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    Portfolio rebalancing breakdown

    Portfolio rebalancing software can save advisers hours and hours of work. Instead of manually rebalancing each client's portfolio one by one, advisers can change a batch of accounts, view assets and review recommendations.

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    Advisers: Speak up and share what you know and what you do

    You're doing amazing work, but you're so busy doing the work that you don't always have time to let anyone know what you're doing

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    Fidelity offers service to combat elder financial abuse

    The firm's clearing and custody division is partnering with EverSafe to help advisers protect senior clients from fraud.

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    Four questions hybrid advisers should ask their asset management platform

    As seismic shifts continue to roil the TAMP world, now is a good time to reevaluate and make sure you're getting all you can or should.

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    RIA firms have room for more women

    Women who have left Wall Street to launch their own independent registered investment advisory firms offer similar reasons that men give for making the move. Like men, they desire more control over their businesses; they are far more comfortable working for clients as a fiduciary and earning a fee

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    Sheryl Garrett on the importance of making impartial financial advice accessible to all

    How she created a successful hourly financial planning firm for the average person despite early mistakes

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    Adviser's Consultant: A successor's take on a winning transition

    Eric Hehman of Austin Asset offers tips for how to make this challenging period work.

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    Time to overcome your fear of video

    When in-office meetings are not practical, the need for personalized communication is heightened, and face-to-face communication can make the difference between keeping or losing a client.

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    Client communications: Outreach on Paris attacks?

    When horrific news breaks around the world, such as the Paris terrorist attacks on Friday that killed at least 129 people, advisers need to quickly weigh whether to reach out to clients about the possible impact of such events. Advisers in general have become much more communicative with clients

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    Deploying technology for financial firms

    Alexey Sokolin sees possible applications for cryptocurrencies, image recognition in adviser space

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    Planning for the millennial market disruption

    Smart advisers will seize the opportunity to cut ties with routine, cater to a new audience and build younger, more sustainable books of business.

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    Military veterans turn to financial planning as a way to give back

    Veterans bestow on others the financial lessons they've received during their time in the military.

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    Is it possible to add clients, earn more and work less?

    Even for small 'lifestyle practices,' technology can help make a firm more efficient and successful.

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    How automation and integration can turn advisory firms into well-oiled machines

    Advisers that resist embracing a truly integrated technology platform are missing out

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    Forget boomers and millennials, Gen Xers need advisers' help the most

    Even though they're in their peak earning years, GenXers have the poorest financial habits.