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    Vanguard warns advisers on stock risk in client portfolios

    According to the fund giant, investors are taking on portfolio risk not seen since 1999 or 2007, and advisers need to adjust client expectations for low-return markets.

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    Wealthfront, Edelman clash on robo-advisers

    The old guard of wealth management clashed with the new as Ric Edelman delivered a bleak assessment of his peers' future during a spirited debate with Adam Nash, the top executive at Wealthfront.

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    Socially responsible strategies largely absent from ETF landscape

    Among U.S.-listed exchange-traded products, 10 “socially responsible” products account for only $1.14 billion, or just 0.06% of ETP assets.

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    Active managers get a seat at the ETF table

    To the chagrin of some, a fast-growing industry comes to terms with active management.

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    It's getting easier to tell good stocks from bad

    You didn't have to be a genius to make money in equities the last two years. Buy an index fund and let the bull market guide you to a 44% gain.Most money managers who actually pick stocks couldn't match the S&P 500 Index, let alone beat it. Thanks to three weeks of volatility, that's beginning to

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    Schwab adds 18 more funds to its commission-free ETF platform

    Schwab's fund platform is expanding to 198 the number of ETFs that trade without commissions.

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    Vanguard's funds reach new heights

    Vanguard Group surpassed State Street Global Advisors as the second-largest ETF provider, a new milestone following a year that was filled with them.

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    Gross eats his own cooking at Janus, putting more than $700M in his fund

    The former Bond King invested more than $700 million of his own money in his unconstrained bond fund, according to Janus Capital Group CEO Dick Weil. The news sparked a rally in Janus shares.

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    Norm Champ to depart SEC

    Head of the agency's Division of Investment Management will leave before the end of the month

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    Currency-hedged ETFs giving investors new option for improving international returns

    Once reserved for institutions, strategies now available to advisers at just the right time.

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    Bond ETFs defied pundits in the fourth quarter

    Although it took until October for the Fed to wind down its bond buying, markets had a radically different reaction than had been forecast: Bonds rose in value.

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    Equity ETFs post third straight year of plus-side returns

    Unexpectedly good U.S. economic news and fresh actions by central banks pushed local indexes to new records in the fourth quarter.

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    BlackRock attracts record flow in 4Q amid ETF demand, Pimco turmoil

    BlackRock Inc. (BLK), the world's largest money manager, attracted a record amount of new money in the fourth quarter, helped by demand for exchange traded funds and turmoil at a rival bond manager Pacific Investment Management Co.Clients added a net $87.8 billion in investor money, more than

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    Fed confidence in the U.S. economy starts to wane

    In Thursday's Breakfast with Benjamin, oil prices and consumer spending add a hint of concern about the economy to the Federal Reserve's outlook. Plus: Fido app adds new twist to stock picking, retired Franklin Resources billionaire tangles history, and BlackRock added as many ETFs as it shut down

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    iShares says not so fast on passive investing winning the day

    iShares manager says money from active managers was primary driver of record 2014.