.81.07%20.90%14.70%N/ASchwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETF (SCHG)0.07%$1,225.11.09%23.91%14.70%N/AiShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETF ...

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    The top exchange-traded funds

    FundNet assets ($M)YTD return1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Portfolio (PJP)$1,189.43.75%41.25%34.21%32.73%0.63%iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF (IBB)$5,821.81.14%43.47%33.74%28.17%0.48%SPDR S&P Biotech ETF ...

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    Stocks search for direction on a data-rich day

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Which way for stocks on big data day? Plus: The downside of low rates; GM gets some love; Earth Day and earthy companies; the surging price of shrimp makes cheap food, well, less so; and reflection and hope in Boston.

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    Worried about stocks? High-yield bonds have room to run

    Take Five with BlackRock's James Keenan, who says risks to the asset class include central bank policy.

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    Finra gets arbitration process back on track in Puerto Rico

    After several months of deliberations, Finra has expanded its pool of arbitrators and is ready to move forward with the hundreds of complaints related to collapses in Puerto Rico bond funds. That doesn't necessarily mean smooth sailing.

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    Investors warming up to equities a little late in the game

    After watching the stock market climb from peak to peak last year, investors are finally starting to warm up to equities. More than 85% of investors are feeling optimistic about the investment landscape, and 74% think stocks have the greatest potential of any major asset class, according to a

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    Coming off yesterday's big bounce, futures do not look bright for today

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Backing off the big bounce. Plus: Bill Gross confesses, Bank of America pays for cheesy marketing tactics, investing in wind energy and an urgent reminder to change those passwords

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    Weitz Investments calls 2014's market tough for active managers

    Weitz Investments calls the stock market tough for active managers and with equities trading at 85% to 90% of fair value, the money manager has socked cash away to take advantage of volatility.

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    Ally Financial IPO is banking on short investor memories

    Breakfast with Benjamin: One IPO hoping investors have a short memory. Plus: Bracing for weaker earnings, here comes Fed meeting minutes, bond market opportunities, shoving investors toward behavioral finance and refusing LinkedIn requests.

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    Does the market decline signal a pullback?

    Nuveen's Robert Doll analyzes the market's pullback, says the next few days are critical and provides his longer-term perspective.

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