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    The Ukrainian hornet's nest: Advisers wary of touching it

    Navigating an investment portfolio around Russia's increasingly aggressive move into Ukraine will not be easy, but there's no excuse for ignoring the potential risks — and maybe a opportunities — linked to the turmoil.

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    Consumers left in the loan lurch as big banks still hold off

    Friday's menu: Consumers still left in the loan lurch. Plus: Which manager just jumped into the liquid alts pool? Some stocks for a rising-rate cycle; commodities are hot again; European banks ride the wave; and Merrill trims its housing outlook.

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    Investors turn focus to first-quarter earnings

    Breakfast with Benjamin: All eyes are on earnings. Plus: The SEC discovers high-frequency trading, momentum takes out passive investors, AAA credit ratings becoming extinct, new love for emerging markets, six solid stocks to watch this week, overwhelmed at the IRS, and Switzerland votes for the ...

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    Advisers' business booming, but dark clouds looming

    Firms lagging in long-term planning, standing out from the crowd and connecting with young investors.

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    Strong inflows reverse emerging-markets exodus

    Profit from developed-nation positions is finding its way across global economy.

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    Viewing Alcoa's earnings season kick-off in a high-tech light

    Breakfast with Benjamin: An old manufacturer goes high tech and why its earnings still matter. Plus: Emerging-markets stocks bounce as the dollar slides; the stock market's frayed nerves; and a little corporate board turnover can go a long way toward stock performance.

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    Does the market decline signal a pullback?

    Nuveen's Robert Doll analyzes the market's pullback, says the next few days are critical and provides his longer-term perspective.

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    Pockets of opportunity in Europe, emerging markets

    Despite growing economic concern, there is no shortage of reasons for optimism. You just have to know where to look.

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    When the White House starts giving investment advice, we're all in trouble

    When the White House starts dishing out advice about investing in the global equity markets, apparently short-sellers don't listen. And why should they? On March 18, press secretary Jay Carney said that the only investments worth making in Russian equities are wagers that the market will

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    When BRICs go bust, investors head toward frontier markets

    Friday's menu: Where investors go when BRICs crack. Plus: How advisers can — and should — deal with male and female clients, mounting sanctions drive Russia toward China for economic help, investor class-action lawsuits spike, and saving money on travel.

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    Russia and the energy-stock short-sale question

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Is it time to short energy stocks, given the Russian rabble rousing? Plus: Gold's reaction to Fed chief Yellen, Candy Crush IPO's dizzy math, how to retire with $1M, and at tax time, age counts (the younger, the better).

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    Gold rally draws critics along with fans, but it's still a rally

    Friday's menu: Both sides of the gold rally. Plus: Who won at last night's Lipper Awards; Yellen gets credit for driving the dollar higher; nearly all big banks pass stress tests; Russian sanctions taking hold; and when to use home equity to buy stocks.

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    ICI pushes back on too-big-to-fail label for big fund firms

    Breakfast with Benjamin: ICI resists 'Too Big to Fail' label for fund firms plus Crimea chooses Mother Russia and what that means for the markets. And guess what, the Fed is out of ammo, Pimco spins the Mohamed El-Erian departure while Mr. El-Erian opens a Twitter account.

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    Markets brace for Sunday's Crimea vote

    Friday's menu: Already on edge, investors brace for Sunday's vote in Crimea. And will sanctions against Russia even work? Plus: riding the storm out by staying invested, going long in emerging markets and taking a fresh look at copper. Oh, btw, it's jellybean Friday.

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    Markets wake up to China's economic slowdown

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Markets wake up to China's economic slowdown. Plus: Soros deters British EU exit, an all-ETF retirement portfolio, rethinking cash-rich tech companies, undervalued Wall Street banks, and test your investor profile (for fun).

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