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    How to avoid becoming a tax scam victim

    Breakfast with Benjamin: After the big IRS data breach, few people probably trust the agency regarding data security. Nonetheless, it's offered a checklist of ways to avoid becoming a tax-scam victim.

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    Fidelity, Schwab to halt AR Capital sales

    Firms pull the plug after Massachusetts charges RCS Capital with fraudulently rounding up proxy votes to support real estate deals sponsored by AR Capital.

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    TD Ameritrade launches website to spur adviser advocacy

    A leading custodian is trying to get advisers on its platform — and others in the industry — more involved in lobbying Congress on behalf of registered investment advisers.

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    TD Ameritrade weighs charging fund companies on its commission-free ETF platform

    RIA custodian is also "taking a look" at role of Morningstar in selecting funds and considers sharing data on advisers, according to an executive.

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    American Funds making inroads with fee-based advisers

    In its sales turnaround, third largest U.S. fund company relies on retention of existing advisers and lower-cost share classes.

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    Eaton Vance's NextShares gets its first custodian on board

    FOLIOfn Investments said it plans to offer the exchange-traded managed funds when they start trading.

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    Advisers' deaths without transition plans force custodians into action

    Custodians are stepping up their game at the same time regulators are putting an emphasis on business continuity and succession

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    Custodians try to entice breakaways with substantial perks

    More deal sweeteners are being used by custodians to lure big breakaway teams. (Plus: Our special report on custodians and clearing firms)

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    Custodians and clearing firms ranked by number of clients

    Custodians ranked by number of RIA custody clients FirmWebsiteHead of RIA custody business2015 # of clients% change vs. 2014Assets under custody ($M)% change vs. 2014Minimum assets of advisersSchwab Advisor Bernie Clark (Executive vice president and

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    Is it time to jump into energy stocks?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If 13 weeks of falling energy-stock prices has you looking for an entry point, hold your fire: The sector is still very pricey.

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    SEC appeals own judge's decision in case on custodians' payments to advisers for fund picks

    The regulator is fighting a decision by its administrative judge to dismiss charges accusing two financial advisers of not informing clients they were paid by Fidelity Investments to sell certain mutual funds.

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    Automated advisers attract much smaller clients than humans: Morningstar

    Digital investment platforms with human advisers bring in account balances 10 times higher on average than regular robo-advisers.

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    Breaking down the best robos for your practice

    Advisers have a lot to consider when picking an automated investment service to use with their clients — here is a rundown of the features and functionality of the top adviser-targeted platforms.

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    Schwab launches adviser-facing robo service

    Institutional Intelligent Portfolios compels advisers to keep at least 4% cash allocation, offers platform for 10 bps.

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    RIAs join brokers in promoting securities-backed lending

    The practice is growing quickly even beyond wirehouses, but some are concerned about the risks and conflicts of interest.