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    Hillary Clinton's short-sighted tax on long-term capital gains leaves advisers unimpressed

    Whatever Hillary Clinton had in mind with her multitiered, multiyear capital gains tax plan, it has left the financial advice community confused and unimpressed with the economic wit of the front-runner in the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.“That plan doesn't have a snowball's

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    'Terror-free' investing proves winning strategy for Patriot Fund

    While Washington politicians bicker over the status of economic sanctions against Iran, Mark Langerman is quietly holding firm that U.S. companies doing business with that country are still bad bets.The managing director of Empowerment Financial Group is the engineer behind the Patriot Fund

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    A warning shot across the market's bow

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Package delivery company UPS has warned that the U.S. economy appears to be slowing. That's bad news for the Fed and stock investors.

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    Hedge funds love these small-cap energy stocks – but they've been getting crushed

    While little has been spared in the energy-securities selloff — oil, junk bonds and even Chinese equities have been hit — smaller stocks have been the worst off.

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    A better way to get China exposure

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Investing in China stocks is a scary proposition right now but there's an ETF that uses a smart approach. It's down, but not like the Shanghai market.

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    As dividend-paying stocks fall out of favor, trading strategies could help

    Advisers should resist the urge to shift their dividend-stock assets into bonds as interest rates rise and instead consider dividend swaps and futures, as well as option combinations.

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    Health care creates a bright spot for beleaguered stock-pickers

    Sector funds give specialist managers an opportunity to shine during a long bull market.

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    The market's zero-to-hero story

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The financial sector has been a laggard and in fact hasn't been an early cycle winner since 2011. But the picture is getting brighter.

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    Donald Trump's investment portfolio a messy hodgepodge: advisers

    Advisers say the presidential hopeful and real estate mogul's investments reveal a scattered approach to money management. (See the top five fund companies holding Mr. Trump's money.)

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    Tech stock rally knocked cold

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Earnings season started out strong but weak numbers from bellwethers like Apple are slamming the brakes on the market's rally. Buckle up.

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    New highs not uncommon: S&P 500 achieves record in 53% of years

    The benchmark equities gauge rose 0.1% to end Monday at 2,128.28, after briefly rising above its record closing level of 2,130.82 during the session.

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    Time to rethink gold?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Contrarians, listen up. Janet Yellen's optimism about the U.S. economy is making gold speculators the least bullish on record.

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    Guns, booze, cigs and sin: The Vice Fund has changed its name, but not its investment philosophy

    Since inception in August 2002, the fund has an average annual return of 9.9%, beating the 8.7% for the S&P 500.

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    Edward Jones' proprietary funds are outselling nearly all active managers

    Firm has raised $8.1 billion for its seven Bridge Builder funds this year as it moves money from its fee-based platform.

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    Goldman pares down liquid alts, presses Morningstar to follow suit

    The evolution of the alternative-strategy mutual fund universe continues with an effort by Goldman Sachs Asset Management to reduce, redefine and generally re-categorize the way Morningstar Inc. has been cataloging these funds over the past half-dozen years.From certain angles, it might look like