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    When to disenroll from Medicare

    If clients fit the requirements, now is the time for them to take action and reduce unnecessary medical spending and hassles

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    Florida firm linked to 'Wolf of Wall Street' raided by FBI

    Medical device firm accused of Medicare fraud; lawyer denies charges, says complying with federal probe.

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    Repeal of Obamacare emerges as a market risk

    On today's Breakfast with Benjamin, the market's reaction to a repeal of Obamacare might not be pretty. Plus: Financial advisers take on defined contribution plans, cheap oil uncovers driller debt burdens, and Kraft Foods gets (Cadbury Crème) Egg on its face.

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    Hedge fund employees enjoy the fruits of their labor

    On Friday's Breakfast with Benjamin, average compensation at hedge funds remains gaudy, even with performance down. Plus: Smart beta takes another step out of the shadows, the right way to clean up your portfolio, and the new Congress sets the tone by taking an early swipe at Obamacare.

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    Unpleasant surprise on Form 1040 for Obamacare participants

    This tax filing season is going to be a little more complicated for freelancers and independent contractors who get health care subsidies.

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    Helping clients get a second chance at Medicare benefits

    As you are doing your year-end planning with clients, ask them if their Medicare coverage is in place for 2015.

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    Financial advisers need to check up on clients' medical debt

    About 52% of the collections reported by credit agencies are owed to hospitals and other medical providers. Advisers must stand ready to help negotiate claims and make sure medical debt doesn't wreck client credit reports.

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    Baby boomer clients need input on medical expenses in retirement

    Don't be surprised if clients seek your advice on complex health care decisions as they approach retirement

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    Advisers must help clients decide how HSAs fit in their plans

    Clients need more knowledge about health savings accounts and their potential role in helping fund health and retirement needs.

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    How to help clients navigate the choppy HSA waters

    Figuring out how to utilize the full potential of these health care plan features should be part of comprehensive retirement income planning.

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    If client tests positive, the next step is yours

    A new blood test being developed to identify the likely onset of Alzheimer's disease up to a decade before current tools can offer financial advisers and clients great opportunities but also presents clients with a dilemma. To be tested or not to be tested?

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    Health savings accounts: Transforming health care, forcing hard choices

    Advisers have found themselves helping clients figure out how to fund long-term retirement savings and short-term medical expenses, and it hasn't been easy.

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    Early detection of Alzheimer's would allow for better financial planning

    Soon, a blood test may let patients know they have Alzheimer's 10 years earlier than it can be diagnosed today. Advisers say that is a lot of extra years to allow clients to save and make important legal and health care decisions.

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    Most Medicare beneficiaries overspend on out-of-pocket costs

    People don't understand their coverage and the choices they can make to maximize their benefits and minimize unnecessary spending.

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    Supreme Court case could shake up union retiree benefits

    For advisers, it's time to get familiar with the terms under which union employees receive health care.