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    In rare move, Vanguard beefs up international exposure in target date funds

    Fund giant also plans to launch lower-cost institutional series to expand its market reach.

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    Republican introduces bill to halt Obama's DOL fiduciary push

    Rep. Ann Wagner says proponents are 'offering a solution in search of a problem.'

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    Help clients avoid first-time RMD errors

    Steer clear of common mistakes and high penalties related to required minimum distributions.

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    With Obama's push, is fiduciary a done deal? Not so fast

    Advisers, experts weigh in on DOL fiduciary rule's prospects and what it might end up looking like.

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    The art and science of longevity

    Advisers' responsibility to make sure their clients are prepared for the challenges and opportunities that come with extended life expectancies.

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    SEC's White sidesteps direction for fiduciary duty

    SEC chairwoman says she will push the agency this year to make a decision on whether to raise investment advice standards for brokers but once again declined to provide a timeline.

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    401(k) challenge: Plugging plan leakage when workers change jobs

    Improved 401(k) plan features have proven successful, but a big challenge remains: how to plug the leakage in plan assets when workers switch jobs.

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    Longer life expectancies are killing pension funds

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Pension funds never factored in that people would live as long as they're living. Plus: Fake hedge funder goes to extremes to cover his tracks, Congress to the rescue, and IRA missteps you can avoid

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    Charitable IRA rollovers and what you're missing, thanks to Congress

    Every two years since 2006, Congress has renewed the charitable IRA rollover, a valuable tax planning tool, but financial advisers and donors are never sure if it will happen.

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    House set to vote on making tax breaks for IRA charitable donations permanent

    Advisers are hopeful that the House will approve making tax breaks for IRA charitable donations permanent, but are trying to keep expectations low.

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    DOL fiduciary rule stalls again as brokerage industry makes last-minute push against it

    The Labor Department's proposal to impose a fiduciary standard on retirement advisers has stalled as the brokerage industry makes one more, eleventh-hour bid to change it.

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    Art investors in a tizzy over a flood of Picassos

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Thousands of paintings by Pablo Picasso might be about to hit the market. Plus: Where to start to get a million bucks in your 401(k), never assume when it comes to retirement saving, and how Obama's budget targets big banks.

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    How to best minimize taxes during retirement

    Combine tax-efficient withdrawals and Social Security claiming strategies to improve retirement outcomes.

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    The battle for your clients' retirement dollars

    Breakfast with Benjamin:Annuity sellers fighting for IRAs. Plus: What's good for consumer isn't for business; another perspective on how much size matters; adviser tech world rocked; and how to join the 1%

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    Obama's retirement cap might sound good but it has an annuity problem

    When interest rates rise, the $3.4 million ceiling proposed could drop, trapping more people in a tax net