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    Dealing with Medicare as an expat: When and how to enroll

    The right strategy will help clients avoid penalties that can last a lifetime.

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    What same-sex couples should know about Medicare

    More gay couples than ever will have access to Medicare benefits, but certain rules apply.

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    Obamacare stands, solidifying health care planning

    Supreme Court rules that U.S. tax subsidies are legal for all health insurance exchanges, allowing for more long-term financial planning.

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    Growing consumer demand for health care and Social Security advice

    The financial planning industry is at a turning point in how to address Social Security and Medicare as part of overall retirement planning. Although numerous surveys have shown that more than half of retirees and pre-retirees expect health care and Social Security advice from their financial

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    The world braces for a slower Chinese economy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A weakening China will show the world how much it is really hooked on the Chinese economy.

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    Latest Obamacare ruling could spark a sell-off in health care sector stocks

    If you haven't yet hitched a ride on the high-flying health care sector rally, there's still hope in the form of a potential pullback from an upcoming Supreme Court ruling that could trigger some near-term volatility. Even some staunch health care sector bulls who have already enjoyed the

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    How will Medicare coverage travel with clients this summer?

    Help your clients prepare for that bon voyage by letting them know how they can travel and use Medicare.

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    The real reason the Federal Reserve isn't raising interest rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The real reason the Fed is sitting on its hands boils down to a lousy employment market.

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    From elder planning to implementation

    Advisers' jobs include not only helping clients reach a secure retirement but also helping them live through that retirement

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    Big change coming soon for high income Medicare beneficiaries

    Buried in the new “Doc Fix” law are provisions that will adversely affect some folks on Medicare.

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    Elder care needs will transform advice industry

    If you're like most financial advisers, you are focused on how to capture a piece of the lucrative IRA rollover market as baby boomers transition into retirement. But fast forward 10 or 20 years and those same clients may be less interested in golf and travel and more concerned about assisted

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    Medicare becoming a bigger piece of retirement planning for advisers

    With regulatory and marketplace changes, more clients nedd help navigating Medicare maze.

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    COBRA considerations when Medicare-eligible

    COBRA stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985. An important part of that law requires most employer group health plans to provide a temporary continuation of group health coverage under certain circumstances, such as when a person leaves employment due to retirement.

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    Social Security closes claiming loophole for people with disabilities

    A minor change in the Social Security Program Operations Manual System late last year that resulted in a big change in the rights of people who receive Social Security disability benefits.

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    Millennials are shunning financial advice

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Millennials don't really care about financial advice, which is a boon for robo-advisers, but a bad sign for the advice industry.