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    Advisers' clients want even more of the human touch

    Survey shows that only half of clients feel they're getting your full attention.

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    What extreme longevity will mean for the advice industry

    Clients potentially living deeper into their 100s has planning implications advisers would be wise to start thinking about now.

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    How gamification can help get clients to plan for retirement

    People are more apt to change their behaviors when they are engaged in fun, achievement-oriented tasks with established rewards.

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    How to talk to clients who have just been widowed

    70% of widows leave their advisers after their spouse dies, so here's advice to maintain these relationships

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    Dynasty hires Scott D. Welch to be chief investment officer

    Service provide plans to expand investment opportunities for its network of advisory firms

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    Adviser shares secrets for running a successful business

    A values-driven culture, written business plans and the room to make mistakes are important factors in an advisory business' success, said one founder of a thriving firm. Advisers should figure out which goals are meaningful to them, and not let others' ideas about success take precedence, said

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    Prepare your practice for the post-robo world

    As robo-based services become more acceptable to clients of all ages, advisers will have to work differently.

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    Better discovery process key to signing up more clients

    Halbert Hargrove taps the medical profession's expertise in drawing out important client information.

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    Adviser explains how firms improve business with study groups

    Latest in our 'Adviser's Consultant' series, featuring practice management strategies that work.

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    7 signs an adviser measures up to a professional standard of care

    Defining the profession's standard of care, and making sure advisers meet it, is in everyone's best interests and doesn't require action by regulators

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    Keep clients for the long haul by bolstering risk assessment procedures

    Firms without adequate client risk assessment systems will have a hard time keeping business when the market goes south

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    Secrets to growth: The difference between a racehorse and a pack mule

    Why some advisory firms are stuck and will likely remain stuck while others will likely burst to new levels.

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    Baltimore violence pushes financial professionals to remote locations

    Fires are out but firms including T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason are keeping employees far from the fray.

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    Multiple-employer plans provide growth for retirement plan advisers, if they can handle it

    Plan advisers need to make sure they can properly service MEPs and are not just dazzled by the idea of adding dozens of new clients.

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    Ohio adviser looks to snap up business from retiring colleagues

    Joseph Heider isn't just expecting wealth advisers to retire in coming years. He's banking on it. Mr. Heider in January founded Cirrus Wealth Management in Independence, Ohio, after demerging his Dawson Wealth Management firm from Rehmann, a Michigan-based financial services company. At age 60, Mr.