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    SEC moves closer to decision on “nontransparent” active ETFs

    The Securities and Exchange Commission appears to be deciding whether to allow a new type of actively managed ETF to trade that does not regularly disclose its underlying holdings.Kevin M. O'Neill, a deputy secretary at the SEC, set a deadline of Nov. 7 as the date by which the agency will decide

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    Wells Fargo expanding bond fund and ETF use in SMAs

    Firm's managed accounts can make greater use of products like bond mutual funds and ETFs over individual bonds in model portfolios.

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    Bears are giving up and that could be a bad sign

    Breakfast with Benjamin: What's it mean when bears capitulate? Plus: The housing market recovery and homebuilder ETFs; 529s not so popular and here's why; Apple's big news; and the long-term-care insurance question.

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    Advisers take stock as ETF portfolio manager F-Squared faces legal action

    Wary advisers are taking a closer look at F-Squared Investments, the largest manager of exchange-traded-fund portfolios, which is under investigation for misrepresenting past returns.

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    F-Squared says regulators considering action over performance claims

    F-Squared Investments Inc., one of the largest managers of investment products built using exchange-traded funds, said U.S. regulators were considering a civil action against the firm over performance claims made in the firm's advertising materials.The firm, which oversees $27.7 billion, received a

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    BlackRock's iShares steps back from target date ETFs it helped pioneer

    iShares fund closures suggests ETFs have a long way to go before they achieve a place in retirement plans.

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    Not all strong dividend ETFs are the same

    Two top-ranked iShares Core exchange-traded funds are both cheap, but their holdings and exposure are quite different.

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    Avoid hedge funds' ETF termite problem

    Some of the smartest investors, like John Paulson, are bad role models in their choice of exchange-traded funds, which are often celebrated for their low costs.

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    Proliferation of ETFs both good and bad

    A big issue for advisers and investors is the ever-expanding universe of ETFs.

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    iShares and Pimco to shut 22 ETFs

    The funds include iShares' target-date lineup and Pimco's foreign-bond trackers.

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    Liquid alts to get their own benchmarks

    New measures aim to combat challenge of assessing performance; investible products may not be far behind.

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    Investing lessons from Lebron James

    Breakfast with Benjamin: What bond investors can learn from Lebron James. Plus: Gold: It all depends on the Fed; commodities as a geopolitical hedge; investing in women; and golf stocks come up short.

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    For fund managers, high-yield pullback comes with liquidity risks

    Lower broker-dealer bond inventories and growing use of high-yield funds could test markets, increase price swings.

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    Buckling in for market volatility

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Market volatility headed your way. Plus: Hidden ETF risks, Buffett hoards cash, SEC whistleblowers come out of the woodwork, the upside of passive real estate investing, and how Millennials blow through their money.

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    Dan Fuss: Risk in geopolitics, high-yield, leveraged funds

    Loomis Sayles bond fund manager says the firm is “as cautious as we've ever been”