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    Vanguard plans to offer digital marketing tool for advisers

    Largest mutual fund manager hopes that the tool will enhance relationships for and with advisers.

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    China stock plunge reignites debate over when and whether U.S. investors should get in

    Not having access to the market has been protecting mutual-fund investors from fast declines.

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    Gold not getting boost from investors seeking safe haven from Greek crisis

    The precious metal stays in trading range as Greece lives on the edge of default due to tepid inflation, muted demand for gold from China and a strong U.S. dollar.

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    Active or passive? It depends where you work

    Over the past two years, confidence in passive investing has grown mainly among RIAs while other advisers primarily remain active.

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    Treasury ETF attracts big bucks as investors seek safety amid Greek crisis

    ETF holds up better than other funds that own riskier, lower-rated debt, which had their worst monthly outflows ever.

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    Blackstone and BlackRock are starting to cross over into each other's bread and butter

    Steve Schwarzman and Larry Fink, once partners, now vie for Wall Street dominance atop their wildly successful firms.

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    J.P. Morgan turns to Schwab to sell passive funds

    J.P. Morgan Asset Management, the top-selling stock-picking fund manager for the past two years, is getting help selling its index-tracking ETFs from Charles Schwab.

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    Losing edge in ETFs, State Street turns to hedge funds

    Firm is expanding hedge funds and alternative investment strategies that can be offered to individual investors, Ronald O'Hanley, the new chief of the the $2.45 trillion State Street Global Advisors.

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    Legg Mason wants to build 'better' ETFs

    Legg Mason Inc. has asked U.S. securities regulators for permission to build index-tracking ETFs, a first step toward building its own business after poaching two Vanguard executives.In a statement Wednesday, Legg Mason said its application is “the next step in building the organizational structure

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    Wells Fargo faces major test of broker liability for selling F-Squared

    A 68-year-old widower claims wirehouse did insufficient due diligence on the troubled money manager.

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    SEC member Stein calls for scrutiny of alternative mutual funds and ETFs

    Kara Stein says mutual funds and ETFs that use complex, illiquid strategies 'operate in a gray area.'

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    With Saudi Arabian stock market open, exchange-traded funds aren't far behind

    The earliest access point will most likely be through inclusion in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, according to one expert.

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    In latest test, active managers outperform bond indexes

    After a disappointing 2014, intermediate-term bond managers have found their footing.

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    Merrill Lynch adds social impact portfolios to platform

    Client demand leads wirehouse to create multi-asset vehicles that reflect investors' values

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    SEC seeks public comments on exchange-traded products

    The Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking feedback from investors about the way it regulates an increasingly popular investment: exchange-traded products.The agency solicited public input Friday on issues surrounding SEC approval of new, novel or complex exchange-traded vehicles. The