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    ETFs having a tough year after roaring 2014

    Only 10% in positive territory while at this time last year, 66% of ETFs were up.

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    It's not too early to start preparing for mutual fund capital gains taxes

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If you thought 2014 was a rough year for mutual fund capital gains taxes, you might want to start adjusting those portfolios to avoid a repeat.

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    The rise and fall of commodities puts some advanced economies on the ropes

    Breakfast with Benjamin The atrophy of the manufacturing sector as commodity prices wane is wreaking havoc on a number of advanced economies.

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    What markets to watch when the Fed hands down its rate decision

    Breakfast with Benjamin: 'The decision' for Fed on interest rates could rock these 6 markets.

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    The futures market still isn't buying into a Fed rate hike

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Economists are leaning toward a rate hike, but the futures market begs to differ.

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    The next REIT privatization wave is underway

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The swelling gap between public and private valuations is making REITs a sweet target.

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    Pension giant CalSTRS ponders dumping $20B in stocks and bonds in favor of alt strategies

    Breakfast with Benjamin: CalSTRS, the country's second-largest pension fund, considers moving $20 billion out of traditional investments and into alternatives.

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    The biggest market risk right now might be trying to time this market

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The stock market is clearly shaky, but trying to time it is a fool's game.

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    Go-anywhere bond funds have failed to go anywhere positive over the past year

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Nontraditional bond funds that sounded too good to be true are looking like a bust, so far.

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    Jeffrey Gundlach's DoubleLine opens its first alternatives fund

    In a year when its peers lost 15% investing in commodities, DoubleLine wades in with a long-short strategy.

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    That awkward moment when the Fed realizes it can't raise interest rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: William Dudley, president of the New York Fed, says delaying a rate hike until 2016 'will be awkward.'

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    DoubleLine's Gundlach outperforms Loomis' Fuss and Janus' Gross in recent market rout

    Jeffrey Gundlach's $48.2 billion DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund returned 0.7% over the past month while his peers showed losses.

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    Advisers hold steady on equities despite seeing more drops ahead

    InvestmentNews survey shows most financial professionals in "wait and see" mode, while some consider rebalancing. (Don't miss: Investors react to market's move.)

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    Market tumult pushes Federal Reserve rate hike expectations out

    A long-anticipated move by the Fed to raise interest rates next month would be “very strange,” given the volatility rocking financial markets, according to the top bond strategist for Charles Schwab's retail research unit.

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    Jeffrey Gundlach says the stock market pullback is just getting started

    Breakfast with Benjamin DoubleLine's Jeffrey Gundlach thinks that as painful as it's been over the past week, the markets still need a thorough housecleaning.