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    4 ways cash drags down investors' portfolios

    Betterment's director of behavioral finance and investing says cash isn't a good investment for anything other than the very short term.

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    The benefits of long/short credit exposure in today's market

    Adopting a long/short approach before interest rates rise could be a good defense for investors

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    Do-it-yourself bond traders are changing Wall Street

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Do-it-yourself bond traders have become much more than just a nagging headache for Wall Street's big boys.

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    Calamos Investments' new closed-end fund tries to limit discount to NAV issue

    Calamos Investments has broken the ice with the year's first closed-end fund initial public offering that includes a few tweaks designed to increase appeal among investors and financial advisers.The Calamos Dynamic Convertible and Income Fund (CCD) raised $555 million on Friday by promoting a

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    In contrast to wages, real estate prices are hitting the roof

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Real estate prices climbing sharply and investors are taking the blame. Plus: Fed preps for the unfamiliar waters of a rate hike, biotech looks to be correcting, and which rock star investor are you?

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    Investing for retirement just got a lot more complicated

    Ultralow interest rates and longer lifespans means tried-and-true rule for savers goes out the window.

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    What advisers need to know about bond fund duration ahead of an interest rate increase

    The risk-management tool is a Catch-22 for fixed income investors who need to think big picture.

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    Can the REIT run weather a rate hike?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Will higher interest rates crush the real estate market, or is it supposed to be different this time?

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    The surging dollar could crush unhedged global mutual funds

    Simple ways to remove the currency risk are available but advisers need to find — and understand — them.

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    One-and-done: Does the Fed follow college basketball?

    The question shouldn't be when will the central bank raise rates, it should be whether it's beginning a long march to higher rates

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    The looming threat of an increasingly powerful dollar

    Breakfast with Benjamin: It's important to understand the scary downside of an extremely strong U.S. dollar.

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    Investors dump bond ETFs as interest rate hikes loom

    $6.1 billion yanked through the middle of March; withdrawals on pace to top the record $8.6 billion pulled in June '13 after taper tantrum

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    Foreign mutual funds look like a good way to dodge some U.S. market risk

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Foreign mutual funds might be a good hiding spot for investors as U.S. stocks peak in cost.

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    Goldman Sachs' BDC launch signals high-yield investments on the rise

    Financial advisers would be wise to bone up on the asset class because they'll be getting sales pitches.

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    Oil-price slide is starting to get scary

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Talk of an oil comeback is fading fast. Plus: Some good news for gold investors, bankers head for greener pastures, and a St. Patty's Day spelling bee