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    Account opening is No. 1 tech concern: Survey

    Beacon finds 'client onboarding' has replaced social-media archiving as brokers' biggest technology challenge.

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    Indexed annuities gain popularity while rates remain low

    Indexed annuities, long the black sheep of retirement products, are enjoying a wave of popularity among financial advisers grappling with low interest rates.

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    ING wins fixed-annuity deal as Allstate narrows focus

    ING U.S. Inc. will begin selling fixed annuities through Allstate Corp. agencies as the largest publicly traded U.S. auto and home insurer ceases to offer its own brand of the retirement products.

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    Fixed-annuity sales driven by frustration with low interest rates, thirst for income

    Fixed-annuity sales in the third quarter reached their highest level since 2009, topping $22 billion. That number represents a 31% rise from the previous quarter and more than a 35% increase from the same period last year.

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    Bond market fears igniting interest in fixed annuities

    The bond market's struggles have ignited investor interest in fixed annuities, though the products come with warnings, as insurers deal with the same rate pressure as bond owners.

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    Interest rate spike could whack VA sellers

    Just as insurers are beginning to take comfort in strong stock markets and look ahead to rising interest rates, a new risk could bedevil their blocks of variable annuity business. Life insurers haven't really confronted the possibility of a dramatic spike in interest rates, which could lead to some

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    Dynasty branches out to the insurance side

    New offering opens up access to insurance brokerages offering annuities, disability, long-term care.

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    The Takeaway: Gross' Total Return gets totally buzzed

    On the (quick) reversion in S&P vs Treasury yields.  ( Abnormal Returns ) Pimco Total Return has its worst monthly loss since September 2008.  ( The Tell ) The Biz Remember when training on Wall Street was about mentorship and not salesmanship?  ( The Big Picture ) RBC broker promised a couple that

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    Axa latest insurer to yank generous VA options

    Axa is the latest insurer to drop aggressive VA investment options, moving customers into funds that are less volatile. The shift will affect some 500,000 policies.

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    The case for fixed-income annuities

    So far this year, somewhere around $34 billion worth of fixed-income annuities has found its way into Americans' retirement portfolios. Though that's well below the $80 billion in variable annuities purchased, the gap is closing. And there is good reason to think it will close further.

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    Guggenheim's Security Benefit Life climbs among top fixed-annuity players

    Hot third-quarter indexed-annuity sales help propel industry, PE-backed insurers show staying power

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    Advisers not very confident on their annuity know-how

    Morningstar research shows that advisers prefer systematic withdrawals in retirement; lack confidence in their annuity know-how.

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    Mutual insurers ramp up development of deferred-income annuities

    Amid all the cooling in the annuity development space, one area is picking up steam: deferred-income annuities, or longevity insurance.On Monday, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. announced the release of its Select Portfolio Deferred Income Annuity. Two weeks before that, Massachusetts Mutual

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    GM follows in Ford's tracks, offers lump sum to retirees

    Apparently, as Ford Motor goes, so goes GM.General Motors Co. on Friday announced plans to cut its pension obligation by $26 billion by offering lump-sum payments to about 42,000 white-collar retirees. The nation's largest automaker is also shifting the balance of its plan to Prudential Insurance

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    With VA bennies being jettisoned, customers hop on indexed annuities

    Search for guaranteed income boosts sales; rising stock market fails to lift VAs

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