Defined Contribution Plans

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    Some target-date funds are boosting equities

    As financial crisis recedes, participants' risk tolerance levels climb and providers adjust

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    Fidelity quietly settles employee lawsuits

    At issue was accusations the fund giant engaged in self-dealing in 401(k) plan.

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    Soldiers lured out of federal retirement plan

    John Turner suspected that brokers were encouraging federal workers to ditch their top-flight retirement plan. So he went under cover.

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    The 401(k) retirement complex: Retooling Americans' nest egg

    Jerry Schlichter says 401(k)s — and the 401(k) retirement complex — need to retool so they work primarily in the best interests of American savers.

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    Zurich restricts contributions to popular variable annuity contract

    Zurich restricts contributions to popular variable annuity contract. Maximum total purchase payments reduced from previous limit of $1 million to just $10,000.

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    GAO report calls for more disclosure of managed accounts in 401(k)s

    The Labor Department should require providers to share more on fees, performance and benchmarking, GAO says.

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    Fidelity adds $37.2B in defined contribution assets but pace slows

    With addition of nearly 1,100 retirement plans, firm's assets under administration for DC plans reaches $1.4T.

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    Supreme Court rejects stock-drop defense often used in 401(k) cases

    High court says 'presumption of prudence' shouldn't be considered a special defense against lawsuits alleging breaches of fiduciary duty.

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    Hartford Financial Services Group names a new CEO

    Insurer Promotes CFO to replace previous CEO following a medical procedure related to a brain tumor.

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    Vanguard passes Fidelity to become No. 1 in 401(k) assets

    Stock market rally in 2013 helped boost numbers; Fidelity remains tops in 401(k) recordkeeping assets.

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    Guaranteed features propel indexed-annuity sales

    With low interest rates providing few fixed-income investment options, broker-dealers see these as a good choice for clients, with more growth potential than CDs.

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    The retirement apocalypse that isn't coming

    Retirement isn't going the way of the carrier pigeon. Innovative retirement plans and new policies and products point to a future richer than many workers imagine.

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    Potholes litter road to ETF investment by DC plans

    Even as the technical barriers are eclipsed, doubts remain over cost and utility.

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    Bond ladders for fans of portfolio safety

    While it might be tempting to start finagling with fixed-income allocations as the next rising-interest-rate cycle draws nearer, proponents of bond ladders say the tried-and-true strategy works in all cycles if safety is your guide. "When it comes to fixed income, we believe that safety always

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    A case for private equity in DC plans

    By addressing four major challenges, advisers can help plan clients gain access to higher returns.