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    Hillary Clinton's short-sighted tax on long-term capital gains leaves advisers unimpressed

    Whatever Hillary Clinton had in mind with her multitiered, multiyear capital gains tax plan, it has left the financial advice community confused and unimpressed with the economic wit of the front-runner in the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.“That plan doesn't have a snowball's

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    ETF trading tops U.S. GDP as turnover reaches 870% a year

    In the past 12 months investors traded $18.2 trillion worth of exchange-traded fund shares, which means the amount of dollars exchanging hands through ETFs is now more than the U.S. gross domestic product, which stands at $17.4 trillion.

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    SEC denies active ETF proposal as NextShares launches salvo against competitors

    Eaton Vance looks to win the "VHS/Betamax war" for the future of actively managed investments.

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    Equity ETFs stretch their winning streak to three quarters in a row

    Despite hitting multiple record highs and triple-digit lows over the three months, the markets were generally in a sideways pattern during second quarter 2015. While the Russell 2000 and the NASDAQ Composite managed to break into record territory in mid-June, advances to new highs were generally

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    Bond ETFs suffer through a disappointing quarter

    Fixed income funds suffer as investors see the Federal Reserve getting closer to raising rates

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    Here's why advisers should avoid leveraged ETFs

    The compounding effect in leveraged ETFs is a bit like a full moon. It's pretty when it happens, but it is the exception and not the norm. Normally, the daily resetting can hurt investors over longer holding periods. Gold miner ETFs offer a case study.

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    Health care creates a bright spot for beleaguered stock-pickers

    Sector funds give specialist managers an opportunity to shine during a long bull market.

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    Donald Trump's investment portfolio a messy hodgepodge: advisers

    Advisers say the presidential hopeful and real estate mogul's investments reveal a scattered approach to money management. (See the top five fund companies holding Mr. Trump's money.)

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    Janet Yellen, Fed ready to raise rates in September and here's why

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Despite still-tepid economic growth and few signs of inflation, Janet Yellen and her colleagues at the Federal Reserve will lift rates in September for one major reason.

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    MLPs yield headaches for advisers who bought them for income

    Top analysts in the sector see a bear market as investors pumped $10.5 billion into energy funds over the last year.

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    WisdomTree launches ETFs to minimize impact of strong U.S. dollar

    Company also has fund ready for weakness in the greenback, which will maximize holdings in exporters.

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    Making sure the ETF you buy is the one you need

    The myriad of options now available in the market makes choosing the right ETFs a challenge, particularly for complex portfolios.

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    Liquidity in bond ETFs: The real story

    Past patterns show that Carl Icahn's worries about havoc in the market are not grounded in fact.

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    Pimco's brand takes a hit by advisers in wake of Gross exit but still ranks among top firms

    New research finds the firm that Bill Gross built, then left, lost some favor with advisers over the last year. (Don't miss the Top 10 most trusted mutual fund companies.)

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    Carl Icahn vs. Larry Fink: Should advisers fear junk bonds?

    Legendary activist investor sounds the alarm while BlackRock CEO pushes back.