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    Social Security closes claiming loophole for people with disabilities

    A minor change in the Social Security Program Operations Manual System late last year that resulted in a big change in the rights of people who receive Social Security disability benefits.

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    Millennials are shunning financial advice

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Millennials don't really care about financial advice, which is a boon for robo-advisers, but a bad sign for the advice industry.

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    2 health savings account changes clients can make to unlock their full potential

    Tweaks to HSA investment vehicles and what the accounts are used for can pay dividends to clients.

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    Income spike can reduce Social Security benefits

    Retired clients are often surprised — and sometimes angry — when they receive a notification from the Social Security Administration that their monthly Social Security benefits will decline for the coming year. Naturally, those clients turn to their financial advisers for help.The culprit? An

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    Lifetime retiree health care cost projections up 6.5%

    Retiree health care costs continue to rise at a faster pace than general inflation and annual cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security benefits. As a result, retirees will spend increasingly larger portions of their retirement benefits to pay for health care costs over their lifetime.A

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    Bigger & Better

    Advisers with assets over $1 billion are outperforming their peers. Does your firm have what it takes to be a billion dollar baby?

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    Stop guesstimating, or worse, ignoring, your clients' health care costs in retirement

    Software is available that gives advisers a fighting chance of determining long-term care costs and the need for insurance.

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    Oscars shine light on Alzheimer's costs

    Financial advisers can help clients take early steps to plan for the progressive disease.

  7. Articles tax document snafu bungles filing season for advisers, CPAs

    As many as 800,000 taxpayers received tax documents with erroneous information.

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    Medicare's long, strange trip

    Fifty years ago this year, both Medicare and the Grateful Dead got their start. Today, all the surviving members of that famous San Francisco band are eligible for Medicare. It's a fair bet that they, like most people in their age group in 1965, didn't pay attention to the law that President Lyndon

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    How to get workers to chip in more money toward HSAs

    Data suggest some workers are making the maximum contributions to their health savings accounts, but there's room for improvement.

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    How to perfectly time your clients' Medicare enrollment

    Decisions on Medicare enrollment carry a meaningful financial impact, are closely tied to Social Security choices

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    When to disenroll from Medicare

    If clients fit the requirements, now is the time for them to take action and reduce unnecessary medical spending and hassles

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    Florida firm linked to 'Wolf of Wall Street' raided by FBI

    Medical device firm accused of Medicare fraud; lawyer denies charges, says complying with federal probe.

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    Repeal of Obamacare emerges as a market risk

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin, the market's reaction to a repeal of Obamacare might not be pretty. Plus: Financial advisers take on defined contribution plans, cheap oil uncovers driller debt burdens, and Kraft Foods gets (Cadbury Crème) Egg on its face.