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    As robo-advice spreads, so should the caution warnings

    Breakfast with Benjamin: As robo-advisers flood the zone, investors (and human financial advisers) should continue to proceed with caution.

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    SEC taking deep dive into role of ETFs in Aug. 24 market drop

    Breakfast with Benjamin: SEC chairwoman Mary Jo White says the agency is taking a hard look at ETFs' role on Aug. 24, when stocks dropped like a rock, and the agency's trading rules are part of the scrutiny.

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    Blending Mars, Venus can energize a fund

    Appears that mixed-gender portfolio management teams tend to generate better performance

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    Advice for advisers: Always think about inflation

    It's no surprise that inflation is not top-of-mind but for long-term investing to be successful, long-term returns need to outpace inflation.

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    December looking more likely for Fed rate hike

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Ground Control to Major Yellen. Commencing countdown, engines on. The Fed's October meeting minutes stress a potential December liftoff for rates.

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    How ETFs can help mitigate the impact of market bubbles

    Emphasizing defense and true diversification in ETF choices can provide protection.

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    Gold goes on a safe-haven rally in the wake of Paris attacks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Gold jumps, with futures up more than 1% even as riskier assets like stocks find reasons to rally.

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    Investors pause but look past Paris attacks, keeping eye on the Fed

    Much to the surprise of some market watchers, investors — and thus, financial markets — Monday looked past the brutal terror attacks in Paris on Friday that left 129 people dead and hundreds injured.

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    Financial markets brace for fallout from the Paris terror attacks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The financial markets are likely to be swept up in the immediate unrest following Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

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    Bond ETFs can help clients navigate rising rates

    Three ways advisers can utilize bond ETFs to ride out whatever waves the Fed's long-deferred action might kick up.

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    Beyond Fed's (all but certain) rate hike

    Markets are expected to experience some immediate, but short-term, volatility if the Federal Reserve decides to raise interest rates in December.

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    The apolitical Fed is becoming a political target

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Even though it's designed and expected to be apolitical, the Federal Reserve is becoming a popular target of political attacks.

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    The endless and irrelevant financial woes of presidential candidates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Presidential candidates are not always good at managing their own money, and voters don't care, or need to.

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    Jobs report has the bond market on edge

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The specific things to watch for in today's jobs report that could influence the Fed's decision on interest rates.

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    The Fed's monetary policy is making income inequality even worse

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The numbers are in, and it turns out the $12.4 trillion worth of quantitative easing has only worsened inequality.