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    Shrugging off diversification, more advisers chase stock market performance

    On Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin, advisers are starting to shun alternatives to avoid the risk of missing out on the stock market's run. Plus: Venezuela's sinking credit rating, attractive valuations even at these prices, and investing rules from Stephen Colbert

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    Bernanke backs Pimco, not Gross, with Fed rate hike forecast

    Janus fund manager says impact of falling oil prices could hinder Fed, but former central bank chief says focus will be on momentum.

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    Restored Cuba relations will lead to travel, cigars, not investment opportunities

    Even if Cuba's economy doubled, it still wouldn't be 'big enough to move the needle for the U.S.'

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    Fed sends rate signal and markets react

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Janet Yellen and her Fed colleagues remove a key phrase in discussing rates and stocks rally, gold declines. Plus: Is it good news for savers? And an offbeat year-end list; Obama normalizes relations with Cuba.

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    Is the Russian collapse wrecking your 401(k)?

    Back in August, contrarian investor Dave Iben called his big move into Russian stocks perhaps his most extreme ever in 33 years of value investing. He had no idea. At 17.8 percent of his one-year-old Kopernik Global All-Cap Mutual Fund (KGGAX), the $835 million fund has the fourth-largest Russia

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    Russia crisis hits Pimco

    Midweek Breakfast with Benjamin: If it isn't Bill Gross, it's something else. Plus: The Russia crisis is hitting some 401(k)s too; the bull market could be in jeopardy; who's going to calm the markets; cuts at Wells and giving finance a bad name.

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    Shunning Apple tops long list of bad market calls in 2014

    Didn't buy Apple stock this year? Shares of the world's largest company rose four times more than the S&P 500 as chief executive Tim Cook's product plans eased concern over the company's future growth. Plus other missed opportunities of the year.

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    The case for investing in the European small-cap sector

    Investors looking to diversify and add growth potential to their equity portfolios shouldn't be frightened by Europe's macroeconomic malaise.

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    The strange tale of Wall Street's bull

    The tale of Wall Street's bull. Plus: Gross, Gundlach disagree; the $72 million high school trader; Yahoo's big score; Goldman's liquidity call and Russia's rate hike.

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    Schorsch exits key company that was part of his REIT empire

    The REIT czar resigned from American Realty Capital Properties, which has lost more than a quarter of its value since disclosing accounting errors.

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    Maybe the Fed isn't going to raise rates next year

    Paul Krugman is skeptical of the consensus for a rate hike. Plus: The risky downside of oil's slide, passive investing all the rage, Congress actually does something, Americans turn bullish.

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    Most advisory firms don't have a strategy for landing client referrals

    Only one out of every three firms have a formal referral process, despite referrals accounting for the lion's share of new business.

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    New platforms for alternatives trading miss the mark

    Smart money should be focused on finding ways to help advisers first navigate the liquid alts world.

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    Jack Bogle recommends a firm grip on U.S. stocks

    On Breakfast with Benjamin: Jack Bogle recommends a firm grip on U.S. stocks. Plus: The tide is turning in favor of active management, the oil-price slide is spreading across the commodities markets, and OPEC fades as a cartel.

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    China share ETF suffers record drop amid new debt curbs

    Largest U.S. exchange-traded fund that tracks mainland Chinese stocks sank more than 7% after policy makers tightened curbs on the local debt market, fueling a rout across asset classes.