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    Global consumer confidence soars

    Plus: Credit Suisse exits the commodities trading business, Allianz stands by Bill Gross, silver has a golden summer run, three taxes we can all dislike together, and don't let tourist scams rain on your vacation

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    Multialternative mutual funds gain in popularity

    As the stock market continues its push to new record levels, multialternative mutual funds have been enticing investors and advisers with the chance to hedge some of the mounting risk.The broad category, represented by 120 mutual funds, almost a third of which have been launched in the past 18

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    The ongoing rot in the economy

    Past the headline figures, disposable income is stagnant and consumers are spending above their means.

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    Junk-bond investors are jumping ship

    Breakfast with Benjamin: What's up with junk bond investors? Plus: Four sorry years of Dodd-Frank, ignore the Fed's warnings at your own risk, mathematical excuses for sluggish wage growth, and it's not too late for a mid-year portfolio checkup.

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    A seller's market for sharp advisers

    2014 M&A activity is on track for its first year-over-year increase since 2010, and a recent major RIA deal should be enough to alert well-run advisory firms that it's a seller's market.

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    Global markets feeling pressure from increased geopolitical risks

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, global markets feel the pressure of an uptick in geopolitical risk, as oil prices move higher. Plus notes on where to go when volatility rises, and more.

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    No stock shock as central bank holdings keep ballooning

    Combined balance sheets of U.S., Japan and euro area likely to swell another 20%.

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    Obama pushes tighter border rules for U.S. companies trying to exit for tax purposes

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, Pres. Obama pushes for tighter border rules for U.S. companies trying to exit for tax purposes, asset managers unprepared for a bear market, and more.

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    CEO cussing is now a gosh darn market indicator

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, learn about an odd new market indicator, the implications of ongoing investor optimism and much more.

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    Charitable giving bolstered by improving economy

    Schwab finds individuals granted out more this year as stocks soared and tax changes hit home.

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    Markets climb in stride with pessimism

    Plus: Janet Yellen's dovish optimism, Ernst & Young's $4 million lobbying settlement, how Citigroup agreed on that $7 billion figure, and QE has had almost no impact on unemployment

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    MainStay jumps into MLP space with mutual funds

    A mutual fund wrap provides easier access to MLPs but mutes their tax advantages.

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    Markets brace for the Fed's big talk about normalization

    Plus: Individual investors zig as professionals zag, hedging the U.S. market by going global, Citigroup in the spotlight, and futbol mania

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    No inflation in energy prices – yet

    While there is no inflation in energy prices just yet, consumers could cope with higher energy prices as long as they occur over time and don't hit in the form of a shock. But the tipping point is not too far away.

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    Stretch IRAs no longer targeted in Senate highway-funding bill

    Individual retirement account beneficiaries can continue to stretch distributions over a lifetime, as the Senate dropped a provision in its highway funding bill that would have required those distributions within five years of the death of the original account holder.

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Fidelity adds $37.2B in defined contribution assets but pace slows:

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