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    A call to arms for advisers to champion the fiduciary standard

    Long-time fee-only advisers fear loss of a competitive edge as brokers blur the lines in the advice industry.

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    Focusing on female clients means helping with their lives, not just money

    Advisers give tips on what successful women want in a financial professional.

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    Are online investors actually panicking at the sight of market volatility?

    Covestor sees investors tinkering around the edges of their allocations, but not much actual fear

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    Where advisers can find help with social media

    You don't have to go too far to get the assistance you need to leverage today's tech tools

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    Practice your play-calling for the next market correction

    Proactive service during turbulent markets can help strengthen existing client relationships – and help forge new ones.

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    Three ways top-performing firms stand out

    Research reveals which factors shape an owner's success and impact development.

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    Running an advisory practice in the age of the robo-adviser

    Using online platforms to outsource compliance and back office responsibilities can help advisers focus their time.

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    Top advisers stand out on metrics of growth and productivity

    From more than 300 financial advisory firms, a dozen were chosen to receive Best Practices awards from InvestmentNews for being among the fastest-growing, most productive and profitable businesses in the industry. The firms were named top performers based on financial parameters that illustrate

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    Betterment launches robo-adviser for advisers

    Betterment founder and CEO Jon Stein says Betterment Institutional lets advisers get in on the “robo-adviser” game by allowing them to outsource portfolio re-balancing, daily tax-loss harvesting and more.

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    Handful of advisers control the majority of client assets

    IAA study shows that the top 1% of firms manage more than half of all assets.

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    Digital investment platforms go online to calm skittish investors

    Wealthfront and Betterment take to Twitter and the blogosphere as stock market volatility rises.

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    Protecting client information is more than just a computer issue

    Taking every precaution to guard against today's threats means focusing on both physical and electronic security.

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    How to nail your team's next presentation

    Here's how to avoid letting interpersonal dynamics alienate colleagues and clients.

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    BloombergBlack honcho John Michel comes full circle with new gig

    Former BloombergBlack honcho John Michel picks up where his last gig left off, and picks up Lebenthal Wealth as a client.

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    Supreme Court's gay marriage decision has advisers scrambling

    Advisers across the country are scrambling to figure out how the Supreme Court decision that essentially lifted a ban on gay marriages in five states will impact same-sex couples not just in those states but in others likely to be affected.