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    Financial markets can smell a rate hike coming

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Equity markets are abruptly adjusting to the notion that the Fed might finally get off the sidelines.

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    FTSE announces first emerging markets indexes with China A shares exposure

    Allows institutional investors to add an initial increment of China A shares exposure to their emerging markets benchmarks.

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    Economic growth is fading fast in the so-called recovery

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The pace of the country's economic recovery is becoming more of a riddle than a reality.

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    Smaller economies offering bigger returns in the emerging markets sector

    Investors are finding bonds with plumper yields, and stocks that beat the S&P 500

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    When investing in emerging-markets economies, stock picking beats indexed exposure

    Investing in specific companies is the best approach, but it entails more risk

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    Emerging-markets debt market offers more than yield

    Fixed-income securities are increasingly diverse and their credit quality has improved markedly

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    Phony adviser convicted for conning a real adviser out of $11.3 million

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A fake financial adviser was found guilty of wire fraud and money laundering related to $11.3M he conned from a real adviser.

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    George Soros pitches a currency move to prevent a third world war

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The billionaire investor is calling on the United States to allow China's currency to join the International Monetary Fund's basket of currencies.

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    Dynasty hires Scott D. Welch to be chief investment officer

    Service provide plans to expand investment opportunities for its network of advisory firms

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    Global bond market selloff is now described as 'violent'

    Plus: Currency traders become the new yield producers, building a global portfolio, and what Yogi Berra might say about today's financial markets

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    Good or bad, jobs report could roil the markets, investors

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Good or bad, investors could react sharply to the April jobs report. Plus: Bitcoin could be back, Fitbit plans an IPO and offbeat economic indicators.

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    Fed Chief Janet Yellen warns on stock valuations

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The chairwoman of the Federal Reserve called equity valuations 'quite high,' bond yields low and said the combination raises 'potential dangers.' Her comments roiled markets.

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    Stocks in Europe, Asia might be just getting started

    As everyone knows, asset prices generally love quantitative easing, and Europe and Japan both have engaged in massive asset purchases.

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    Retail brokers are shut out of the SEC's market reform efforts

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Retail brokerages are shut out of the SEC's advisory committee for market reforms to protect retail investors.

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    Wirehouse advisers pile into euro-stock ETFs

    Currency-hedging ETF strategies are a no-brainer: Merrill Lynch portfolio manager