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    Can an adviser affiliated with an insurance company be fee only? Yes.

    State rules on insurance affiliation complicate fee-only status for some CFPs.

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    Florida law allows planners to give insurance advice without insurance company

    Helps fee-only planners meet CFP Board definition prohibiting such affiliation with firms that charge commissions

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    State regulators on high alert for complex investment and insurance sales

    Structured products, non-traded REITs and private placements just a few of the products under scrutiny.

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    Treasury allows longevity annuities in retirement plans

    The Treasury Department announces a rule that will allow retirement plan participants access to deferred-income annuities, also known as longevity insurance.

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    The big benefits decision

    Helping clients determine when to begin collecting their hard-earned Social Security benefits is always tricky. Having worked a long career and finally making it to the promised land of retirement age, many people are justifiably eager to take what the government is ready and willing to give them.

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    The $20 billion MainStay Marketfield fund's chicken or egg problem

    Fund performance sagged as assets ballooned and performance sagged – but the manager says his bad bets were the culprit.

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    AIG promotes Peter Hancock to CEO, replacing Benmosche

    After paying off $182.3 billion bailout, insurer focused on property-casualty coverage, life insurance and retirement.

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    Hartford Financial Services Group names a new CEO

    Insurer Promotes CFO to replace previous CEO following a medical procedure related to a brain tumor.

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    Outlook for life insurance positive, depending on rates

    Analysts optimistic as long as insurers watch the credit quality of investments and rates rise gradually.

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    Japan's Dai-ichi Life to buy Protective Life for $5.7 billion

    Protective CEO and management team will remain in place; deal creates 13th-largest global insurer.

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    Sheryl Garrett scoffs at argument against fiduciary duty

    Founder of Garrett Planning Network says investors with low net worth can be served in a market where all advisers must act in their best interests.

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    MetLife to get back in variable annuity game despite first quarter declines

    Even after 54% drop in VA sales over the last year, the carrier is optimistic about sales with new mix of products.

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    Fixed annuity sales receiving added scrutiny from Finra

    With broker-dealers selling a bigger share of indexed annuities, securities regulators are taking a closer look at policies and procedures around clients exchanging or giving up variable annuities in order to put those assets into products such as equity indexed annuities.

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    Why employee benefit brokers are teaming with 401(k) advisers

    With a new health care reform employer mandate on the way, expanding expertise becomes imperative

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    Employers want fiduciary duty for 401(k) plans, AARP survey finds

    Brokers say they already work in clients' best interest, but formalizing it will eliminate their ability to service small accounts.

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