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    Growing minorities offer opportunities for advisers

    Research on the financial attitudes of wealthy investors suggests advisers may have significant marketing opportunities among various racial groups. Today, about 17% of the U.S. population is Hispanic, 13% is African-American and 5% is Asian, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By 2060, those

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    Employer objections stand in way of 401(k) plan success

    Advisers can adopt strategies to counteract arguments against trying to maximize contributions

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    Do you have what it takes to be a CEO?

    Take our quiz to see if your workplace habits line up with today's business leaders.

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    Don't be left behind by robo revolution

    Entrance of big players like Schwab will accelerate changes in the way financial advice is delivered to consumers

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    When technology doesn't make sense

    Remember that sometimes the human element – understanding our clients, their goals and their motivations – is often more important than detailed computations.

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    Helping clients deal with financial infidelity

    Not surprisingly, financial infidelity can destroy relationships, but advisers in some cases can help clients work through the problem. In other cases, however, more than just a financial professional is needed. Financial infidelity, when one partner keeps purchases or bank and credit card accounts

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    4 ways to strengthen relationships with affluent women investors

    The advice industry has made great progress but there are always opportunities for improvement. It's about dialogue, ongoing conversation and listening.

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    Bigger & Better

    Advisers with assets over $1 billion are outperforming their peers. Does your firm have what it takes to be a billion dollar baby?

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    Help is on the way

    Today, advisers have more options and services than ever to facilitate a sale

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    The big succession planning questions RIAs need to answer immediately

    Determine the fate and future of your business before the regulators force you to

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    Intra-family loans: Not your ordinary wealth transfer strategy

    Loans can be a great idea for parents who want to give their children a boost for buying a home or starting a business and who have the assets — just watch how you structure these deals. Formal agreements known as intra-family loans are seeing a resurgence amid low interest rates these days. The

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    Avoiding the fate of Kodak while learning the lessons of Apple's game changer and Uber's meteoric growth

    How to recognize what your client wants and why your business depends on it.

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    4 lessons advisers can learn from Apple's marketing prowess

    Yesterday Apple launched and updated its products, including the much-anticipated Apple Watch. People will no doubt stand in line for hours and pay through the nose to get the coveted new gadget. Apple certainly whips up excitement and anticipation over their new products with a top-notch marketing

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    Goodbye wealth management, hello financial life management

    For professionals working with clients on life and investment choices, it's time for a new category to capture what they do.

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    Pay models evolve beyond 1% of AUM

    The fee-only advice industry that emerged as brokers deserted a commission-reliant business model is now evolving, with advisers working out the best way to get compensated for their services.