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    The most popular adviser tech products by category

    The most popular adviser tech products by category

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    Helping advisers help themselves in succession planning

    At September gathering, FSI plans focus on M&A, practice valuation, contracts, deal structures and best practices for implementing a succession plan.

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    Think offer, not pitch, with mobile ad messages

    Advisers will eventually need a mobile strategy as part of digital marketing

  2. Articles for advisers? New tech tools change landscape for online advice

    New technologies are being developed to make advisers more competitive with personal financial management websites such as Personal Capital and

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    Top 25 technology products used by advisers

    In June 2014, more than 1,100 advisers responded to an InvestmentNews survey on their technology usage and satisfaction. The results below show the most popopular products overall.

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    Schwab preps robo offering

    CEO Walt Bettinger says his firm is working on a “groundbreaking” online advice platform, though details and a timeframe remain unclear.

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    'Clients of the future' will want financial advice, but not how it's delivered today

    Survey gives glimpses into the advisory demands of the next generation of clients

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    6 lessons traditional advisers can learn from robos

    Many questions have been raised by traditional financial advisers about their robo-peers. Any time a digital investment adviser hits the headlines, somewhere on social media you can be sure someone is wondering aloud about robo-advisors' business models, investment strategies, and ability to ...

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    Tips for finding the dirt during due diligence on funds, managers

    Documents, documents and documents – and face time ndash; win a client's confidence.

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    A recruiting war for recruiters

    As competition for advisers intensifies, advisory firms are raiding each other for internal recruiting talent in an effort to get a leg up in the hiring game.

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    How to deal with 'rotten apple' employees

    People issues are invariably the hardest part of running a company. Great people build energy within a company and propel it to great heights. Bad people can spread their bad habits and infect the good folks. Typically, people are hired for their resumes, but fired for their attitudes. When is an

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    Robo-advisers prepare for market downturns by offering more sophisticated services

    Corporate Insight study shows how leading online startups are shoring up their business models.

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    4 skills that help advisers function like CEOs

    High-functioning advisory teams embrace practices also used in many C-suites

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    The way you think about contingency planning is about to change

    brightcove.createExperiences(); Let's face it, drafting a contingency plan that allows your practice to go on without you isn't fun — or easy. If it were, more than 20% of financial advisers might actually have an executable contingency in place.On July 28, the way you think about contingency

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    Finalists for Community Leadership Awards announced by Invest in Others and InvestmentNews

    The Invest in Others Charitable Foundation and InvestmentNews have announced the finalists for the eighth annual Community Leadership Awards. The awards recognize the philanthropic work financial advisers perform in their communities and around the world. Charitable donations of between $20,000 and