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    Financial advisers are putting ETFs in the driver's seat

    Whether it's the liquidity, transparency, low cost or something else, financial advisers increasingly are favoring exchange-traded funds over mutual funds. The results of a Financial Planning Association survey of advisers showed that 81% are now using or recommending ETFs, compared with 78% for

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    Financial markets can smell a rate hike coming

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Equity markets are abruptly adjusting to the notion that the Fed might finally get off the sidelines.

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    F-Squared's assets down 33%; settlement fails to stanch outflows

    Near $8 billion loss tracks the indexes of a once-top boutique portfolio manager: Morningstar.

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    FTSE announces first emerging markets indexes with China A shares exposure

    Allows institutional investors to add an initial increment of China A shares exposure to their emerging markets benchmarks.

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    Smaller economies offering bigger returns in the emerging markets sector

    Investors are finding bonds with plumper yields, and stocks that beat the S&P 500

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    When investing in emerging-markets economies, stock picking beats indexed exposure

    Investing in specific companies is the best approach, but it entails more risk

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    Inflation report boosts odds of September rate hike

    Financial markets' reaction Friday to the unexpected uptick in April Consumer Price Index data underscores the wild and crazy world of quantitative easing, according to Bob Rice, managing partner at Tangent Capital.“This shows us the fascinating Catch-22 of the QE world,” he said, referring to the

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    Tim Geithner spills the beans on how he navigated the financial crisis

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner spills the beans on how he navigated the financial crisis.

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    Wirehouses raise clients' exposure to alternatives, but reps still just dabbling

    Wirehouse reps have been steadily increasing client allocations to alternative investments in stride with the level of risk building in the overall stock and bond markets. The latest research from the Money Management Institute and Dover Financial Research found that alternative investments through

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    Phony adviser convicted for conning a real adviser out of $11.3 million

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A fake financial adviser was found guilty of wire fraud and money laundering related to $11.3M he conned from a real adviser.

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    How portfolio diversification can help deliver more income to clients

    Customized trade-offs between volatility and income benefits can help clients meet a variety of investment goals.

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    A portfolio strategy that goes all in for alts to dial down market risk

    Altegris founder launches new model likely to draw naysayers (who will be singing a different tune when the market corrects)

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    George Soros pitches a currency move to prevent a third world war

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The billionaire investor is calling on the United States to allow China's currency to join the International Monetary Fund's basket of currencies.

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    Even outside U.S., passive investments widen share of sales over active

    Gap between active and passive funds in international equities reaches highest level since financial crisis.

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    Goldman Sachs says the bull market is getting long in the tooth

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Goldman Sachs analysts believe stocks' most recent record high could be the last for a while.