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    Barclays looks like the latest bank to back away from commodities trading

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Barclays backing away from commodities. Plus: Goldman hangs tough in the commodity-trading arena, getting esoteric with income investing, riding on an M&A high, and IRS bonuses whether you've paid your taxes or not

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    What is impact investing and which wealth demographic cares?

    Advisers who plan to be in business 10 years from now or intend to seek assets from younger investors need to become familiar with the universe of impact investing. Unlike socially responsible investing's focus on screening out certain types of companies such polluters, impact investing proactively

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    The Ukrainian hornet's nest: Advisers wary of touching it

    Navigating an investment portfolio around Russia's increasingly aggressive move into Ukraine will not be easy, but there's no excuse for ignoring the potential risks — and maybe a opportunities — linked to the turmoil.

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    Ready or not, mutual funds, active ETFs set to take off

    Vince Lowry believes the active exchange-traded-fund market is going to burst wide open in the next few years, whether the traditional mutual fund industry wants to participate or not. Regarding the major sticking point of the requirement for fully transparent portfolios, the chief executive of

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    The bond party is over

    Bond yields are beginning to move back toward familiar territory, which provides a reminder that bonds were never really designed to provide high returns. They were and are designed to provide security. In other words, the party is over.

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    Wall Street bond dealers whipsawed on bearish Treasuries bet

    The surprising resilience of Treasuries has investors recalibrating forecasts for higher borrowing costs as lackluster job growth and emerging-market turmoil push yields toward 2014 lows.

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    No longer able to blame winter weather, economists see real weakness in housing

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The truth of the housing market is about to hit. Plus: A fresh batch of market data to start your week; the rich have gotten richer since the financial crisis; stocks are being called overpriced; and why working for a hedge fund is better than working at your company.

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    Securities lending: Boon or bane?

    ETFs that lend portfolio securities can generate additional income, but disclosure on those activities isn't forthright

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    Are active ETFs finally growing in popularity?

    The industry blames transparency concerns for a lack of active ETFs, but others aren't so sure

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    How newly-launched fixed-income ETFs rank

    Name/tickerClassification3-month average daily volumeExpense ratio*AdvisorShares YieldPro ETF (YPRO)Alternative credit focus114,6101.42%Market Vectors Short High-Yield Muni Index ET (SHYD)High-yield municipal debt16,2390.35%iShares 2019 AMT-Free Muni Term ETF (MUAH)Intermediate municipal ...

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    Fixed-income ETFs ranked by quarterly returns

    Name/ticker3-month return1-year returnNet assets ($M)Expense ratio*3-month average daily volumePimco 25+ Year Zero Coupon U.S. Treasury Index ETF (ZROZ)14.05%-6.28%$76.50.15%3,244Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury Index Fund ETF (EDV)12.95%-6.47%$201.50.12%64,654Market Vectors Preferred Secs ex ...

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    One-year anniversary equity ETFs

    Name/ticker3-month average daily volume3-month average daily volume1-year returnNet assets ($M)Expense ratio*Alps US Equity High Volatillity Put Write Index (HVPW)51,4320.25%6.69%$75.30.95%Global X SuperDividend US ETF (DIV)23,8365.55%11.63%$77.30.45%Yorkville High Income Infrastructure MLP ETF ...

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    How newly-launched equity ETFs rank

    Name/tickerClassification3-month average daily volumeExpense ratio*First Trust RBA American Indus Renaissance ETF (AIRR)Financial services104,5280.7%Vident U.S. Core Equity Fund (VUSE)Multicap core41,9130.6%PowerShares International BuyBack Achievers Portfolio (IPKW)International large-cap ...

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    Equity ETFs ranked by quarterly returns

    Name/ticker3-month return1-year returnNet assets ($M)Expense ratio3-month average daily volumeMarket Vectors Indonesia Small-Cap ETF (IDXJ)25.73%-21.30%$6.60.61%18,705Guggenheim Invest Solar ETF (TAN)25.13%178.40%$451.40.70%677,267iShares MSCI Indonesia ETF ...

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    Ranking ETFs by tracking difference per category

    N/A 0.07% Assets as of Feb. 28; performance-related figures as of March 28. Excludes leveraged and inverse funds, and exchange-traded notes. Ranking based on unrounded figures. Three- and five-year returns are annualized. N/A = not available (fund has been in operation for less than the stated

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10 professions that need the most coffee to survive - I Love Coffee
Mar 07 10:00PM
"J.P. Morgan Securities goes on recruiting offensive" good read

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