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    Alan Greenspan dishes on fear and inertia

    On today's midweek Breakfast with Benjamin, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan talks fear of bubbles. Plus: Catching a ride on Japan's QE wave, Russia is sweating over low oil prices, and a union stalemate could lead to lower-cost Christmas trees.

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    Investment managers ditching 60/40 portfolios in favor of more liquid alternatives

    On its last legs, the 60/40 portfolio will be replaced by 30/30/40, some managers say.

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    Markets in a 'bad mood' as S&P 500 gives back year's gains

    Weak economic numbers and an Ebola panic spurred a pullback, causing the S&P 500 to give back the year's gains.

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    Passive ETFs are not the answer to emerging markets investing

    One problem: Indexes used by most investors have big concentrations in countries that are not emerging anymore.

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    Emerging-markets ETFs' quandary

    Investors using market-cap-constructed funds run risk of overweighting near-developed economies

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    Market chop puts alternative strategies front and center

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: The market's jolt puts liquid alt strategies in the spotlight. Plus: Minding the next threshold for stocks, reminding clients to buy on the dip, Fed missed the mark on inflation, and don't forget to worry about China.

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    First ETF to track emerging-markets real estate is launched

    Guggenheim says the global rise of the middle class could yield returns for U.S. investors.

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    What's next for asset prices as the Fed signals end to QE?

    As hockey great Wayne Gretzky would say, play your asset allocation where the Fed is going and that means U.S., European and emerging market equities.

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    What Scotland's 'no' vote means for markets

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin: What Scotland's 'no' vote might mean for the markets, Alibaba's IPO prices in record territory, the 'dumb money' is getting smarter, and gold continues to slide.

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    Whether 'yes' or 'no, thanks,' Scotland vote unlikely to trip up hot UK economy

    Careers Whether 'yes' or 'no, thanks,' Scotland vote unlikely to trip up hot UK economy Projections for Great Britain's growth this year trumped only by China when compared with the world's largest economies Sep 18, 2014 @ 1:26 pm By Bloomberg News (Bloomberg News) The U.K. economy is ready for

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    Bob Doll: Why the bull market isn't ending anytime soon

    With all eyes on the Fed, Nuveen's Bob Doll explains why the U.S. market rally should continue.

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    Schorsch REIT board member recommends 30% alts exposure for retirees

    Bob Froehlich says the industry needs to catch up with the pressing demands of a yield-starved world.

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    Central bankers are pushing the whole world into stocks

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Low rates around the world is pushing everyone into stocks. Plus: Where to work if you want a big fat 401(k); the German bund flirts with a negative yield; Australia becomes the new junk-bond haven; and how not to be a horrible boss.

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    Fed watchers are spinning over Janet Yellen's mixed messages

    Breakfast with Benjamin brings you up to speed on reactions to Janet Yellen's mixed messages on the U.S. job market, gold's surge, and Russian mutual funds' fall.

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    Hedge funds jumping into Puerto Rico muni bonds

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin on hedge funds owning $16 billion in Puerto Rican muni bond debt, the scary similarities between advisers and psychics, why deep-water drilling looks like a bargain, and more.