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    Smaller economies offering bigger returns in the emerging markets sector

    Investors are finding bonds with plumper yields, and stocks that beat the S&P 500

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    When investing in emerging-markets economies, stock picking beats indexed exposure

    Investing in specific companies is the best approach, but it entails more risk

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    Emerging-markets debt market offers more than yield

    Fixed-income securities are increasingly diverse and their credit quality has improved markedly

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    How portfolio diversification can help deliver more income to clients

    Customized trade-offs between volatility and income benefits can help clients meet a variety of investment goals.

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    A portfolio strategy that goes all in for alts to dial down market risk

    Altegris founder launches new model likely to draw naysayers (who will be singing a different tune when the market corrects)

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    Even outside U.S., passive investments widen share of sales over active

    Gap between active and passive funds in international equities reaches highest level since financial crisis.

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    Dynasty hires Scott D. Welch to be chief investment officer

    Service provide plans to expand investment opportunities for its network of advisory firms

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    Retail brokers are shut out of the SEC's market reform efforts

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Retail brokerages are shut out of the SEC's advisory committee for market reforms to protect retail investors.

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    Bill Gross says he will short the German bund, eventually

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bill Gross calls out the 10-year German bund, but you'll want to wait more than a year for the end of Europe's easing.

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    With one quarter down, Bob Doll still likes his 2015 outlook

    In a first-quarter checkup on his 2015 economic predictions, Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management, is giving himself a passing grade, while betting on a lot of help from consumers to carry through the rest of the year.“It's my contention that this is the least believed bull

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    The riddle and the dilemma of global bonds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bond bulls continue to shrug off logic, claiming it's different this time, even despite negative yields.

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    Rethinking how you build clients' equity portfolios

    How cyclical and sector stock investing intersect represent an untapped opportunity for clients to diversify and see risk-adjusted returns.

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    If you tread at all into the energy sector, tread lightly

    Despite its size, Royal Dutch Shell's $70 billion acquisition of natural gas giant BG Group is far from a green light for investors to jump headlong into energy, even as some M&A experts forecast a wave of mergers in the industry.As entry points go, energy is very much a stock-pickers market, which

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    Investors jump into European stocks hoping for another QE ride

    The launch of the Eurozone's quantitative easing program has not been lost on investors who are now pouring money into the European equity markets, as measured by record inflows in March. TrimTabs Investment Research calculated a record $7.8 billion worth of inflows into European-focused equity

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    The trouble with emerging and frontier markets indexes

    In spite of all the turmoil and risk, emerging markets are growing. Rapidly.