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    Why advisers should set up an in-house video studio

    Fidelity finds video is a useful vehicle for timely, targeted messages to emerging investors.

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    Openness, transparency drawing investors to robo-advisers over Wall Street banks

    CEO of Personal Capital sees investors choosing new options over the old due to fee transparency, focus on customer's best interests

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    Advisers share stories about their worst clients ever

    First-hand lessons in how to deal with some of the worst types of clients, and even how to avoid them altogether.

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    Citi Private Bank courting wealthy young heirs by teaching them to buy art

    In the past, wealth managers haven't been so successful at keeping younger clients — on average, firms have seen almost half of the assets leave when a family's wealth is being handed to the next generation.

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    Adviser's goals: Keep clients happy and profit growing

    Sheryl Rowling cares about where her firm stands in terms of assets under management, but it's the bottom line she wants to improve at Rowling & Associates.

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    Why even the wealthiest clients need to keep up with their credit reports

    There's much to gain from looking over credit reports, and advisers benefit from helping clients do it.

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    Reality of the robo invasion isn't what advisers think

    While many believe that robos keep advisers up at night, findings from a new study show a very different reality.

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    Don't let infidelity cloud your clients' decisions in divorce

    Splits resulting from infidelity outed by this week's data hack of Ashley Madison will involve emotional hurdles advisers need to manage.

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    The tax risks of clients' overfunding their 529 savings plans

    Make sure clients set aside the right amount to optimize savings and avoid unnecessary taxes and penalties.

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    How advisers can take advantage of new financial opportunities with LGBT clients

    Legal recognition of same-sex couples means fewer complications and new options for investing.

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    Food is the focus for this financial planner, who meets clients over bacon and eggs

    With a client base of mostly millennials, revenue at Pamela Capalad's Brunch & Budget up 69% this year.

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    Should advisers suggest that an algorithm do clients' saving for them?

    An increasing number of companies want to identify — and whisk away — investors' excess cash.

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    7 reasons why financial stewardship is more valuable than a fiduciary standard

    A different approach to defining a higher professional standard of care for advisers

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    Contrary to conventional wisdom, young investors do want to work with advisers

    Survey finds that for all their determination, millennials are willing to take direction from experts.

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    Help clients 'think straight' during life transitions

    Being there for clients at tough times requires patience but encourages loyalty and referrals.