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    Equity ETFs coped with increased volatility in Q1 2015

    First quarter 2015 was marked by an increase in market volatility. The Dow Jones Industrial Average witnessed 16 triple-digit moves during the month of March — the second most of any month in history (October 2008 experienced the most). Investors were torn between the news that the European Central

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    China ETFs plunge as investors fear regulators will curb markets

    The largest U.S. exchange-traded funds tracking Chinese dropped sharply on concern the nation's equity markets will retreat after posting world-beating rallies as policy makers take measures to slow gains.

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    With one quarter down, Bob Doll still likes his 2015 outlook

    In a first-quarter checkup on his 2015 economic predictions, Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management, is giving himself a passing grade, while betting on a lot of help from consumers to carry through the rest of the year.“It's my contention that this is the least believed bull

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    TIAA-CREF money manager calls mid-value strategy a “poor man's hedge fund”

    It's far from an official marketing slogan, but Tom Kolefas, manager of the $5.5 billion TIAA-CREF Mid-Value Fund (IMVX), likes to refer to the portfolio he has been managing since 2004 as a “poor man's hedge fund.”Like a lot of managers in the mid-cap space, Mr. Kolefas speaks almost defensively

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    Northern Trust: Managers remain optimistic on U.S. economy

    Money managers believe the U.S. economy will remain stable over the next six months, but fewer managers expect U.S. corporate earnings growth to accelerate than in the previous quarter, according to Northern Trust's quarterly investment manager survey.Fifty-four percent of managers surveyed by

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    Rethinking how you build clients' equity portfolios

    How cyclical and sector stock investing intersect represent an untapped opportunity for clients to diversify and see risk-adjusted returns.

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    Hillary Clinton goes after Wall Street

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Hillary Clinton goes after the financial industry, taking issue with CEO compensation.

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    Hedge fund bulls go big on oil

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Hedge fund bulls go big on oil. What do they know, or think they know?

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    Why 'smart beta' strategies deserve all the attention and assets they're attracting

    Strategies represent a cost-effective way to harnes quantitative insights and quickl, easily implement them in portfolios

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    Dividend stocks might be a better than annuities for income investors

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Could dividend stocks actually be a better deal than an annuity for income investors?

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    How to turbocharge target-date funds

    Breakfast with Benjamin Focusing on small-cap stocks could be a recipe for boosting a target-date fund.

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    DoubleLine's Shiller CAPE fund beating rivals while adding smart alpha to smart beta

    Fixed-income foundation pushed fund to the top of the large-value category.

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    Point-Counterpoint: In the battle between active and passive management, which style wins?

    The answer to which strategy is best will depend on the scenario in question.

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    If you tread at all into the energy sector, tread lightly

    Despite its size, Royal Dutch Shell's $70 billion acquisition of natural gas giant BG Group is far from a green light for investors to jump headlong into energy, even as some M&A experts forecast a wave of mergers in the industry.As entry points go, energy is very much a stock-pickers market, which

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    Latest sign of oil market glut pushes prices even lower

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Prices fall by 5% after the discovery of the biggest weekly buildup of U.S. inventories since 2001.