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    Morgan Stanley settles mortgage bond probe for $2.6 billion

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Plus: Buffet's opaque empire, Obama's regulatory plans and New York's efforts to keep its meat hooks in tax refugees.

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    Is OPEC about to flinch and cut oil production?

    Breakfast with Benjamin: OPEC might be rethinking their strategy of flooding the market with oil to crush the fracking industry.

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    For rogue advisers, it's thirty strikes, but not out

    Only penalties that make repeat offenders in the financial arena feel serious heat will deter illegal behavior.

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    SEC's Michael Piwowar slams Finra data-collection proposal

    Republican Piwowar criticizes Finra's plan for a massive brokerage data collection mechanism, asking whether it's a "solution in search of a problem."

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    Senator says advisers need more protection in reporting elder financial abuse

    Federal privacy laws should be clarified to protect financial advisers who tell authorities about suspected financial exploitation of the elderly, a Senate leader on senior issues said Wednesday.Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, chairwoman of the Senate Aging Committee, said giving safe harbor to

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    Password managers are a powerful tool in the fight to fend off cyber crooks

    Breaking down how password managers actually work, plus details on three good options for advisers to consider

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    Grant Thornton resigns as auditor for eight Schorsch-linked nontraded REITs

    The accountant for eight nontraded REITs managed by Nicholas Schorsch's privately held real estate manager, American Realty Capital, has resigned.

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    American Realty Capital Properties hit by lawsuit from institutional investors

    New York City Retirement Systems, TIAA-CREF join group of investors alleging ARCP misrepresented the company's business, "engaged in a scheme to deceive the market and a course of conduct that artificially inflated prices of American Realty securities.”

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    Shocking NYC murder highlights need for estate planning contingencies

    Case serves as a reminder that advisers need to plan for events in which a beneficiary becomes unable to inherit.

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    Falling oil prices are now officially costing jobs

    Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin covers oilfield job cuts coming hard and fast now that the oil boom is sinking. Plus: Ohio-based financial adviser charged in Ponzi scheme, movie industry hopes the Oscar nominees can drive ticket sales, and the time might be perfect to start buying stocks.

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    Goodbye, Tommy Belesis. We won't miss you.

    The rise and fall of the notorious owner and CEO of the defunct independent broker-dealer John Thomas Financial is now complete, and senior columnist Bruce Kelly says the industry won't miss him.

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    Florida firm linked to 'Wolf of Wall Street' raided by FBI

    Medical device firm accused of Medicare fraud; lawyer denies charges, says complying with federal probe.

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    What's good for individual investors is good for the whole industry

    The financial industry must take every action it can to weed out bad actors and rebuild investor confidence, including beefing up background checks for brokers.

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    SEC sues alts fund manager Daniel Thibeault for fraud

    After being arrested on charges of securities fraud, alternative fund manager Dan Thibeault is now facing related civil charges from the SEC, which claims he siphoned off some $16 million in assets from his GL Beyond Income Fund to use for personal expenses. He calls the situation 'bizarre.'

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    Sherwin Brown, former investment adviser turned coach, charged by SEC

    A former investment adviser who was barred from the industry and has since been working as a “money coach” is back in front of a judge on charges that he never stopped advising clients. (See also: The craziest regulatory blunders of 2014)