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    How to explain alternatives' place in portfolios to your clients

    By viewing alternatives through the lens of the three primary colors, they can be demystified

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    As Puerto Rico crisis intensifies, mutual fund investors face loss of capital

    If the island can't pay back all of its debts, some fund holders could suffer haircuts.

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    Jeffrey Gundlach is riding out the Greek storm in Treasuries

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Jeffrey Gundlach has been bracing for trouble in Greece and Puerto Rico by loading up on Treasuries and Ginnie Maes.

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    Advisers' crucial role in constructing smarter portfolios to combat volatility

    Vital that investors understand the expanded tool set now available to handle market swings

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    Greek capital controls send ripples across global financial markets

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Greece locks down its banks in a desperate attempt to prevent a public panic.

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    What lies ahead for the market in the second half of the year

    Six investment experts discuss where the markets could be headed for the rest of 2015

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    GMO's Grantham: Stocks near bubble, but there's nothing to pop it

    Money manager says the market still has room to run, but admits allocating assets in today's environment is not easy.

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    Goldman's Cohn: Dream on if you think the Fed is hiking rates in September

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Gary D. Cohn, president and COO of Goldman Sachs, believes the economy and markets are in no shape for higher rates.

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    The world braces for a slower Chinese economy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A weakening China will show the world how much it is really hooked on the Chinese economy.

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    The Fed has painted itself into a corner, and is only trying to manage expectations

    Breakfast with Benjamin: An economist says Janet Yellen and the Fed are too chicken to raise rates, but at the same time the FOMC is trying to reassure markets that rate hikes will be slow and deliberate.

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    Bob Doll is betting consumer spending will fuel the economy through December

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Thanks to energy savings and signs of wage increases, Nuveen's chief equity strategist banks on consumers stepping up.

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    Abandoning alternative investments at this point is based on twisted logic

    Just because your house hasn't burned down yet doesn't mean you can skip insurance.

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    MetLife files suit to fight 'too big to fail' status

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The firm files suit against the Financial Stability Oversight Council, charging them with acting as 'judge, jury and executioner.'

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    The next big worry is that the Fed already missed its chance to raise rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: More Fed handwringing is coming, as concern that the Fed already missed its chance to raise rates persists.

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    Ultrawealthy are fastest-growing client segment

    Share of wealth held by millionaires rose 16%, driven by strong performance of equities, report finds.