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    Advisers say China drop isn't done yet, but calm clients on the downslide

    It's premature to think Chinese stocks are over the worst, but investing for the long term changes the picture.

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    Health care creates a bright spot for beleaguered stock-pickers

    Sector funds give specialist managers an opportunity to shine during a long bull market.

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    Greece's latest problem is the IMF

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The IMF is throwing a wrench into the Greek bailout works, setting off a political earthquake in Europe.

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    Emerging markets pioneer Mark Mobius to step down as lead manager on Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust

    Carlos Hardenberg selected as new lead manager in effort to bolster performance, which has been subpar.

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    Short sales are stacking up and the bears are starting to show some teeth

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The market bears are getting bolder as they start to come out from a long hibernation, which doesn't really bode well for the bulls.

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    China does everything wrong in efforts to reverse stock market slide

    Breakfast with Benjamin: China gets low marks for how it's trying to save its equity markets by preventing the sale of stocks.

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    China's stock market meltdown is looking like a buying opportunity

    Strategists recommend a slow and steady move into the world's second-largest equity market.

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    China stock plunge reignites debate over when and whether U.S. investors should get in

    Not having access to the market has been protecting mutual-fund investors from fast declines.

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    Don't bet on the 'inevitable' selloff in Treasuries just yet

    It isn't just global shocks that may support Treasuries — while jobs are back and business confidence is growing, wages remain stagnant.

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    Greeks vote 'no' and everybody loses

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Greek voters opt for a collision course with the European Union over austerity. Go figure.

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    Crazy as it might sound, the new all-in bet is going long on Greek stocks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If you've got a really strong stomach, the time looks ripe to buy the fear and jump into Greek equities.

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    The world braces for a slower Chinese economy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A weakening China will show the world how much it is really hooked on the Chinese economy.

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    Why this is an exceptional time to be investing in Europe

    Confluence of events make European companies extremely appealing for investors

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    With Saudi Arabian stock market open, exchange-traded funds aren't far behind

    The earliest access point will most likely be through inclusion in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, according to one expert.

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    Saudi Arabia lays out the welcome mat for global investors

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The richest and most powerful Arab nation opens its $570 billion stock market to the world.