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    Inflation report boosts odds of September rate hike

    Financial markets' reaction Friday to the unexpected uptick in April Consumer Price Index data underscores the wild and crazy world of quantitative easing, according to Bob Rice, managing partner at Tangent Capital.“This shows us the fascinating Catch-22 of the QE world,” he said, referring to the

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    A portfolio strategy that goes all in for alts to dial down market risk

    Altegris founder launches new model likely to draw naysayers (who will be singing a different tune when the market corrects)

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    Goldman Sachs says the bull market is getting long in the tooth

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Goldman Sachs analysts believe stocks' most recent record high could be the last for a while.

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    Gold bulls celebrate the strongest run since January

    Breakfast with Benjamin Gold enjoys its best performance since January as the dollar's run takes a breather.

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    Dynasty hires Scott D. Welch to be chief investment officer

    Service provide plans to expand investment opportunities for its network of advisory firms

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    Global bond market selloff is now described as 'violent'

    Plus: Currency traders become the new yield producers, building a global portfolio, and what Yogi Berra might say about today's financial markets

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    Advisers, investors reopen rate hike debate, send stocks higher after so-so jobs report

    Strong market rally and mixed jobs report adds fresh fuel to the debate over when the Fed might institute the first rate hike since 2006. (See also: Schiff: Forget rate hike, look for QE4)

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    T. Boone Pickens expects to see oil at $75 a barrel by year-end

    At SALT confab, billionaire investor also riffs on the Keystone pipeline, Washington gridlock and the presidential race.

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    Vanguard, Goldman Sachs agree that advisers face tall order in picking alts fund managers

    Diametrically opposed firms find common ground on importance of manager selection, differ on value of hedge funds.

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    CEOs are passing the buck to the strength of the buck

    Breakfast with Benjamin: No longer blaming earnings shortfalls on the weather, CEOs are now passing the buck to the strong dollar.

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    State Street gets the cold shoulder from financial advisers

    Breakfast with Benjamin: State Street gets poor marks from financial advisers, despite dedicated efforts to mend fences and build new relationships.

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    Real liquidity: Why investors care about water

    Investors should understand the water risks in their portfolios, even if the companies don't.

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    Options to invest in innovative technologies that address water shortages are limited

    Despite a multitude of water shortages, options to invest in innovative technologies that address the problem remain limited.

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    With one quarter down, Bob Doll still likes his 2015 outlook

    In a first-quarter checkup on his 2015 economic predictions, Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management, is giving himself a passing grade, while betting on a lot of help from consumers to carry through the rest of the year.“It's my contention that this is the least believed bull

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    Rethinking how you build clients' equity portfolios

    How cyclical and sector stock investing intersect represent an untapped opportunity for clients to diversify and see risk-adjusted returns.