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    Regulators zero in on protecting elderly investors

    Finra files cease-and-desist order against brokerage firm for sales to older customers.

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    Widow of Home Shopping founder sues Morgan Stanley for $400M

    Lynnda Speer, widow of a Home Shopping Network co-founder, alleges excessive trading and negligent supervision by Morgan Stanley in an arbitration claim.

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    SEC says phony adviser is ripping off members of the military

    The latest pretend adviser to emerge, Leroy Brown Jr., may win a grand prize for lying.

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    ARCP insiders generated $900M in fees during buying binge: lawsuit

    In an updated lawsuit, plaintiffs allege American Realty Capital Properties insiders artificially inflated a key metric to help it grow into a powerhouse with 4,400 properties and $21 billion in assets.

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    Identity theft hits home

    I was going through my mail the other day after weeks of neglect. (I'm also a CPA and have been completely focused on April 15!) I was surprised to see account opening documents for my 27-year-old son at Merrill Lynch and TIAA-CREF. (He allowed me to open the envelopes — I'm not a snoop!) As my kid

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    Ex-JPMorgan Chase broker charged with stealing $20M from clients

    Allegedly was investing in municipal securities, but pocketed money instead

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    Ex-NFL cornerback Will Allen accused of running Ponzi scheme

    SEC alleges the NFL vet and his partner used cash from clients to fill a $7M shortfall in investor payments

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    New Hampshire wants LPL to pay $3.6M over nontraded REIT sales

    Case, involving 48 sales, stems from an 81-year-old investor who lost a substantial amount on the product.

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    NFL star Dwight Freeney sues BofA, adviser for $20 million

    Dwight Freeney accuses the firm and adviser Michael Bock of leading him into a massive scam. (Plus: 7 athletes who say they were duped by advisers)

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    SEC charges private-equity queen Lynn Tilton with fraud

    Regulator says self-proclaimed billionaire misled investors about the value of risky pools of corporate loans.

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    SEC shuts down ex-broker's attempt to start RIA from jail

    David Cacchione almost got a second chance at a career in the securities industry through a registered investment adviser.

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    Client losses total $44 million in 'Madoff of Main Street' case

    Jacob Cooper, founder of San Diego-based RIA Total Wealth Management, built his business to over $100 million in assets and more than 600 clients. Last week, a court-appointed receiver in a case brought by the SEC determined that more than $44 million of those assets are likely lost.

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    Bigger & Better

    Advisers with assets over $1 billion are outperforming their peers. Does your firm have what it takes to be a billion dollar baby?

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    Fraud does serious damage to investors – beyond monetary losses

    A Finra survey points to health, marital and trust problems resulting from financial scams.

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    Cash-heavy mutual funds take downside protection to the extreme

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Some funds using cash for protection. Lots of it. Plus: Adviser charged with stealing $1.3M from widows and church friends, up from the ashes arises a new subprime giant, and Wall Street courts millennials.