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    Custodians jump into the robo game

    New tech offerings designed to help advisers compete against online investment managers.

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    New Fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson wants to be 'accessible to advisers'

    Abigail Johnson, successor at the privately owned, family-run company, wants to understand the businesses of her clients, including advisers.

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    Scottrade retools custodial platform as it works to bolster its numbers

    Scottrade Advisor Services, which has struggled with dwindling numbers of advisers on its platform, is working to stop the bleeding by attracting new RIAs, upgrading its technology and improving the experience for its existing advisers.While Scottrade Advisor Services has primarily served as

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    The big squeeze: End of the golden era

    Four formidable forces are developing to take assets from the standalone local advisory firm and they are quietly building momentum.

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    RCAP to continue clearing with Pershing

    B-D says new deal will result in cost savings comparable to what it would have realized had it moved clearing in house.

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    Custodians ranked by number of RIA custody clients

    FirmAddressCity, State ZipPhoneWebsiteHead of RIA custody business2014 # of clients% change vs. 20132014 assets under custody% changeMinimum assets of advisersSchwab Advisor Services211 Main St.San Francisco, CA 94105(877) Bernie Clark (executive vice ...

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    TD Ameritrade swims upmarket

    United Capital's chief executive, Joe Duran, admits that three years ago, he would not have considered putting any of his millionaire clients' money with TD Ameritrade Institutional.

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    Advisers rebuilt investors' faith

    The Charles Schwab Corp. had a few challenging years following the financial crisis. But a focus on the RIA business has paid off as the firm's RIA custody unit crossed $1 trillion in assets last fall.

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    Schwab adding Morningstar Office to its RIA platform

    Deal part of custodian's integration initiative with tech product providers.

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    Merrill Lynch team with $592M in assets moves to LPL

    A team of six Merrill Lynch Wealth Management financial advisers, now known as IHT Wealth Management, has joined LPL's broker-dealer and hybrid RIA platform in downtown Chicago. The six advisers — Steven Dudash, Alex Papadopoulos, Orlando Ochoa, Ryan Wittig, Peter Arboleda and Scott Staley —

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    Republicans reject SEC user-fee amendment to appropriations bill

    Republicans reject SEC user-fee amendment to appropriations bill that would have provided additional funding for adviser exams

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    Market gains, organic growth help RIAs achieve record profits

    More than one-third of firms have doubled AUM and revenue since market lows of '09.

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    Pershing affiliate Albridge in major update to wealth reporting platform

    Newly integrated platform includes reporting tools and data management services.

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    Seeing writing on wall from Finra, Schwab throws in towel on class action lawsuit

    As regulator made it clear it was ready to fight tooth and nail, firm moves to settle, pay a fine.

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    TD Ameritrade lifts profits, pushes back on high-frequency trading

    CEO says best execution is first order of business; competition for RIA customers remains strong.