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    Gold not getting boost from investors seeking safe haven from Greek crisis

    The precious metal stays in trading range as Greece lives on the edge of default due to tepid inflation, muted demand for gold from China and a strong U.S. dollar.

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    Jeffrey Gundlach is riding out the Greek storm in Treasuries

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Jeffrey Gundlach has been bracing for trouble in Greece and Puerto Rico by loading up on Treasuries and Ginnie Maes.

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    Greek capital controls send ripples across global financial markets

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Greece locks down its banks in a desperate attempt to prevent a public panic.

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    The Fed has painted itself into a corner, and is only trying to manage expectations

    Breakfast with Benjamin: An economist says Janet Yellen and the Fed are too chicken to raise rates, but at the same time the FOMC is trying to reassure markets that rate hikes will be slow and deliberate.

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    Why male advisers are still not connecting with female clients

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Male financial advisers still can't find a way to fully communicate with the female half of client couples. Here's why.

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    Saudi Arabia lays out the welcome mat for global investors

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The richest and most powerful Arab nation opens its $570 billion stock market to the world.

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    Assets in world's largest gold fund slump 48% to lowest level since financial crisis

    Demand evaporates as stocks rally, investors prepare for higher U.S. interest rates.

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    Why it doesn't make sense to let clients borrow from their 401(k) plans

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Most Americans aren't sitting on 401(k) balances that they can afford to skim, yet an estimated 26% have loans outstanding.

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    American Pharoah's Triple Crown chances aside, most racehorses consume more than they pay out

    Most advisers tell clients to think of horse racing as an expensive hobby, not a business venture.

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    June gloom looms for stocks: A buying opportunity?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: June has been a bad month for stocks and this year looks to continue the pattern. So should you buy any dips?

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    Inflation report boosts odds of September rate hike

    Financial markets' reaction Friday to the unexpected uptick in April Consumer Price Index data underscores the wild and crazy world of quantitative easing, according to Bob Rice, managing partner at Tangent Capital.“This shows us the fascinating Catch-22 of the QE world,” he said, referring to the

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    A portfolio strategy that goes all in for alts to dial down market risk

    Altegris founder launches new model likely to draw naysayers (who will be singing a different tune when the market corrects)

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    Goldman Sachs says the bull market is getting long in the tooth

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Goldman Sachs analysts believe stocks' most recent record high could be the last for a while.

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    Gold bulls celebrate the strongest run since January

    Breakfast with Benjamin Gold enjoys its best performance since January as the dollar's run takes a breather.

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    Dynasty hires Scott D. Welch to be chief investment officer

    Service provide plans to expand investment opportunities for its network of advisory firms