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    Retirement accounts are hitting new highs, which is good news for advisers

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Investors are really starting to sock money away for retirement, which is good news for advisers.

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    Bill Gross: Fed on track for September rate hike

    Janus star manager says central bank increasingly realizes that loose monetary policy isn't helping the global economy.

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    It's time to take a close look at your bond portfolio

    Breakfast with Benjamin We all know a rate hike is coming, and ignoring it is not a plan — so the time is now to look at bond allocations.

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    Loomis Sayles' Dan Fuss says Fed stuck 'between a rock and a couple of hard places'

    50-year market veteran says the global economic slowdown complicates the central bank's plan to raise interest rates.

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    A warning shot across the market's bow

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Package delivery company UPS has warned that the U.S. economy appears to be slowing. That's bad news for the Fed and stock investors.

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    Hedge funds love these small-cap energy stocks – but they've been getting crushed

    While little has been spared in the energy-securities selloff — oil, junk bonds and even Chinese equities have been hit — smaller stocks have been the worst off.

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    Federal Reserve could offer clues to rate hike at this week's meeting

    With Janet Yellen widely expected to hold policy steady at this week's meeting, Fed watchers looking to the central bank's statement on Wednesday for clues on liftoff.

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    It's all about the economy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: As September, and a likely rate hike from the Federal Reserve, inch closer, everyone is watching economic numbers more closely than ever. Here's what to look for this week.

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    Janet Yellen, Fed ready to raise rates in September and here's why

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Despite still-tepid economic growth and few signs of inflation, Janet Yellen and her colleagues at the Federal Reserve will lift rates in September for one major reason.

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    As gold comes under attack, advisers show their mettle

    Permanent allocations to the precious metal come under fire again as market slides, but advisers who believe in the asset are ready to double down.

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    New highs not uncommon: S&P 500 achieves record in 53% of years

    The benchmark equities gauge rose 0.1% to end Monday at 2,128.28, after briefly rising above its record closing level of 2,130.82 during the session.

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    Time to rethink gold?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Contrarians, listen up. Janet Yellen's optimism about the U.S. economy is making gold speculators the least bullish on record.

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    You know investors are getting nervous when oil becomes a safe-haven play

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Oil stocks are starting to attract investors seeking safety, and that should be cause for concern.

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    Greece's latest problem is the IMF

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The IMF is throwing a wrench into the Greek bailout works, setting off a political earthquake in Europe.

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    Merrill Lynch survey: Big investors are holding the most cash since Lehman Brothers' collapse

    Cash is king, according to the results of the latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch fund manager survey.The survey was conducted between July 2 and July 9 and worries over Greece, China and an impending interest-rate hike by the Federal Reserve seemed to weigh heavily on the minds of the 191