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    Finding some glitter among gold-mining stocks

    Gold bugs and non-gold bugs are puzzled over the apparent disconnect between gold prices, gold mining stocks and stock market bullishness.But even if sky-high investor bullishness can't lift gold prices, a move might come at the hands of Swiss voters next week, when they will decide whether the

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    India's roaring stock market, and funds that track it, get boost from cheap oil

    Single-country funds average 12-month gains of 55% but region can be volatile for investors.

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    How to avoid the unexpected capital gain gift

    Even if an investor didn't sell shares in a fund this year, if a manager took profits or sold to meet redemptions, the investor shares in the tax burden.

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    Pimco could withstand losing another $350 billion before asset flow starts to pinch

    Morningstar report says outflows of $300B to $350B in next few years could hit firm's bonus pool, lead to key departures.

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    Morningstar founder Joe Mansueto still dreams big

    Morningstar wants to become 'ubiquitous' with investors, according to founder Joe Mansueto. Will their new initiatives turn around the firm's declining share prices and profits?

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    This ETF acts like a bond and will give $800 million back to investors

    'Swallowing hard' and sending checks to clients, Guggenheim sticks with strategy for advisers.

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    Investor appetite for China A-shares sends ETF assets toward record

    X-trackers Harvest, Market Vectors ChinaAMC exchange-traded funds get surge of cash as stock pipeline opens.

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    BlackRock, Precidian pull applications for new ETF type

    BlackRock Inc. (BLK) and Precidian Investments pulled applications for a new type of exchange-traded fund that wouldn't disclose holdings daily, after regulators said they planned to reject them.

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    CEO of embattled ETF manager F-Squared steps down

    Howard Present leaves as firm faces regulatory scrutiny over how it reported performance.

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    Strong dollar makes a strong case for currency-hedged ETFs

    Midweek Breakfast with Benjamin: What's making dollar bulls cheer. Plus: Picking winners and losers in the net-neutrality fight, Goldman's coveted promotion cycle, Dems suddenly like the Keystone XL pipeline, and Tim Geithner ruffles the Europeans.

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    Investors betting on tech

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin: Money flowing to technology but record highs mask weakness. Plus: Eaton Vance's big news; BofA's big loss; Home Depot's big data breach; and dreaming big, big, big.

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    SEC set to approve novel Eaton Vance exchange-traded product

    Less than a month after rejecting nontransparent ETFs, the SEC is ready to back a new and possibly cheaper way to trade funds.

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    Brokers warned to beef up training on complex products

    Regulators alarmed at lack of knowledge brokers demonstrate about the products they're selling.

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    Pershing playing catch-up with competitors as custodian considers offering commission-free ETFs

    Platforms, popular with RIAs, post tremendous growth for firms, fund managers.

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    Pershing “actively” considers launching commission-free ETF platform

    Custodian considering jumping on bandwagon popular with RIAs as other platforms grow big.