Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

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    Advice industry adapts to changing concept of retirement

    Sharp increases in longevity are changing the very concept of retirement, and the financial advice industry must adapt. “For decades, the financial services industry has positioned retirement as the ultimate goal, the endgame,” Jan Blakeley Holman, director of adviser education for Thornburg

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    Sometimes the IRS loses in court

    Engineer's rollover case points out the need for a good lawyer schooled in tax law.

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    The case against state-run retirement plans

    While most Americans are not aware of it, a broad nationwide trend is underway that could profoundly impact the choices and tools that are available to them as they plan for retirement. Across the country, state legislators have introduced bills that would establish state-run or state-assisted ...

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    Female clients' unique approach to investing

    Female clients think about investing differently, with focuses ranging from retirement to impact investing, and it's up to advisers to meet them on common ground. More: The Women and Investing special report

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    Soldiers lured out of federal retirement plan

    John Turner suspected that brokers were encouraging federal workers to ditch their top-flight retirement plan. So he went under cover.

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    Heed custodian's asset allowances

    The Tax Court has ruled that an individual had a taxable IRA distribution when he tried to get around his custodian's policy of not allowing real estate as an individual retirement account investment. The court said the custodian didn't have to offer real estate as an investment, even though the ...

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    The 401(k) retirement complex: Retooling Americans' nest egg

    Jerry Schlichter says 401(k)s — and the 401(k) retirement complex — need to retool so they work primarily in the best interests of American savers.

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    IRA moves that won't get you in trouble

    With new IRS rules on rollovers coming soon, some tips on how to help clients avoid the tax man.

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    States take auto IRAs into own hands while Washington dawdles

    Retirement security a top concern for states discussing options for workers whose companies don't offer plans.

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    Medicare: The next frontier

    As health care costs in retirement rise, many advisers and clients still haven't accounted for a major part of those expenses: Medicare.

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    Traditional advisory firm hammers out deal with robo-adviser

    Redhawk Wealth Advisors and Jemstep co-brand an online investment platform to help clients with investments.

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    Succession planning doesn't mean selling

    Aging advisers need to ask themselves if selling their practice can fund their own retirements.

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    Retirement savers' fund fees move lower: ICI

    A trade group's study says tough competition between fund managers is driving fees in 401(k) plans lower — but investors still may not be getting a good deal.

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    Inherited IRAs in bankruptcy cases

    The Supreme Court ruled unanimously last month that inherited individual retirement accounts are not protected under federal bankruptcy laws. This ruling does not affect your clients' own IRAs. Those are retirement funds that are protected in bankruptcy. The problem is when your client dies and ...

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    Stretch IRAs no longer targeted in Senate highway-funding bill

    Individual retirement account beneficiaries can continue to stretch distributions over a lifetime, as the Senate dropped a provision in its highway funding bill that would have required those distributions within five years of the death of the original account holder.