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    SEC taking deep dive into role of ETFs in Aug. 24 market drop

    Breakfast with Benjamin: SEC chairwoman Mary Jo White says the agency is taking a hard look at ETFs' role on Aug. 24, when stocks dropped like a rock, and the agency's trading rules are part of the scrutiny.

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    Gold goes on a safe-haven rally in the wake of Paris attacks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Gold jumps, with futures up more than 1% even as riskier assets like stocks find reasons to rally.

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    Financial markets brace for fallout from the Paris terror attacks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The financial markets are likely to be swept up in the immediate unrest following Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

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    The Fed's monetary policy is making income inequality even worse

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The numbers are in, and it turns out the $12.4 trillion worth of quantitative easing has only worsened inequality.

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    A 60-40 portfolio can no longer deliver growth and inflation protection, investment strategist warns

    The new model includes private equity, venture capital, activist investing, gold, timber and collectibles.

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    Sounding the secular stagnation alarm bells

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Larry Summers is sounding the alarm for secular stagnation.

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    Carl Icahn campaigns against corporate inversions and for himself

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Carl Icahn's smooth move to try and halt corporate inversions in the name of tax patriotism is, naturally, also pretty good for his own portfolio.

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    Gold rises from the dead

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A dead asset no longer, gold shines bright above its 200-day moving average for the first time in five months.

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    Banks take center stage in earnings season

    Breakfast with Benjamin: All eyes will be on banks this week and earnings season welcomes the reports from the financial sector.

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    An extreme tale of two liquid alt funds in the same category

    An extreme tale of two liquid alt funds in the same category When fund managers can go anywhere, sometimes they do Oct 9, 2015 @ 11:13 am By Jeff Benjamin + Zoom The late-summer bout of stock market volatility has shed fresh light on alternative-strategy mutual funds and, once again, has reminded

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    ETFs having a tough year after roaring 2014

    Only 10% in positive territory while at this time last year, 66% of ETFs were up.

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    It's not too early to start preparing for mutual fund capital gains taxes

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If you thought 2014 was a rough year for mutual fund capital gains taxes, you might want to start adjusting those portfolios to avoid a repeat.

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    The rise and fall of commodities puts some advanced economies on the ropes

    Breakfast with Benjamin The atrophy of the manufacturing sector as commodity prices wane is wreaking havoc on a number of advanced economies.

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    What markets to watch when the Fed hands down its rate decision

    Breakfast with Benjamin: 'The decision' for Fed on interest rates could rock these 6 markets.

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    The futures market still isn't buying into a Fed rate hike

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Economists are leaning toward a rate hike, but the futures market begs to differ.