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    Is your 529 college plan one of the four with Morningstar gold?

    Improvements to some plans include lower fees and an added layer of investment consultants.

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    Adviser explains why and how to move to a retainer model

    The latest in our Adviser's Consultant series examines the best way to wean a firm off AUM-based fees.

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    Advisers still aren't taking advantage of the opportunities, benefits 529s can provide clients

    A deeper education in college savings plans could put you at the head of the adviser class in clients' eyes.

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    529 plans adding more conservative investment options

    Hoping to stave off concern from college savers that 529 accounts are too vulnerable to stock market volatility and expected interest rate hikes, some plan managers are switching up investment choices.

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    Obama executive order requires use of earlier tax returns on college aid forms

    By allowing prior-prior year financial data, paperwork can be submitted earlier and schools will likely give parents notice about awards sooner.

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    Fears about rising college costs present an opportunity for advisers

    Familiarity with strategies that can help clients minimize costs and best use family resources can give advisers a leg up. (Plus: All the latest 529 data)

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    The latest 529 college savings plan data

    Americans continue to save for steep college costs through tax-advantaged Section 529 savings plans. Virginia's CollegeAmerica plan, an adviser-sold program managed by merican Funds, remains the nation's largest with nearly $50 billion in assets. The next largest college savings plan sold through

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    Robo takes first steps into crowdfunding for college savings accounts

    Heads up, BlackRock's FutureAdvisor not only manages 529 plans for free, it also gives clients a way to raise money

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    Biggest factors impacting what clients pay for college

    Consider expenses beyond the sticker price to determine what a higher education will really cost.

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    Advisers should address these legal issues before clients' kids head to college

    Power of attorney is among the documents that can help reduce stress when a student is away.

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    Help clients kick kids out of the house without feeling guilty

    Jobs and wages are rebounding, time to get those millennials out on their own.

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    The tax risks of clients' overfunding their 529 savings plans

    Make sure clients set aside the right amount to optimize savings and avoid unnecessary taxes and penalties.

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    How to help clients invest for college without sacrificing retirement

    Striking a balance between saving for college and retirement is important, because emphasizing one over the other can ultimately jeopardize both.

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    Schwab sweetens 529 plans, cutting fees for active and passive portfolios

    The firm cuts prices for some active and passive college savings plans by 20% to 45%.

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    Saving for college got tougher last year

    Average savings level of $10,040 is lowest in three years as cost of living, lower earnings squeeze out savings.