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    That awkward moment when the Fed realizes it can't raise interest rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: William Dudley, president of the New York Fed, says delaying a rate hike until 2016 'will be awkward.'

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    Making bigger bets with smaller portfolios

    A fund with a limited number of stocks might outperform in volatile markets

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    In hindsight, China's market meltdown wasn't really that bad

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Now that the dust has started to settle, China's stock market meltdown doesn't seem all that awful.

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    Wild market ride creating entry points for long-term investors

    The stock market roller-coaster ride showed some signs of relative calm Wednesday, but not all market watchers are ready to claim the worst is over.

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    Gloom overshadows Wall Street, but some economists still see a September rate hike

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Despite the mood on Wall Street getting downright gloomy, some economists still think the Fed will raise interest rates next month.

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    Advisers hold steady on equities despite seeing more drops ahead

    InvestmentNews survey shows most financial professionals in "wait and see" mode, while some consider rebalancing. (Don't miss: Investors react to market's move.)

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    Liquid alts funds pass first real test with flying colors

    Reducing downside risk as traditional strategies bite the dust amid market meltdown.

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    This bond fund manager has figured out stocks and his fund is flying

    High-yield-bond research leads manager to companies whose stocks are primed to rise.

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    Market tumult pushes Federal Reserve rate hike expectations out

    A long-anticipated move by the Fed to raise interest rates next month would be “very strange,” given the volatility rocking financial markets, according to the top bond strategist for Charles Schwab's retail research unit.

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    Are HFT and computers to blame for the market's quick drop?

    The Dow's 1,100-point drop off the opening bell Monday cost investors untold amounts of money and suggests the market is still broken

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    Jeffrey Gundlach says the stock market pullback is just getting started

    Breakfast with Benjamin DoubleLine's Jeffrey Gundlach thinks that as painful as it's been over the past week, the markets still need a thorough housecleaning.

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    Investors react to news of 1,000-point fall

    Clients likely felt the pang of crashes past during the early Dow drop this week, but, believe it or not, they are continuing to watch for opportunities.

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    Fear and greed swamp stocks as volatility spikes

    Panic selling off the opening bell leads to investors buying the drop but more losses possible as all eyes focus on China's problems.

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    Global financial turmoil brings the Fed's plan into focus

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Asia's biggest economy is slowing, the Fed is about to kick off an interest rate tightening cycle, and China has just devalued its currency. Is the current market turmoil foreshadowing yet another region-wide bust?

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    Stock market rout overdone, some strategists say

    Some market strategists say the sell-off in stocks this week that wiped out the year's gains has been overblown and that the S&P 500 could still rally 12% by year's end.