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    Consumers left in the loan lurch as big banks still hold off

    Friday's menu: Consumers still left in the loan lurch. Plus: Which manager just jumped into the liquid alts pool? Some stocks for a rising-rate cycle; commodities are hot again; European banks ride the wave; and Merrill trims its housing outlook.

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    Markets are bracing for a rough start to the week

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Why investors are bracing for a rough start to the week. Plus: The SEC hones in on hedge funds, rethinking stock buyback programs, trading stocks on your phone, and using your phone to break bad habits

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    Bank ETFs ride the choppy waves of Yellen-speak

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Bank ETFs ride the choppy waves of Yellen-speak. Plus: Still waiting for Treasury yields to spike, new love for intermediate-term bond funds, hot stocks ahead of earnings reports, and even gold bugs are starting to worry about the precious metal's decline

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    Obama administration's call for boycotting Russian stocks falls flat

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Investors not taking President Obama's advice. Plus: Fed warns there's always time to worry about bubbles, Morgan Stanley doubles down on biotech, the cloud computing frenzy marches on, activist investor challenges Coke management perks, and index investing to cut the tax

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    PE giant Carlyle Group is eyeing the retail investor market and liquid alts

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Private equity giant wants in on liquid alts. Plus: QE might have a fueled high-inflation cycle, the small-cap stock ride is ending, time to get some defense in that portfolio, and the poor outlook for the long-term unemployed

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    Russia and the energy-stock short-sale question

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Is it time to short energy stocks, given the Russian rabble rousing? Plus: Gold's reaction to Fed chief Yellen, Candy Crush IPO's dizzy math, how to retire with $1M, and at tax time, age counts (the younger, the better).

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    One little-watched indicator for rising rates is flashing red

    Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen is looking at a broader range of data for a rate-hike trigger. She hasn't highlighted one labor indicator that economists say is sounding inflation alarms: short-term unemployment.

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    Pioneer forges ahead with liquid alternative mutual funds

    Strategies designed to eliminate interest rate risk or even benefit from rising rates.

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    Fed tapers another $10B a month; stocks extend losses

    Slight economic improvement keeps central bankers on track as they commit to keeping target interest rate near zero.

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    More bad news for gold

    Today's Breakfast with Benjamin: If rates rise, gold won't. Plus: Warren Buffett's $1B tease, a new twist on stock valuations, bitcoin marches on, another solar energy push and, what's good about hoping for a flat market.

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    Fed set to knock another $10B off its quantitative easing program

    Breakfast with Benjamin: At Bernanke's final meeting, Fed poised to cut another $10B from its bond-buying program. Plus: CEOs struggle to manage expectations, income tax pain hits home, a tale of two homebuilder ETFs, and young folks aren't biting on the Obamacare sales pitch.

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    What, me worry?

    For anyone with money in the market, worrying is just a way of life. Here are money manager Scott Colyer's four potential “black swans.” Could any of them derail 2014 as another good or great year for financial assets?

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    Gross: Focus on shorter maturities as inflation trumps jobs

    Pimco's Bill Gross is recommending investors focus on shorter-duration debt. Why? More important than the upcoming jobs report, the slow pace of inflation indicates the Fed will keep its benchmark interest rate at or close to zero.

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    At year end, markets more stable but uncertainty reigns

    A top investment strategist seeks to answer questions on inflation, deflation, valuation and portfolio building.

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    Dividend ETFs losing luster as rates rise

    Breakfast (with Benjamin) is served: Dividend ETFs losing luster as rates rise; Bernanke's last stand; nontransparent active ETFs; Obamacare's drag on health care; useless jobless claims data; and global New Year's traditions.

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