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    6 market developments to watch for in 2015

    Legg Mason's seven asset management affiliates offer differing views on global investment opportunities ahead.

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    Investors still avoiding high-yield bonds despite new flood of cash from central banks

    Hedge fund manager Dalio says deflationary circumstances is encouraging people to keep cash under their mattresses.

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    The next thing to worry about: Investor overconfidence

    In Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin, the downside of a multi-year bull market in stocks: Investors get overconfident. Plus: If oil drops to $30 look out below, not all hedge fund workers are rich, and what the IRS is looking for now.

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    Gross eats his own cooking at Janus, putting more than $700M in his fund

    The former Bond King invested more than $700 million of his own money in his unconstrained bond fund, according to Janus Capital Group CEO Dick Weil. The news sparked a rally in Janus shares.

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    Will European easing sideline a Fed rate hike?

    Advisers and experts say 'the Fed really is hamstrung' by European Central Bankers' planned $50-billion-per-month quantitative easing program, meaning they can't raise or lower interest rates in this environment.

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    Gold shines amid growing economic stress in Europe

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin includes gold hitting its highest level since September. Plus: Obama wants to tak 529 plans to fund free community college, emerging-market-debt managers emerge from the wreckage of 2014, and it's time to change some passwords.

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    Bond investors pessimistic as U.S. economic growth improves

    Lack of wage growth stoking fears of disinflation while Fed prepares to lift interest rates

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    Global markets fixate on China's currency play

    In today's Breakfast with Benjamin, markets wonder if the Chinese yuan is the next shoe to drop. Plus: Notes on the default risk rising in China's dollar-denominated debt, President Obama's latest tax grab, and rolling 401(k) assets into a pension plan.

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    Five surprise investment themes for 2015

    From a big year for European equities to precious metals and bonds, here are some ideas of where value may lie in 2015.

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    Dimensional Fund Advisors picks advisers, not stocks, and it works

    With its data-driven models, the company, which puts advisers through a rigorous process before allowing them to use its funds, attracted the third-most money in 2014, behind only Vanguard and JPMorgan. Here's how.

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    State of the Union spoiler alert: Obama plans to go after rich people

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Tax hikes for the rich? Plus: European central bankers load up for their own quantitative easing, Russia is fading fast, and Switzerland has another trick up its sleeve.

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    Bond ETFs defied pundits in the fourth quarter

    Although it took until October for the Fed to wind down its bond buying, markets had a radically different reaction than had been forecast: Bonds rose in value.

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    Monitoring investments doesn't end

    Supreme Court is reviewing a decision on the responsibility of plans to continually watch costs

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    Europe and Asia may be a mess, but long-term investors can find opportunities there

    Valuations and fundamentals make the case for a contrarian international move

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    Falling oil prices are now officially costing jobs

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin covers oilfield job cuts coming hard and fast now that the oil boom is sinking. Plus: Ohio-based financial adviser charged in Ponzi scheme, movie industry hopes the Oscar nominees can drive ticket sales, and the time might be perfect to start buying stocks.