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    Top-performing firms invest big in technology — a critical driver of success

    Major emphasis on tech spending and utilization helps leading advisory firms stay ahead of the curve.

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    Most advisory firms don't have a strategy for landing client referrals

    Only one out of every three firms have a formal referral process, despite referrals accounting for the lion's share of new business.

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    The evolution of how advisory firms monitor and sustain their success

    The most successful advisory firms prioritize revenue and operations over adviser capacity to remain on top.

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    Advisers boost assets by 21%, helped by new clients, market gains

    It's a good time to be an adviser, new InvestmentNews study shows, as assets, revenue, profit margins all climbed last year.

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    Meet the next wave of $1B advisory firms

    This is an excerpt from the 2014 InvestmentNews Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms. To order the full study (available now), click here.

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    11 slides prove the demand for financial advice isn't going away

    The top-level results from an InvestmentNews Research study show that despite changes in client service needs, demand for advisers should remain strong.

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    The real reason behind advisory firms' big gains in AUM

    The average firm saw a 19.2% increase in assets under management year-over-year in 2013. What was behind the growth?

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    Maintaining success in an increasingly competitive industry

    This is an excerpt from the executive summary of the 2014 InvestmentNews Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms. To preorder the full study (available in September), click here.

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    The most popular adviser tech products by category

    The most popular adviser tech products by category

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    'Clients of the future' will want financial advice, but not how it's delivered today

    Survey gives glimpses into the advisory demands of the next generation of clients

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    How advisers will communicate with clients in five years

    Video conferencing, text messaging and more robust online services will define the way advisers interact with clients in the future.

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    3 lessons in team building advisers can learn from the San Antonio Spurs

    The focus of the sporting world has quickly shifted to the World Cup, but I believe there are some valuable takeaways from another recent sporting event: the San Antonio Spurs' dismantling of the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. The key to the Spurs' victory was how each team member played within ...

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    Don't pay to be No. 1 on Google. Follow these steps to climb search result ranks

    Unique, authentic, high quality content from you as the author is your best opportunity for getting found by the right potential prospects on Google.

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    How to handle a scandal

    With controversies involving personal conduct toppling more than one financial professional in recent weeks, some advisers are questioning how they would — and should — act if their brand was tarnished by scandal.An issue such as the one brought to light at the CFA Institute this week — its

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    7 biggest ways top-performing firms sustain their growth

    The fastest-growing and most profitable firms often take unconventional approaches to their business models. To see how your firm stands up, take part in this year's study.