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    Tale of two troubled REITs

    Inland Real Estate Investment Corp. is no longer the force in the industry that it once was, resulting in the rise and fall of two of their biggest REITs: Inland American Real Estate Trust and Retail Properties of America ( RPAI ), formerly Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust. Our senior

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    Quarter of investors lack a financial plan, survey shows

    A quarter of high-end investors have no financial plan, and close to 40% of that group doesn't anticipate building one. One common reason: apathy. “Our advice for individuals is to seek help and to really think about not only their investment but their financial future,” said Mike Spangler,

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    UBS biggest wealth firm, study finds

    UBS AG, which is shrinking its investment banking business, overtook Bank of America Corp. to top a ranking of the world's biggest wealth managers compiled by Scorpio Partnership.

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    66 is magic number for retirement age

    Sixty-six is the magic retirement age for those seeking full Social Security eligibility, but Medicare eligibility appears to be a considerable factor for those who decide to stop working at 65.

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    Housing market still has cracks, Moody's says

    Investors, beware: Delinquency rates are rising for some homebuyers, according to report

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    Health costs drop, but don't get excited

    The magic number for health care costs for a 65-year-old couple leaving the workplace this year is $220,000, down from $240,000 last year.

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    Advisers plan to use tech to kick client experiences up a notch

    E&Y study also finds greater focus on mobile technology; compliance still a big challenge.

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    More advisers stay in touch by tweeting

    Financial advisers are warming up to social media. More advisers are jumping onto Twitter and using social-networking platforms to communicate news and information to clients, according to a new survey from American Century Investments. About 34% of advisers have Twitter accounts, an increase from

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    The top advisers use mobile devices

    The use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is making a huge difference in the profitability of advisory firms.

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    2012 a swell year in advisory realm

    Financial advisers increased both their assets under management and their production figures last year, according to an annual report produced by practice management software maker PriceMetrix Inc.

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    Premiums contribute to insurance spending boost

    More than a third of Americans spent more last year to insure everything from homes, cars and boats to their own life and health.

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    Top SMAs: Rankings and overview

    Nathan Behan, a senior investment analyst at Prima Capital Holdings, outlines some key recent and long-term trends in the markets in an economic report and analysis on the third quarter.

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    Corporate cash piling up - but not dividends

    Pressure is building for higher dividends as U.S. companies from Google Inc. (GOOG) to Valero Energy Corp. (VLO) sit on record cash stockpiles, and payouts remain at three-year lows

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    Telecom is connecting with fund managers

    Mutual fund managers are buying telecommunications stocks, many of them for the first time in years, as the sector emerges as a bright spot in an otherwise lackluster market

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    Brian Barish: Small portfolio keeps him focused on winners

    Brian Barish is known for his ability to talk in depth about the stocks in his portfolios, often strictly from memory

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