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    Now it's the grandparents who are saving in 529 plans

    66% are chipping in a significant amount to their grandchildren's education.

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    Nitty-gritty of claiming college tax credits

    With the $2,500 American Opportunity Tax Credit's phaseout now at $180,000 of modified adjusted gross income, more parents are eligible. But claiming it requires coordination with distributions from 529s and education savings accounts.

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    Some 529 college savings plan fees likely hit bottom

    After demanding a reduction in administrative and investment costs, some states are now offering plans with such low fees that they are barely profitable for managers, one expert says.

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    Regulator pushes for more fee disclosure from 529 college savings plans

    Federal regulators next year will begin collecting additional data from the underwriters of 529 college savings plans, but the information won't immediately be made public. The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board will collect the first batch of information from the nation's 529 plans by Aug. 30,

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    529 college savings plans graduate

    Like the customers they are designed for, college savings plans are growing up. The largest 529 plans had $193 billion as of Nov. 30, according to new research by Morningstar Inc. for 63 plans that represent 98% of the market. That is up from $166 billion in 2012, when plan assets grew by 25%. The

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    College saving programs make changes as assets continue to rise

    College savings plans continue to be popular with investors, and sponsors of the nearly 100 different Section 529 plans offered in the U.S. are tweaking fees and other features to attract assets.

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    Morningstar to launch indexes to track college savings plans

    Yardsticks for conservative, moderate and aggressive investment paths for seven different age-based portfolios on tap.

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    Wake up and seize the opportunity

    It amazes me that the financial planning profession puts so little emphasis on understanding and delivering advice centered on saving and paying for college.

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    Seeking help for college

    More American families are asking financial advisers for help saving for college, and nearly all those families have accumulated much more toward their goal than the typical family, according to a Fidelity Investments survey.

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    More Americans rely on advisers when forming college savings plans

    A new Fidelity survey finds more parents are relying on their advisers to help when they make college savings decisions. What's behind this increase in advice-seeking?

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    Corporate 529 plans could be new revenue source

    Employees like when their employers offer 529 college savings plans but few companies do it even though the plans are not expensive to set up. Is there an opening here for advisers? Liz Skinner has the story.

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    Plan for college at each stage of a child's life

    Financial decisions to be made at intervals along the path toward higher education.

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    Congress knocks student loan rates back down after brief spike

    Bill to tie rates to the market passes both houses and moves on to Obama for signing.

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    Top broker-sold 529 plans

    Connecticut Higher Education Trust Advisor College Savings Plan Percentile (Source: ) (Broker sold plans. Includes sales charges. Lower percentile rating = higher score. Rankings derived using the plans relevant portfolio performance in seven unique asset allocation categories.

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    Alts key to de-risking 529 plans: J.P. Morgan

    Alternative investments can diversify 529 plans, J.P. Morgan says. Try finding plans that offer them, though.

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