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    CEOs are passing the buck to the strength of the buck

    Breakfast with Benjamin: No longer blaming earnings shortfalls on the weather, CEOs are now passing the buck to the strong dollar.

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    State Street gets the cold shoulder from financial advisers

    Breakfast with Benjamin: State Street gets poor marks from financial advisers, despite dedicated efforts to mend fences and build new relationships.

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    Real liquidity: Why investors care about water

    Investors should understand the water risks in their portfolios, even if the companies don't.

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    Options to invest in innovative technologies that address water shortages are limited

    Despite a multitude of water shortages, options to invest in innovative technologies that address the problem remain limited.

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    With one quarter down, Bob Doll still likes his 2015 outlook

    In a first-quarter checkup on his 2015 economic predictions, Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management, is giving himself a passing grade, while betting on a lot of help from consumers to carry through the rest of the year.“It's my contention that this is the least believed bull

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    Rethinking how you build clients' equity portfolios

    How cyclical and sector stock investing intersect represent an untapped opportunity for clients to diversify and see risk-adjusted returns.

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    If you tread at all into the energy sector, tread lightly

    Despite its size, Royal Dutch Shell's $70 billion acquisition of natural gas giant BG Group is far from a green light for investors to jump headlong into energy, even as some M&A experts forecast a wave of mergers in the industry.As entry points go, energy is very much a stock-pickers market, which

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    Latest sign of oil market glut pushes prices even lower

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Prices fall by 5% after the discovery of the biggest weekly buildup of U.S. inventories since 2001.

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    Oil prices could push lower after Iran nuke deal

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Iran nuke deal could mean even more oil coming into an already flooded market.

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    Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman rakes in the big bucks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A 25% pay raise to $22.5 million means it's good to be Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman.

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    Where to invest during the run-up to the presidential election

    Breakfast with Benjamin: As the dollars get thrown around the mud starts flying, you might as well invest along for the ride.

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    Oil-price slide is starting to get scary

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Talk of an oil comeback is fading fast. Plus: Some good news for gold investors, bankers head for greener pastures, and a St. Patty's Day spelling bee

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    DoubleLine's Jeffery Gundlach says 'blockhead' Fed should postpone raising rates

    $44.6 billion DoubleLine Total Return Fund manager says central bank should hold off on raising rates; gives a nod toward gold, India equities and shorting the dollar.

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    Alternatives make push for retirement accounts

    Being used in target date funds, but higher fees may prevent widespread use

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    Fresh rate-hike rumors will be testing investor nerves this week

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Investors' nerves tested by rate hike talk this week. Plus: Most of the world's major oil projects are doing just fine at current price levels, retirement savings in a nutshell, and the chokehold of consumer debt.