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    Hillary Clinton gives thumbs up to DOL fiduciary rule

    In a proposal for financial reform released by her presidential campaign Thursday, the former secretary of state implicitly endorsed the Labor Department's proposal to increase standards for retirement advice.

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    4 critical elements of every great adviser website

    If your website doesn't measure up, prospects will be encouraged to move on, perhaps to a competitor

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    Does Hillary Clinton want to protect the DOL fiduciary rule?

    A letter to Democratic colleagues warns against riders attached to spending bills in upcoming budget negotiations.

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    Robo-advisers make it easier for human advisers to show their true value

    Let algorithms do what they're good at, and focus on helping clients deal with the mess of being human

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    Adviser explains why and how to move to a retainer model

    The latest in our Adviser's Consultant series examines the best way to wean a firm off AUM-based fees.

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    Comparing CRM systems: Breaking down the details

    Every year, software providers shake up the adviser market by offering a new platform or new tool for their clients. Salesforce recently sent a shockwave with its announcement of a wealth management-driven CRM, shedding itself of its overlay-only tool for advisers. Other platforms, such as Redtail

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    Hate pruning a client? Try grafting

    Advisers often are distressed at the thought of ending a relationship with a client, even one they lose money on.

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    Model fee disclosure misses mark

    Regulators need to forget the soft stuff and tackle matters of consequence.

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    Advisers must go beyond the three Fs to compete for retirement-plan business

    In addition to fees, funds and fiduciary, specialist defined-contribution advisers are raising the stakes with conversations around plan health and design.

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    Why goals-based wealth management has yet to reach its full potential

    Current adviser technology needs to be pushed to its limits to help goals-based planning take off

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    Advisers like reverse mortgages, but only in unique circumstances

    Home-equity product for clients who plan to stay in their home indefinitely and who could use some supplemental income.

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    Advisers pouring more money into smart beta funds

    Reports find understanding remains scanty and strategies used don't always match goals.

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    Direct-to-consumer robo-advisers that don't expand their business model face long-term head winds

    Skeptics say the automated investment services that choose to exclusively target retail investors are finding some success, for now, but won't for too much longer.

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    How to show clients what they're missing when they focus on products over plans

    Sometimes clients need a reminder they're not investing because they want to own one of the "10 hot funds"

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    Advisers still aren't taking advantage of the opportunities, benefits 529s can provide clients

    A deeper education in college savings plans could put you at the head of the adviser class in clients' eyes.