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    Global consumer confidence soars

    Plus: Credit Suisse exits the commodities trading business, Allianz stands by Bill Gross, silver has a golden summer run, three taxes we can all dislike together, and don't let tourist scams rain on your vacation

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    Equity ETF investors kept the pedal to the metal in the second quarter

    Despite the old adage of “sell in May and go away,” investors kept the pedal to the metal in second quarter of 2014, pushing the average equity exchange-traded fund's (ETF) three-month return to 4.71%, with equity ETFs posting their eighth consecutive quarter of plus-side returns. Q2 was not all ...

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    Global markets feeling pressure from increased geopolitical risks

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, global markets feel the pressure of an uptick in geopolitical risk, as oil prices move higher. Plus notes on where to go when volatility rises, and more.

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    Carl Icahn advises caution in the equity markets

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Carl Icahn warns that stocks are on risky ground. Plus: Interest rates and volatility are raising red flags, one man's take on the Fed-fueled bubble, the SEC is watching for political-donation conflicts, gold gets no respect, and institutional money is chasing solar energy

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    Job growth accelerates, pushing unemployment rate to a six-year low

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin by Trevor Hunnicutt U.S. job growth accelerated in June, pushing the unemployment rate to a six-year low of 6.1%.U.S. job growth surges, unemployment rate falls to 6.1 percent. U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen resisted pressure to raise interest rates in a

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    The grim reality of inflation without wage growth

    On Friday's menu: Inflation without wage growth: Cause for concern? Plus: The Fed has painted itself into a corner, consumer stocks are likely to take a hit, bracing for Treasury yield volatility, silver outshines gold in June, and how to live to be 100.

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    The Fed views inflation through rose-colored glasses

    On Wednesday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: The Fed dons rose-colored glasses. Plus: Junk bond yields get scary low, commodity hedge funds fall out of favor, what you need to know about stock buyback ETFs, and the inequality mob is driving the rich to hoard cash

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    Iraq's instability spreads to the world's weaker currencies

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Currencies feeling pressure from Iraq. Plus: Gold bugs still not convinced of the next big move, select energy stocks correlate with Iraq unrest, Americans are unable to save money in this economy, and the SEC zeros in on liquid alternative funds.

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    New inflation data could drive the Fed into hawkish mode

    On the Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Inflation data could turn doves into hawks. Plus: Oil could get a lot pricier in a hurry, insider trading runs rampant and SIFMA cuts its economic outlook.

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    Deflation: We fear you not

    Why deflation is misunderstood, and differentiating between good and bad deflation is key.

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    World stock markets get nervous as Iraq melts down

    Plus: Deutsche Bank shows its hand with World Cup bets, Wall Street fines are a cash cow for the Treasury Dept., navigating Social Security before you retire, and eating at home gets pricey in a hurry.

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    Investors rush to safety in gold as Iraq falls

    What's for Breakfast with Benjamin? The Iraq crisis hits another asset but in a good way. Plus: Oil spikes to nine-month high, a looming student loan crisis, how Goldman cashed out early on Alibaba, and a tribute to dads.

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    Oil spikes to a three-month high as Iraq's stability crumbles

    Breakfast with Benjamin:Oil spikes as Iraq's stability crumbles. Plus: Hedge funds bristle at Obama's latest executive order, the significance of the Dow at 17,000, how active managers are helping index investors, and quantitative analysis is being applied to golf scores.

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    Natural gas looks to burn clean for investors for some time

    Obama's greenhouse-gas emissions plan combined with growing domestic supply and global demand excite the commodity's bulls.

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    Buffett is ready to double down on his wind and solar energy bet

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Buffett doubles down on green. Plus: ECB stimulus gains traction, Apple shares at less than $100, Alibaba IPO risks, when prostitutes become currency traders, and how to buy Scotch for your dad.

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