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    Obama's tax proposals fall short

    Some of the president's tax plans likely will give nightmares to the clients of financial advisers.

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    Advisers who embrace big data will have a leg up on competitors

    Technology experts predict data analysis will lead to improvements in financial planning for clients, plus better business practices that can boost adviser profitability. (More: Don't miss our full technology special report)

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    How to get off to a prosperous start on social media in 2015

    Use social media to ensure you're tapping your network to its fullest potential this year

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    Why advisers should make both face-to-face and online networking priorities

    Solid and active networking strategy ensures advisers stay well-connected to clients and provides an opportunity to remain highly visible in a crowded market.

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    Being picky with prospects helps a firm spur growth

    Roof Advisory Group's growth plans include monitoring and shaping its client base

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    What's next in adviser technology?

    Broker-dealer and custodian tech executives discuss the industry's biggest issues and plans

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    Taking over an adviser's book can be a risky venture

    It can prove tougher than many think to build trust and meld with someone else's clients.

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    Secrets for successful withdrawal strategies in retirement

    Market conditions in early retirement can help predict whether your clients' assets will actually last 30 years.

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    No more face-to-face meetings

    Given the rapid pace of changing demographics and technology, advisers need to change their approach to client communication, particularly client meetings.

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    Blood and money: How familial strife can unravel estate plans

    Advisers can prevent undue influence by watching for radical behavior of family members and signs of dementia in clients.

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    When to disenroll from Medicare

    If clients fit the requirements, now is the time for them to take action and reduce unnecessary medical spending and hassles

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    Cetera factor dampens M&A activity among independent broker-dealers

    The ongoing woes of Cetera's parent company, RCS Capital and inflated sale prices expected to deter deals among independent broker-dealers. (Plus: Don't miss our full 2015 Top IBD special report)

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    Persuading clients to defer enough salary

    Key is to be realistic when trying to get clients to save more for retirement.

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    10 developments to watch in the independent broker-dealer industry in 2015

    Advisers and their independent broker-dealers saw movement last year in regulation, investment products, business strategies, retirement vehicles and more. Here are 10 of the hottest topics, which are sure to continue to evolve as the year unfolds.LPL strapped with compliance chargesLPL Financial,

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    It's about more than payouts

    Some broker-dealers have resources that help advisers create a bigger pie, not just boost their slice