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    When it's OK to save in a child's name

    Need-based college aid eligibility is determined by the following formula: A college's cost of attendance - the expected family contribution = need-based aid eligibility.

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    Student loans imperil parents' retirement

    Borrowing or cosigning for a child could mean debts too hard to get out from under

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    College savings in 529 plans hit record high. Find out how the numbers break down.

    The amount Americans are setting aside to pay for college is on the rise so far in 2014, with assets in Section 529 college savings plans reaching a record $244 billion at the end June, according to data released Tuesday by the College Savings Plans Network. Assets in the plans increased 7.7% over

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    How advisers can help solve the student loan crisis

    Young professionals require holistic financial planning that considers all assets and liabilities.

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    Advisers weigh college costs for clients' children

    Serving as objective third parties in college planning discussions for clients and their children is a new responsibility.

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    Morgan Stanley bets big on stocks

    Breakfast with Benjamin covers Morgan Stanley getting ultra-bullish on stocks, Detroit's big bankruptcy trial kicking off, and how to tread lightly into the MLP space.

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    The big changes to how Americans pay for college

    The big changes to how Americans pay for college

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    Volatility looks cheap and risky

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Barclays: Following in the footsteps of Sallie Krawcheck. Plus: The volatility play: Cheap but risky, bond managers brace for higher rates, dancing around the issue of student loan debt, and a potato salad venture whets the tax man's appetite.

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    Failure to launch hurts all of us

    The impact of thie rising tide of student debt is widespread, increasing the need for sound financial advice.

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    Investors rush to safety in gold as Iraq falls

    What's for Breakfast with Benjamin? The Iraq crisis hits another asset but in a good way. Plus: Oil spikes to nine-month high, a looming student loan crisis, how Goldman cashed out early on Alibaba, and a tribute to dads.

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    Oil spikes to a three-month high as Iraq's stability crumbles

    Breakfast with Benjamin:Oil spikes as Iraq's stability crumbles. Plus: Hedge funds bristle at Obama's latest executive order, the significance of the Dow at 17,000, how active managers are helping index investors, and quantitative analysis is being applied to golf scores.

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    Behind the drop in college admission rates

    Plus a primer on the increasingly complicated financial aid and application processes.

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    529 plans an easier sell for advisers as equity markets shine

    Americans continue to invest their college savings dollars through tax-advantaged Section 529 plans, with assets nearing $200 billion at the close of 2013, a 20% boost from the year before, according to Morningstar Inc. Equity market gains, of course, “stoked” the increase in assets under

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    Now it's the grandparents who are saving in 529 plans

    66% are chipping in a significant amount to their grandchildren's education.

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    Nitty-gritty of claiming college tax credits

    With the $2,500 American Opportunity Tax Credit's phaseout now at $180,000 of modified adjusted gross income, more parents are eligible. But claiming it requires coordination with distributions from 529s and education savings accounts.