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    Investors turn focus to first-quarter earnings

    Breakfast with Benjamin: All eyes are on earnings. Plus: The SEC discovers high-frequency trading, momentum takes out passive investors, AAA credit ratings becoming extinct, new love for emerging markets, six solid stocks to watch this week, overwhelmed at the IRS, and Switzerland votes for the ...

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    Viewing Alcoa's earnings season kick-off in a high-tech light

    Breakfast with Benjamin: An old manufacturer goes high tech and why its earnings still matter. Plus: Emerging-markets stocks bounce as the dollar slides; the stock market's frayed nerves; and a little corporate board turnover can go a long way toward stock performance.

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    Bank ETFs ride the choppy waves of Yellen-speak

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bank ETFs ride the choppy waves of Yellen-speak. Plus: Still waiting for Treasury yields to spike, new love for intermediate-term bond funds, hot stocks ahead of earnings reports, and even gold bugs are starting to worry about the precious metal's decline

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    What are the economic consequences of the next Cold War?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: How the Russia situation could hit the economy. Plus: JPMorgan abandons its commodities business, Morningstar's deep dive into the Pimco mess, expect the expected from Yellen today, retirees give Boomers the playbook, and, big surprise, short-sellers badmouth stocks.

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    Panic proves fleeting in February as stocks, bonds climb

    Stocks, bonds and commodities rose together in February for the first time in seven months, reversing January's losses. The S&P 500 is at a new all-time high. So who's panicking now?

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    With volatile commodities, ETFs offer a way in

    Coffee is up 80% this year. Lean hogs are up 28%. Corn is up 13%. Gold is up 12%. Most of these same commodities were down last year, and any of them could fall at the drop of a hat. How can an investor take advantage of these markets...and sleep at night?

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    Markets brace for Sunday's Crimea vote

    Friday's menu: Already on edge, investors brace for Sunday's vote in Crimea. And will sanctions against Russia even work? Plus: riding the storm out by staying invested, going long in emerging markets and taking a fresh look at copper. Oh, btw, it's jellybean Friday.

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    Stocks continue rally as safe haven moves slow

    Breakfast with Benjamin:Stocks continue to rally after Putin weighs in while one Fed official hopes for a quicker taper. Also: Obama's budget met with groans, the Comcast-Time Warner deal isn't done yet, Credit Suisse expanding in Asia and Facebook's drone dreams

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    Are women financially conservative or just economically realistic?

    They're less willing to take risks with money than men, but they'll ensure the mortgage is paid off.

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    Stocks climb as tensions ease

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Investors not buying gold, the case of one of Wall Street's most respected women, one clear economic indicator, what's the new Amex card about and a cheap BMW (with a hitch).

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    Investors not buying gold bounce despite Ukraine tension

    The yellow metal is back in the spotlight, but strategists say that despite Ukraine tension, a long-term comeback is not in the cards. Plus: Ukraine worries sink stocks.

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    Top gold forecasters still bearish after rally

    The two most-accurate gold forecasters are holding to their bearish forecasts for 2014 even after the metal posted its best start to a year since 1983.

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    The IPO market continues to sizzle and the latest is a doozy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The latest IPO candidate has filed, and its numbers are 'insane.' Plus: Currency traders on their way to extinction, hedge fund managers boost gold bets (mostly), small cap strategies rule, two powerful women on Wall St. could be out of work and an Olympic update.

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    Gold rides high on the taper effect

    Friday's menu: Gold rides high on the taper effect, playing smart defense with a wide-moat ETF, blaming cold weather in February, stirring the income inequality pot, why you should complete your LinkedIn profile, and the SEC shows some love.

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    KKR ducks away from the retail market

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Private equity giant KKR finds expanding beyond the HNW crowd is not so easy and shuts two retail-focused funds. Plus: Gold jumps on Yellen preview, fund manager changes lead to Morningstar updates, Barclays cuts 12,000 jobs, and another day, another Obamacare delay.

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