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    Biggest factors impacting what clients pay for college

    Consider expenses beyond the sticker price to determine what a higher education will really cost.

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    Advisers should address these legal issues before clients' kids head to college

    Power of attorney is among the documents that can help reduce stress when a student is away.

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    Help clients kick kids out of the house without feeling guilty

    Jobs and wages are rebounding, time to get those millennials out on their own.

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    The tax risks of clients' overfunding their 529 savings plans

    Make sure clients set aside the right amount to optimize savings and avoid unnecessary taxes and penalties.

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    How to help clients invest for college without sacrificing retirement

    Striking a balance between saving for college and retirement is important, because emphasizing one over the other can ultimately jeopardize both.

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    Schwab sweetens 529 plans, cutting fees for active and passive portfolios

    The firm cuts prices for some active and passive college savings plans by 20% to 45%.

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    Saving for college got tougher last year

    Average savings level of $10,040 is lowest in three years as cost of living, lower earnings squeeze out savings.

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    Senate Finance Committee OKs changes to college savings plans

    Legislation loosening the rules around Section 529 college savings plans is poised to advance through a key Senate committee Wednesday.The Senate Finance Committee is set to approve a measure that contains three changes that the House of Representatives passed earlier this year by a wide margin.

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    Parent PLUS loans and student loan cosigning: Just say no

    Snares abound for parents who are eager to take on additional debt in the name of sending their children to their dream school.

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    Interest rate increases: A boon for senior savers and a disaster for variable-rate borrowers

    Don't forget that a spike in rates will hurt ARM mortgages, HELOCs and variable-rate student loans.

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    Factors to consider when choosing a 529 college savings plan

    Certain nuances of Section 529 college savings plans should be considered when looking for an investment plan that will grow enough to pay for the increasing costs of college. Advisers should begin with an analysis of the cost of the plan, including all the fees that cover program administration as

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    Hospital stocks ride a wave of potential insurance subsidies

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Hospital-stock rally sparked by high court's Obamacare debate. Plus: The dollar continues to soar; how to follow the big money; and bailing out college debt is a bad investment.

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    529 benefits go beyond college savings

    Advisers should discuss additional advantages, including estate planning, to help clients make good decisions and build the relationship.

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    House approves bill easing 529 plan rules

    Families may get to pay for computers again with these popular college savings accounts.

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    What Obama's attempt to tax 529 plans says about the safety of Roth IRA assets

    Changes could spark revolt, but 'when Congress needs dollars, they're going to get them,' one adviser says.