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    Michael Kitces' weekend reading for financial advisers

    FutureAdvisor deal ups fee pressure on fellow robos, understanding ETF flash crashes, and the rest of this week's must-reads

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    Hurricane Katrina: 7 lessons advisers can learn from the Coast Guard's response

    Following the principles that guided the Coast Guard's successful efforts can increase client trust and loyalty

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    Predicting how robo-advisers will evolve based on the history of TAMPs

    Robos will be impacted by market dips, and a select few will rise from the ashes

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    Are PR firms worth the cost?

    Price tags for services vary, and advisers should weigh those against the larger marketing budget.

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    Five tips to add fee-based advisory work

    For commission-based advisers considering the addition of fee-based advisory services, it's important to prepare for the many activities that such a move entails. It doesn't happen overnight, nor with the flip of a switch.

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    The importance of getting clients comfortable with talking about their money

    As long as clients feel uncomfortable talking about money, advisers will have a hard time helping them learn how to make better decisions

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    Advisers take heed, more of your clients are managing accounts on the side

    As clients get more affluent, educated and confident about their financial know-how, more financial advisers are discovering separate brokerage accounts in which clients are managing portfolios on the side.The trend, which has been building over the past several years, is redefining the traditional

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    Three ways to get more out of your CRM

    Leveraging these tips, you can extract more value from this important piece of software.

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    Use exit interviews to ensure employees are happier than Amazonians

    Ask departing employees certain questions to uncover bad morale or other issues

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    Get ahead of the worsening news on the IRS data breach

    An email to clients is warranted as the number of citizens exposed in the tax hack triples.

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    Serving the super-wealthy requires extra-special service

    Our latest in the 'Adviser's Consultant' series features tips from Constellation Wealth Advisors CEO Paul Tramontano.

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    5 tips to boost advisers' productivity

    The farther an adviser gets away from client-related activity, the greater the potential drag on efficiency.

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    Michael Kitces' weekend reading for financial advisers

    A wrap-up of the Labor Department's fiduciary hearings, analyzing how much income retirees really need, and the rest of the week's must-reads for advisers.

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    6 critical financial planning questions all advisers should be able to answer

    To remain competitive, advisers should be comfortable and well-versed with these six big topics

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    Double whammy: Potential lack of COLA could mean higher Medicare premiums

    If there's no Social Security cost-of-living adjustment, advisers will need to plan for significantly higher health costs for some clients.