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    Investors facing the dark side of MLP investing

    Poor performance could send the income-generating category back to direct investing, where it belongs.

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    Active fund managers took it on the chin in the third quarter

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The third quarter was not kind to active fund managers, with two-thirds unable to beat their benchmarks.

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    Advisers pouring more money into smart beta funds

    Reports find understanding remains scanty and strategies used don't always match goals.

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    High-frequency traders offer three solutions to solve ETF trouble when volatility spikes

    Remedies include clarifying rules for canceling trades, loosening short-selling restrictions and protecting small investors by restricting some orders.

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    Columbia Threadneedle Investments files with the SEC for NextShares and index funds

    Ameriprise Financial's asset management subsidiary signals a desire to significantly expand its presence in the exchange-traded fund market, as well as license Eaton Vance's mutual fund/ETF hybrid structure.

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    Guggenheim's fixed-income shop shaping up to be next bond kingdom

    While most bond fund managers have been walking the tightrope to try and balance the risks and opportunities in an unprecedented interest-rate environment, Guggenheim Partners has been quietly finding ways to rise above the herd.Through Sept. 20, all seven of Guggenheim's actively managed taxable

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    TD Ameritrade weighs charging fund companies on its commission-free ETF platform

    RIA custodian is also "taking a look" at role of Morningstar in selecting funds and considers sharing data on advisers, according to an executive.

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    Financial advisers get more tools for navigating the liquid alts space

    As stock market volatility continues to tick higher, another player is emerging to help financial advisers navigate the alternative investments space for portfolio diversification.Launched eight months ago and recently upgraded to make it more user-friendly for advisers, the Liquid Alternative

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    LPL to pay $1.4 million fine and return investor money for certain nontraded REIT sales

    Broker-dealer agrees to a $1.4 million fine and will return investor money on approximately 2,000 sales of nontraded REITs. Firm also settles with states regarding leveraged ETFs.

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    Best-performing ETF of last 10 years is up 420%

    Topping the list of the best-performing exchange-traded funds of the past 10 years is the PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Portfolio, with an eye-popping return of 420%.

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    SEC seeks to prevent damage from runs on mutual funds, ETFs

    New liquidity rules would require mutual funds and ETFs to develop risk management programs and allow for 'swing pricing.'

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    New ETFs make slicing up the S&P by sector easier

    Leave it to exchange-traded funds to give investors and advisers yet another way to overthink asset allocation.The latest instrument for tweaking diversification and likely baiting speculation comes from ProShares in the form of four ETFs that enable investors to avoid entire sectors of the overall

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    First Goldman Sachs ETFs are cheaper than some from Vanguard

    New ActiveBeta funds, which try to beat the market, give Goldman a foothold in ETFs.

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    ETFs in spotlight as exchanges, regulators seek fix after August volatility

    Rules governing markets need to be updated because they aren't designed to cope with the proliferation of exchange-traded funds: BATS CEO.

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    Goldman Sachs faces stiff competition as it breaks into hot ETF market

    With the $3 trillion in exchange-traded funds worldwide expected to double by 2020, the powerful bank is preparing to launch its first line of them.