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    Systematizing these processes will help your firm grow

    Financial advisers are finding that systematizing certain processes and procedures creates efficiencies that can boost profitability and help their firms grow.Advisers who create detailed steps and systems that are followed by everyone at the firm for certain tasks, such as signing up a new client

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    5 ways to improve your tech evaluation process

    Selecting the right technology means identifying efficiency creators and picking the necessary over the unnecessary.

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    Merrill Lynch team with $592M in assets moves to LPL

    A team of six Merrill Lynch Wealth Management financial advisers, now known as IHT Wealth Management, has joined LPL's broker-dealer and hybrid RIA platform in downtown Chicago. The six advisers — Steven Dudash, Alex Papadopoulos, Orlando Ochoa, Ryan Wittig, Peter Arboleda and Scott Staley —

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    Wearable devices edge into the adviser space

    Online adviser Personal Capital announces an app for smartwatches, and the advice industry ponders the future of wearable technology in client service.

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    8 ways to reach the next level of client segmentation

    brightcove.createExperiences(); Most coaching and consulting companies will tell you that one of the first things you need to do is look at who your clients are from an AUM/GDC perspective. Then you need to segment them: platinum, diamond, gold, A, A plus, B, C, D, or whatever they have trademarked

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    You are about to lose a client when …

    If advisers can recognize the signs that clients are unhappy and ready to bolt, they can take steps to try and salvage the relatonship

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    The reasons why human and robo-advisers will soon converge

    Robo-advisers and real advisers each have what the other wants.Robo-advisers, for all their bluster about empowering do-it-yourself investors with high-tech portfolio management wizardry, will ultimately morph to advice-giving firms with cool technology.Real advisers, the flesh and blood

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    The future of running a financial advisory practice

    Top practice management experts discuss how advisers need to get ready for the changes the next 10 years will bring.

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    Will Junxure Cloud's release prove worth the wait?

    Junxure Announces Wide Release of Junxure Cloud CRM for Financial Advisors from PRNewswire. Junxure CRM, an industry-leading practice improvement firm for financial advisers that integrates CRM technology, consulting and training, announced the general release of Junxure Cloud, its comprehensive,

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    Billions on the move

    More billion-dollar-plus teams have been pulling up stakes and changing firms in the last few years.

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    Wanted: Advisers to take tech survey

    Here are a few technology questions for tablet users out there: Do Android-based tablets have any chance this year of overtaking the Apple iPad in popularity among advisers? And what about Microsoft's Surface Pro 3? Is it really “a true laptop killer,” as VentureBeat claims?There's only one way to

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    Advisers need to act on client communication plans

    Important ingredients are regular feedback and inclusion of family members in outreach.

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    Market gains, organic growth help RIAs achieve record profits

    More than one-third of firms have doubled AUM and revenue since market lows of '09.

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    Adviser Dan Joss departs FJY Financial

    FJY Financial co-founder and chief operating officer Dan Joss has split from the well-known Northern Virginia advisory firm and joined Covenant Wealth Advisors, based in Williamsburg, Va. Mr. Joss, Marjorie Fox and Jon Yankee started the firm eight years ago when the trio left financial planning

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    Junxure CRM finally comes out of the workshop and into the cloud

    The long-delayed release of Junxure Inc.'s cloud-based version of its customer relationship management system was finally announced on Wednesday. The question now is whether advisers will pay for a service already available from Redtail and Salesforce.

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