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    Who earns what?

    $291,536 OWNER INCOME Pretax income per owner by firm revenue *Top performers are those firms who rank in the top quartile of a compound ranking of the following: operating profit margin, pretax income per owner, year-over-year revenue growth, revenue per professional and earnings before owner

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    Women's rise to senior positions at advisory firms has stalled

    Despite having less experience than women, men in the service adviser role, for example, were nearly twice as likely to have been promoted in the past year.

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    How does adviser pay in your city stack up?

    Explore adviser compensation in the 150 most populous metros across the country with this interactive map.

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    The continuing growth of the RIA channel, by the numbers

    Where the RIA wealth is spread out across the country, plus the 10 biggest firms

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    Is adviser compensation rising in tandem with advisory firm revenues?

    Private-sector wages have grown at a 2% clip for the past five years, but how did advisers fare?

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    The right time to increase your firm's investment in staff and pay

    When people account for 70% of expenses, you can't afford to make compensation and staffing mistakes.

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    Getting your firm's employees to perform is about more than just compensation

    Advisory firms that outline clear objectives with measurable gains regarding staff performance and productivity tend to grow faster.

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    Top-performing firms invest big in technology — a critical driver of success

    Major emphasis on tech spending and utilization helps leading advisory firms stay ahead of the curve.

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    Most advisory firms don't have a strategy for landing client referrals

    Only one out of every three firms have a formal referral process, despite referrals accounting for the lion's share of new business.

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    The evolution of how advisory firms monitor and sustain their success

    The most successful advisory firms prioritize revenue and operations over adviser capacity to remain on top.

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    Advisers boost assets by 21%, helped by new clients, market gains

    It's a good time to be an adviser, new InvestmentNews study shows, as assets, revenue, profit margins all climbed last year.

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    Meet the next wave of $1B advisory firms

    This is an excerpt from the 2014 InvestmentNews Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms. To order the full study (available now), click here.

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    11 slides prove the demand for financial advice isn't going away

    The top-level results from an InvestmentNews Research study show that despite changes in client service needs, demand for advisers should remain strong.

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    The real reason behind advisory firms' big gains in AUM

    The average firm saw a 19.2% increase in assets under management year-over-year in 2013. What was behind the growth?

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    Maintaining success in an increasingly competitive industry

    This is an excerpt from the executive summary of the 2014 InvestmentNews Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms. To preorder the full study (available in September), click here.