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    RIA M&A deals picking up steam

    Lot of discussions going on but commercial banks, insurance companies and international investors still on the sidelines.

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    An 'adviser' in name only

    Calling a broker an adviser is dangerous, and it's time to embrace the black-and-white distinction.

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    Finding a young adviser for your team

    Recruiting the next generation requires deliberate effort, and often outside help, but it helps firms stay ahead of the curve. Also: Our full Next Generation of Advisers special report

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    Bruton makes first acquisition as CEO of Lucia Capital Group

    Derek Bruton didn't waste any time putting his imprint on Lucia Capital Group, striking a deal for the managed equity and fixed-income accounts of West Coast Asset Management, a registered investment advisory firm with $170 million in assets.

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    Bridging the adviser generation gap to make succession planning work

    Five ways to ensure successful business transitions between advisers old and young

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    Putting an end to elder financial abuse

    As a first step, communication and coordination between advisers, regulators needs to be improved.

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    4 ways to impact students — and the financial industry — through mentoring

    You and your organization can have a lifetime of impact with just a fraction of your day.

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    3 major changes taking place in wealth management technology

    A three-part transition from technology providers to integrated platform providers is occurring.

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    Revenue deflated in recent years, FPA says it's now on a growth trajectory

    Association is promoting more stringent standards for brokers, promises to do more with less.

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    Goodbye Cleavers, hello modern family

    New family structures mean new opportunities for advisers to serve client needs.

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    Mediating disputes between spouses part of advisers' job

    Advisers increasingly find themselves playing domestic diplomat in an effort to keep financial plans on course.

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    Financial planning group plans more military outreach

    Foundation for Financial Planning in talks that could significantly expand the group's efforts to provide volunteer financial planning services to military professionals.

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    Merrill asks $2.5 billion team to leave

    The advisers allegedly violated Finra rules and firm policy by encouraging some of their larger clients to invest directly in hedge funds.

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    Philanthropic advisers recognized for service

    Five advisers win Community Leadership Awards at eighth annual industry gathering Thursday night.

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    Technology's role in deepening adviser-client relationships

    Advisers face complex challenges as they seek to build relationships with clients who increasingly rely on web-based technology in many areas of their lives. Although long-lasting relationships always depend on providing clients with effective investment services, this goal can be facilitated, or