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    Advisers help clients brace for health care surprises in retirement

    Though a client's potential health crisis can't be anticipated long before it comes, a plan can be sketched out.

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    Caregiving costs hit family finances, employment, retirement

    Nearly half of families spend more than $5,000 per year in caregiving expenses.

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    Why health care is the ultimate retirement wild card

    New study focuses on the need to integrate health care and retirement planning.

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    One of industry's last holdouts, NAIFA elects its first female president

    With women representing only 11.5% of advisers, trade group plans to highlight women in industry.

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    Promise of ACA's small business initiative falls flat

    The Affordable Care Act made many great promises. Like all legislation, some promises materialized, such as guaranteed-issue health insurance. Other provisions failed to take hold. One area that held great promise was the Small Business Health Options Plan, also known as “SHOP.” Unfortunately, this

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    Small businesses still ailing in wake of Affordable Care Act

    The ACA has helped individuals, but small business employers continue to struggle with the new law. Plus: Don't miss our full Health Care Planning special report.

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    What top 401(k) plans do differently

    A new ranking reveals which industries have the best plans — and what features set them apart.

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    REITs, RIA regulation, retirement planning and risk grab advisers' attention

    InvestmentNews' four must-read stories of the week cover this ecclectic set of 'R' subjects.

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    How higher Medicare premiums affect Social Security benefits

    One woman finds out the real reason why her Social Security check declined.

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    Medicare: The next frontier

    As health care costs in retirement rise, many advisers and clients still haven't accounted for a major part of those expenses: Medicare.

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    Beware of the blind side

    If your clients think Medicare will cover most, if not all, of their health care costs in retirement, they are sorely mistaken.

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    Little has changed in health of Social Security system

    The looming, long-term deficit of the Social Security system is the perpetual elephant in the room in Washington. Each year, we are reminded of the silent giant's presence with the release of the Social Security Board of Trustees' annual report.The trustees released the 2014 report on Monday, about

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    Can an adviser affiliated with an insurance company be fee only? Yes.

    State rules on insurance affiliation complicate fee-only status for some CFPs.

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    How gay couples can act on Social Security benefits now

    Though rules still vary from state to state, all same-sex couples should take steps to claim benefits.

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    Delayed retirement reduces health care costs

    I know I must sound like a broken record (or an iPod in permanent shuffle mode), but delaying retirement by even a few years can have a big impact on a client’s retirement income plan, thanks to higher Social Security benefits and by allowing their savings to continue to grow untapped.But here’s