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    Increase your conference attendee ROI with one incredibly simple trick

    It's decidedly old school but it works if you want to get the most bang for your conference buck

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    Help clients create contingency plans in case of divorce

    In wife-husband businesses, death isn't the only unexpected event requiring advanced planning.

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    The right time to increase your firm's investment in staff and pay

    When people account for 70% of expenses, you can't afford to make compensation and staffing mistakes.

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    How to build better relationships with custodians, B-Ds and tech vendors

    One key is to keep the lines of communication open and have a two-way channel for feedback.

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    Tony Robbins' 4 pieces of advice for financial advisers

    What the famous author and speaker would tell a room full of advisers, plus more insight on his RIA push.

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    Hidden tax benefits of continuing care retirement communities

    Advisers planning for the long-term-care needs of clients should seriously consider the potential tax savings that come with these communities.

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    Getting your firm's employees to perform is about more than just compensation

    Advisory firms that outline clear objectives with measurable gains regarding staff performance and productivity tend to grow faster.

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    Are your clients as wealthy as they are rich?

    What is the difference between being wealthy and rich? It's one of the biggest questions our industry has wrestled with for many years. That's why I was quite excited to read “The Thin Green Line,” Paul Sullivan's new book. Paul writes the “Wealth Matters” column at The New York Times, and I enjoy

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    Are low-cost subscription pay models even viable?

    Northwestern Mutual's impending acquisition of LearnVest, an online advice platform that also provides one-on-one financial counseling through advisers, raises doubts about the long-term viability of using low-cost, subscription-based pay models to serve middle-class investors, experts

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    Liquidity restrictions haunt money-market funds

    As investors hunt for yield and security, money-market fund managers detail their changes.

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    Focus Financial invests in $600 million wealth manager

    Focus Financial Partners, the deep-pocketed investor in financial-advisory businesses, said Monday it has taken a stake in a 45-year-old firm managing $600 million in assets.Under Focus' umbrella, the Savannah, Ga.-based Fiduciary Group plans to add to its ranks of financial advisers and extend its

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    Adviser explains his process for creating a successful niche practice

    Latest in our 'Adviser's Consultant' series, featuring practice management strategies that work.

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    Advisory fees show signs of a rebound

    Fee-based pricing is on the upswing after falling for several years, leading industry analysts to wonder whether fees have finally hit bottom and if the upward trend will continue.

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    4 ways to help clients keep perspective when markets are volatile

    Using lessons from behavioral finance can help advisers soothe clients' emotions during challenging times.

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    Get clients on board with a merger or acquisition

    Rebranding to accentuate the benefits of the new firm can allay client fears.