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    The top variable and indexed annuity issuers and sales leaders

    Indexed annuities continue to be popular, and Jackson National continues to dominate VA sales.

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    Schorsch allegations will haunt nontraded REIT industry

    Industry "floored" by allegation that REIT czar had hand in $23 million accounting error at American Realty Capital Properties.

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    Schorsch accused of manipulating ARCP books: Suit

    American Realty Capital Properties Inc.'s former chief accounting officer alleges the ex-chairman ordered numbers to be changed.

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    Top Jackson National exec Clifford Jack to step down

    Mr. Jack helped build the insurer's variable annuities business and independent broker-dealer network.

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    Schorsch exits key company that was part of his REIT empire

    The REIT czar resigned from American Realty Capital Properties, which has lost more than a quarter of its value since disclosing accounting errors.

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    An alternative oil investment that hinges on infrastructure needs

    The sharp decrease in oil prices over the past six months undoubtedly has pained advisers and investors interested in the energy sector. Oil prices dropped sharply last week, reaching five-year lows. For the first time since July 2009, the price of benchmark U.S. oil fell below $61 a barrel. But

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    Fidelity's clearing arm restores processing some Schorsch-related nontraded REITs

    National Financial Services, the clearing arm of Fidelity Investments, told its broker-dealer correspondents that, effective Monday, it was facilitating new purchases for 12 nontraded REITs and business development companies under the American Realty Capital brand along with other brands

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    Top independent adviser manages $3.5 billion in new ranking

    More than 20,000 independent RIAs in the U.S. increased assets 82% to $2.3 trillion from 2007 to 2013 while assets at largest retail brokerages rose 8.2% to $6.2 trillion.

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    Next Financial Holdings' D'Angelo resigns as CEO, chairman

    One of the firm's six original principals, he will remain as a corporate director.

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    Schorsch's RCS Capital, American Realty Capital Properties, bury hatchet in $60 million settlement

    Two companies in Nicholas Schorsch's REIT empire have settled their dispute as RCS Capital Corp. agrees to pay American Realty Capital Properties to back out of its deal to buy Cole Capital.

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    FSI warns of 'false positives' under CARDS

    IBD organization expresses suitability concerns with regulator's proposed data-collection system and predicts cost of $250,000 to $1 million — with ongoing maintenance above that.

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    Nicholas Schorsch steps back from some nontraded REITs

    Nicholas Schorsch is taking a step back from the top role at three nontraded REITs he controls, handing the reins of two to his longtime investment partner. See also: Schorsch's vast web of businesses

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    Schorsch REIT suspension still in place at major broker-dealers

    Berthel Fisher among firms that have lifted suspension, but others housing 29,000 advisers confirm they haven't.

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    Accounting fiasco highlights tangled web behind Nicholas Schorsch's empire

    In the wake of accounting problems at American Realty Capital Properties Inc., the rest of Nicholas Schorsch's empire has drawn scrutiny for its complexity.

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    SAC Capital's Steven Cohen increases stake in RCAP

    Billionaire's family office is boosting its holding in RCS Capital Corp. to 5%, according to regulatory filings.