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    MassMutual jumps into a hot investment-only variable annuity market

    Insurance firm is debuting its first IOVA as the products are helping prop up overall VA sales.

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    Finra to seek a 'significant fine' from MetLife over variable annuity sales

    Regulator focuses on potential violations regarding misrepresentations, suitability, and supervision

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    Insurers adding optional death benefits to IOVA contracts

    The optional features allow for more investor choice and seek to capitalize on strong IOVA sales.

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    Sen. Warren blasts annuity sales incentives

    She claims agents are more interested in winning free vacations than finding the best investments for their clients.

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    What advisers need to know about popular long-term-care products

    Deciding between traditional and combination products can be difficult, but better understanding plan features can help.

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    Advisers shy away from LTC insurance dialogue: Study

    Low comfort level with LTC products makes advisers recoil, but some think that's a weak argument.

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    Advisers tell clients: Think of retirement as '35 years of unemployment'

    Although estimates of life expectancy just got longer, clients aren't prepared to make hard planning decisions.

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    What advisers need to know about the most complex type of annuity

    A lack of understanding of variable annuities can lead to misperceptions among advisers of how the products function, and among clients as to what they're buying. (Plus: See the top 10 annuity sellers.)

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    Allianz, Pimco targeted in class-action 401(k) suit

    Firms are the latest targets in another class-action lawsuit alleging breach of fiduciary duty due to excessive 401(k) fees.

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    What advisers need to know when working with May-December couples

    Six areas in which planning for couples with a wide age difference may require different financial advice.

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    Wall Street is now fretting over the threat of another recession

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The word 'recession' is being used openly on Wall Street, in case you needed more proof that the U.S. economy is barely moving forward.

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    Cognitive impairment, lower income drive higher LTC insurance lapses: Study

    Advisers should take these factors into account when incorporating long-term-care insurance into a client's financial plan.

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    Health care costs for retired couples climb 11% over 2014: Fidelity

    65-year-old couple retiring this year should expect to spend $245,000 on health care costs, up $25K from last year.

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    MassMutual teams with Envestnet on defined-contribution managed-account service

    Insurer is trying to capitalize on big growth seen among asset-allocation products in the DC market and betting managed accounts become more widely used.

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    Is General Motors' 401(k) annuity choice a harbinger for broader uptake?

    Advisers say more mega-sized defined contribution plans taking up lifetime income provides a signal to the broader retirement market.