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    Vanguard, once thwarted, launches a muni-bond rival to BlackRock's iShares

    A first for the mutual fund industry, and the cheapest offering in ETFs, an analyst says.

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    In hindsight, China's market meltdown wasn't really that bad

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Now that the dust has started to settle, China's stock market meltdown doesn't seem all that awful.

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    Wild market volatility puts fresh focus on workings of ETFs

    Intraday trading is makes exchange-traded funds special but can also make them dangerous, market players say.

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    Third time lucky for ETF entrepreneur with cybersecurity fund

    Timing is key as fund, with the ticker symbol HACK, launched just before the Sony Pictures computer network was broken into.

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    ETFs hit the big time as institutional investors' appetite for the funds grow

    Endowments, pensions, foundations like the funds' ability to quickly and easily gain access to indexes or commodities not easily investible.

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    NextShares wins its first adviser platform partner with Envestnet

    Envestnet has agreed to make NextShares, a unique hybrid of mutual funds and ETFs, available to some of its 41,000 affiliated financial advisers, delivering Eaton Vance its first distribution partner for the product.

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    ETF providers step up to defend the status quo

    As comment period ends, firms hope to ensure the SEC knows that ETFs help, and don't hurt, liquidity, price discovery.

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    How advisers can benefit as the cost of private-equity investing is driven down

    Those who understand this emerging shift early will be well-positioned to help their clients grow their portfolios.

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    Morningstar shines an ESG light on all mutual funds and ETFs

    New zero-to-100 rating would indicate the environmental, social and governance impact of a fund's holdings.

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    Guggenheim adds real estate to its smart beta lineup

    Guggenheim Investments is staking its claim to the S&P 500 Equal Weight Real Estate Index with a smart beta ETF that tracks the two-month-old sector benchmark. The Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Real Estate ETF (EWRE), is the firm's 15th equal-weighted ETF, and it is the first smart beta ETF

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    Muni bonds are poised to shine as rates move higher

    Tax-exempt category is actually benefiting from the dark cloud hanging over it.

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    Precidian goes back to SEC for approval of active ETF plan

    A proposal designed to put actively managed products on par with index funds in the ETF universe by allowing their holdings to be non-transparent is going back in front of securities regulators.

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    Advisers remain loyal to American Funds through ups and downs

    The unshakable fealty of financial advisers is starting to pay off for American Funds in the wake of historic sales declines.

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    Liquidity alert: If it's dead dry, then think twice before you buy

    It looks like somebody got killed on this after-hours exchange-traded note trade. The lesson? Beware thinly traded securities with a bid/ask spread you could drive a truck through.

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    Hillary Clinton's short-sighted tax on long-term capital gains leaves advisers unimpressed

    Whatever Hillary Clinton had in mind with her multitiered, multiyear capital gains tax plan, it has left the financial advice community confused and unimpressed with the economic wit of the front-runner in the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.“That plan doesn't have a snowball's