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    Financial advisers are putting ETFs in the driver's seat

    Whether it's the liquidity, transparency, low cost or something else, financial advisers increasingly are favoring exchange-traded funds over mutual funds. The results of a Financial Planning Association survey of advisers showed that 81% are now using or recommending ETFs, compared with 78% for

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    Legislation would allow B-Ds to publish ETF research without fear of breaking securities laws

    Bill proposed by former broker passes key committee, would raise competition with Morningstar.

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    Even outside U.S., passive investments widen share of sales over active

    Gap between active and passive funds in international equities reaches highest level since financial crisis.

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    United Capital pivots away from mutual funds to proprietary asset management program

    Firm sees new way to cut the middleman, product fees for clients while capturing top investment ideas.

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    Index based on social media sentiment gives new weight to tweets

    Investing based on the sentiment gleaned from 500 million daily tweets on Twitter Inc. might sound crazy, but the numbers appear to add up. Market Prophit, a market-sentiment research firm, has launched an index constructed and managed based on daily analysis of what people are saying about various

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    Generating income with ETFs: A how-to guide

    Every one of the top 15 ETF providers offers at least one focused on providing income. Here's a breakdown.

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    Vanguard's new ambassador to advisers: We've earned your trust

    Thomas M. Rampulla's return to the U.S. comes after the firm recast itself as a patron of an industry that once saw it as a threat.

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    Virtus drops F-Squared as fund manager

    Loss of linchpin backer adds to F-Squared's struggle following admissions it misled investors on performance.

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    The ETF craze crosses a huge hurdle

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Over the last 12 months, investors pumped more money into ETFs than mutual funds for the first time ever.

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    Reading the tea leaves of exchange-traded funds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Does ETF flow data show anything more than who's up and who's down? You better believe it.

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    The housing market steps up to provide a needed economic boost

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The solid housing market stands in contrast to the dismal first quarter GDP numbers.

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    Institutional investors warming up to ETFs

    Popularity of active strategies by pensions and endowments limiting use but more coming on board.

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    Wirehouse advisers pile into euro-stock ETFs

    Currency-hedging ETF strategies are a no-brainer: Merrill Lynch portfolio manager

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    Fund expense ratios continue to fall as fund companies get richer

    Flood of money into passively-managed index funds has helped drive average expense ratios down, but there's more to the story.

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    Eaton Vance dismisses BlackRock remarks on NextShares

    CEO Faust calls remarks by BlackRock executives skeptical of the future of NextShares, an exchange-traded successor to mutual funds, 'off base.'