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    Who oversees wealth advisers who guide investors on 401(k)s? It depends.

    The financial services industry is trading plenty of barbs with regulators over fiduciary regulation, but a gray area could put advisers at risk: What about the adviser who guides wealth management clients on their 401(k)s?It's likely an everyday scenario for many advisers who give clients advice

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    Who wants to service a tiny retirement plan? This guy.

    Retirement plan consultant builds service for plans with less than $2M in assets.

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    Employer objections stand in way of 401(k) plan success

    Advisers can adopt strategies to counteract arguments against trying to maximize contributions

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    Ameriprise to pay $27.5 million settlement in 401(k) fiduciary breach suit

    Firm denies allegations made by its own retirement plan participants in four-year-old case that was set to go to trial April 13.

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    New areas for 401(k) lawsuits emerge

    A new array of developing legal risks awaits unwary retirement plans and their advisers.

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    Retirement plan advisers are preparing for major changes

    Experts weigh in with best practices retirement plan advisers should make sure they have in place given pending industry shifts

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    DOL head says fiduciary standard will happen

    Secretary Perez has confidence his agency will complete work on the rule before Obama's term ends.

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    IRA incentives help savers, but they need to keep a close eye on fees

    The programs, including one launched last week by Fidelity, won't make everyday investors millionaires, but they help

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    Who needs a cash balance plan? Not just New Jersey

    A tussle over public pensions has thrust these defined-benefit plans into the spotlight.

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    Pivotal 401(k) fee lawsuit in front of Supreme Court means big changes for plan advisers

    Regardless of how the high court rules, ongoing investment monitoring will be here to stay.

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    Vanguard finds another way to get its ETFs in your clients' hands

    With new presence in the ETF strategist game, Vanguard wins Envestnet, Cambridge and more retirement-plan business.

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    Company stock fading in 401(k) plans

    Knowledge about diversification, restrictions and concern about lawsuits drive decline.

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    Lockheed Martin to pay $62 million settlement in 401(k) fee suit

    Plaintiffs claimed defense contractor breached fiduciary duty, mismanaged funds.

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    Longer life expectancies are killing pension funds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Pension funds never factored in that people would live as long as they're living. Plus: Fake hedge funder goes to extremes to cover his tracks, Congress to the rescue, and IRA missteps you can avoid

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    In target date funds, performance starts to trump risk management as assets balloon

    Some strategies stay aggressive right up to target date while others dial down risk; each group has its reasons