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    Average retiree health costs could overtake Social Security benefits

    Building Social Security benefits into your clients' retirement income plans? You might want to think again. Mary Beth Franklin on the "ugly truth" of what's eating that income.

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    John Hancock B-D to terminate health and insurance benefits

    Registered representatives at Signator Investors Inc., John Hancock's broker-dealer, received some dismaying news on Tuesday: The firm will be terminating its health and insurance benefits and will freeze its retirement benefits plan at the end of the year. Effective Jan. 1, 2015, the firm will

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    Account opening is No. 1 tech concern: Survey

    Beacon finds 'client onboarding' has replaced social-media archiving as brokers' biggest technology challenge.

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    Doing complex Medicare and tax bracket math

    Just as advisers have to become experts in learning the best Social Security claiming strategies, they need to learn how Medicare and tax rules could affect their clients' bottom line in retirement.

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    Boomers miss mark thinking Obamacare covers long-term-care insurance

    Baby boomers are out of touch with the real costs of long-term care — and the likelihood they will need it. Seventy-two percent of boomers incorrectly assume that the Affordable Care Act will cover the costs of long-term care, according to a study released Tuesday by Nationwide Financial Retirement

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    Will older advisers pay more than younger colleagues for health care coverage?

    Small-business health care plans traditionally have based rates on the average age of employees, so that older individuals in a plan benefited from lower rates if there were many younger employees.

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    Obama gives reprieve for canceled health care policies

    President says "I completely get how upsetting this can be" for many Americans, gives those who've received cancellation notices from their insurers a one-year reprieve before they have to get new policies.

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    Think before changing health plan, advisers warn business owners

    Warning: The Affordable Care Act not only spawned insurance exchanges for individuals, which went into effect earlier this month, but it also set new standards for small businesses.

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    Health care exchanges aren't meant for retirees

    Health care exchanges aren't meant for retirees, but advisers should still help clients with Medicare choices.

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    The ultimate Obamacare investment play?

    Obamacare may be off the debt ceiling agenda but for investors, there is an exchange-traded fund that holds all the businesses likely benefit. It's had a good run so is there still upside potential?

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    The 800-lb. health care gorilla in the room

    Advisers need to talk to clients about saving for health care costs during retirement and earmark those dollars in the portfolio, because Americans drastically underestimate what they'll have to spend, a health care consultant told planners. "Planning for health care costs should be part of

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    A doctor deconstructs the Affordable Care Act

    Five questions for Dr. Carolyn McClanahan, a physician and director of financial planning at Life Planning Partners.

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    Take Five: Carolyn McClanahan on health exchanges

    The physician and financial planner on what advisers need to know about new health insurance choices

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    Web traffic slows access to health insurance exchanges

    Open-enrollment for new state and federal insurance has begun, but many sites have long-loading times

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    Strategies to mitigate new surtax could kick Medicare prices higher

    Advisers need to watch that clients do not inadvertently inflate their income and Medicare costs

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