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    Schwab 'robo-adviser' bets big on cash and 'smart' beta

    Brokerage platform will use asset-allocation strategies of disputed merit with retail clients.

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    Vanguard may expand fast-growing virtual investing service to advisers

    Pilot raised more than $9 billion last year along with hopes for more direct-to-consumer fund sales.

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    3 big surprises in ETF flows so far in 2015

    One-month flows now stand at over $30.7 billion, putting year-to-date inflows at $23.9 billion. Here's what flows say about investors.

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    Vanguard finds another way to get its ETFs in your clients' hands

    With new presence in the ETF strategist game, Vanguard wins Envestnet, Cambridge and more retirement-plan business.

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    Gundlach tests ETF waters with new active fund

    Rock star portfolio manager's new addition is the 26th exchange-traded fund launched this year but is possibly the most important as test of active management.

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    Putting the T back in ETF

    Exchange-traded funds are exceptional tools for allocating client portfolios, but they can lose their effectiveness if implemented incorrectly.

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    BlackRock adds fuel to smart beta debate in push for exotic bond strategies

    Money manager set to launch new strategy as “smart” way to dodge investment risks as rates rise.

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    American Funds ready to double-down on active investing in 2015

    Adviser-sold fund giant starts to see some flows after pressing view that active management, especially for retirement goals, works.

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    ETF outdoes hedge funds in the M&A game

    In trying to capitalize on the news of mergers and acquisitions, hedge funds are being outdone by an exchange-traded fund clone.

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    Legg Mason snags two top executives from Vanguard for ETF push

    Baltimore-based mutual fund manager takes big step toward a popular product.

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    The correlation conundrum and liquid alternatives

    The vast majority of these funds are new, and they require scrutiny in context of other assets

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    ProShares gives ETF traders aggressive way to play gold miners

    ProShares is tapping into the rising volatility of gold with four exchange-traded funds designed with traders in mind.The provider of alternative-strategy ETFs is offering the first access to leveraged long or short gold-miner and junior gold-miner stocks.“We don't anticipate buy-and-hold investors

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    Fidelity records massive profit, despite fund outflows

    Boston mutual fund and brokerage giant increased its earnings by 29% last year despite surging investor redemptions of its mutual funds.

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    Investors flock to low-volatility ETFs as stock market swings widen

    Assets in ETFs designed to lessen volatility climb 15% in the first five weeks of the year.

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    After Bill Gross, Pimco Total Return performance is back at the top

    Portfolio managers deliver strong performance with right central bank call, leading Morningstar to boost rating even as more investors pull assets.