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    Morgan Stanley bets big on stocks

    Breakfast with Benjamin covers Morgan Stanley getting ultra-bullish on stocks, Detroit's big bankruptcy trial kicking off, and how to tread lightly into the MLP space.

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    Floating-rate funds: How much risk?

    In today's low-yield environment, investors have good reason to be concerned about the impact rising rates could have on their fixed-income portfolios. However, it is important for investors to understand there are strategies that might help reduce interest rate risk within their portfolios. One ...

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    Fed tightening should not disrupt stock market

    If you can withstand early bumps, growing economy will justify stock market gains.

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    Ignore the bond bubble at your own risk

    Breakfast wtih Benjamin: The case for reducing fixed income exposure gets more vivid, markets react to Pres. Obama's 'no strategy' remarks regarding ISIS, another perspective on income inequality, and more.

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    Schorsch REIT board member recommends 30% alts exposure for retirees

    Bob Froehlich says the industry needs to catch up with the pressing demands of a yield-starved world.

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    Central bankers are pushing the whole world into stocks

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Low rates around the world is pushing everyone into stocks. Plus: Where to work if you want a big fat 401(k); the German bund flirts with a negative yield; Australia becomes the new junk-bond haven; and how not to be a horrible boss.

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    This adviser loves stocks, hates bonds

    It's one thing to talk about how others should be investing, quite another to lay it on the line and actually show how you're managing your own portfolio. With that in mind, InvestmentNews is kicking off a new feature called My Portfolio, which takes a close look at how financial advisers allocate

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    Impact investing soars with $12 million green bond sale by Merrill Lynch

    Last week's purchases illustrate the growth over the last few years in investment options tied to social improvements.

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    Warren Buffett's tax fairness doublespeak

    In today's Breakfast with Benjamin, Warren Buffett's fails to put his money where his mouth is, Canada finds a sensible way to stop corporate inversions, the Fed pushes rate-hike rumors out to the end of next year, and more.

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    Are you prepared for the next bear market?

    The bull hasn't finished running but the time is now for investors to get their minds around its impending end.

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    The Fed should raise rates, but it won't

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Fed should raise rates but... Plus: Financial advisers turn to options investing; the French government calls it quits; the SEC goes after asset-backed bonds; another Obamacare surprise; and what is really the most important meal of the day

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    Vanguard, Eaton Vance chart diverging paths on interest rate risk

    With rates set to rise, industry is at odds over risks faced by investors in the bond market

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    Greenback rallies ahead of the Fed minutes

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The dollar rallies ahead of Fed news. Plus: Stocks historically love the Fed's Jackson Hole meeting; Argentina's latest gambit; insurance companies create new asset management opportunities; and regretting not buying Google at the IPO.

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    Treasuries sneak quietly into favor

    Despite hunger for risk with stock rally, appetite also strong for world's safest asset.

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    Fidelity turns its nose up at unconstrained bond funds

    Many advisers like the funds' flexibility when interest rates rise, but a Fidelity manager isn't impressed.