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    Fed decides to hold tight on rates, and advisers react

    The Federal Reserve decides to hold tight on interest rates, and advisers are reacting accordingly.

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    Bill Gross rides derivatives around Fed policy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Bond King levers up. Plus: There is nothing smooth about the Fed's next move, the first nail in hedge funds' coffin and more.

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    Bob Doll: Why the bull market isn't ending anytime soon

    With all eyes on the Fed, Nuveen's Bob Doll explains why the U.S. market rally should continue.

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    A user's guide to this week's "Fedspeak"

    On this morning's Breakfast with Benjamin menu, a guide to the Fed's upcoming comments, Calpers sends hedge funds out to pasture, getting on the stock-split bandwagon, and more.

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    Europe the place to go for equity value

    Improving economies and corporate fundamentals help but long time horizon required.

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    Newsflash: Nasdaq is mired in a bear market

    Investors starting to avoid companies that will suffer the most when the market stumbles.

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    Alibaba IPO not high on advisers' to-do list

    As the financial markets inch toward what will be the largest initial public stock offering ever, financial advisers appear to be taking a wait-and-see approach, positioning themselves between their clients and the $24 billion Alibaba IPO.“Most IPOs are overpriced at the offering, so we're going to

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    Markets wait on the Fed's next move

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Investors are waiting for Janet Yellen and the Fed to pull the trigger on rates. Plus: Buying Alibaba via ETFs; S&P and Nasdaq stocks start to separate; hedge funds ride the wave; and annuity product sales hitting double digits.

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    Tiny long-short equity mutual fund delivers huge gains

    The phones rang a lot more than usual this summer at Biondo Group LLC, the small Pennsylvania investment firm tucked away near the Delaware Water Gap and the foothills of the Pocono Mountains.

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    Should you follow Bill?

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin features: Bill Gross is selling bonds. Should you? Plus: Finra might go inside to replace Fienberg; the markets' muted reaction to Obama; pump and dump; more money flows to hedge funds; and Cantor's way of commemorating 9/11.

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    Here's why markets shrugged at Obama's message

    Complacency is in the stock market, but sentiment alone does not usually have a direct impact on share prices.

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    Advisers and investors take new military action in stride

    Day after Obama authorizes new round of air strikes in the Middle East, oil drops. What gives?

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    The recovery's winners

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin menu: Gen Xers enjoy wage gains but others don't. Plus: Bolstering bond returns; thinking about Fed policy; Charlie Munger's contributions to Buffett's success; a private equity manager opens up and remembering 9/11.

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    Bears are giving up and that could be a bad sign

    Breakfast with Benjamin: What's it mean when bears capitulate? Plus: The housing market recovery and homebuilder ETFs; 529s not so popular and here's why; Apple's big news; and the long-term-care insurance question.

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    Are you prepared to make an exit from the stock market?

    If the Federal Reserve pursues an “exit” from its ultra-low interest rate policy, are you be prepared for an exit from the stock market, should things turn south?