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    Advisers slow to embrace socially responsible investments sought by clients

    Despite being increasingly in-demand from clients like Bryan Wilson (pictured), advisers have been slow to embrace socially responsible investments. (Plus: Our full Impact Investing special report)

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    The bond market and the Fed are suddenly marching in lockstep

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bond market and the Fed are suddenly marching in lockstep, with inflation clarity coming soon.

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    Is OPEC about to flinch and cut oil production?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: OPEC might be rethinking their strategy of flooding the market with oil to crush the fracking industry.

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    Gold loses its luster on the global stage

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A stronger dollar and record valuations for global stocks have kicked the precious metal to the curb.

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    Did Merrill Lynch's latest high-profile recruiting coup break the bank?

    Breakfast with Benjamin A record Merrill Lynch signing bonus might have pushed its monetary limit. Plus: Loving European stocks but hating the euro, taking a fresh look at gold, and protecting the nest egg from rising drug costs.

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    The Fed's first interest rate hike hits another speed bump

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Fed continues to hem and haw on raising interest rates. Plus: Options-based funds get it done, hedge funder spills the beans on 2015, and the outlook for oil prices is all over the map.

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    Oil finds the sweet spot for debate over how, or if, to invest

    Six months into an oil-price slide that seemingly nobody saw coming, debate is starting to build about when and how to jump in and take advantage of the market's punishment on certain sectors linked to the commodity.Some investors haven't waited.“We bought exposure to oil in all our portfolios in

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    Warren Buffett gives up on Exxon as oil prices slide

    Drop in oil prices send the Oracle of Omaha, and his mixed track record on investing in energy, to the exits but he make a play for a Canadian producer and adds to his big IBM stake.

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    The bottom for oil prices isn't even in sight yet

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Supply and demand math could mean $10 oil. Plus: Eric Holder takes a parting shot at Wall Street, SEC filings show how hedge funds did and didn't navigate the markets, and it's hard to bet against sin stocks.

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    ProShares gives ETF traders aggressive way to play gold miners

    ProShares is tapping into the rising volatility of gold with four exchange-traded funds designed with traders in mind.The provider of alternative-strategy ETFs is offering the first access to leveraged long or short gold-miner and junior gold-miner stocks.“We don't anticipate buy-and-hold investors

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    Consumers are saving at the gas pump but not spending at the mall

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Retail sales are not supposed to slump when gas prices are low, so where's that money going? Plus: Larry Summers advises the Fed against hiking rates, how to use good food to attract new clients, and rich people get another cool perk just for being rich.

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    Energy-sector stocks are feeling no love from Wall Street

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The energy sector has the highest level of short interest since 2008. Plus: Apple's market value tops $700 billion and already talk turns to the $1 trillion mark, Carl Icahn says Apple is already there, and is it time to rethink filing taxes online?

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    Wealthy investors loving U.S. stocks

    Investors continue to see domestic stocks as the best thing going: Legg Mason survey.

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    Alternatives are earning their keep in 2015

    The solid relative performance of alternatives makes the case for diversification of portfolios in 2015.

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    Citigroup says oil is going from cheap to dirt cheap

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Could $20 oil really happen? According to Citigroup, It's impossible to call a bottom point. Plus: Morningstar crowns the 'best' liquid alts fund, another oil producer feels the pain, and the case for active management gets stronger.