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    Financial advisers tell clients to shrug off the Greek vote

    Financial advisers and investors are keeping a calm head Monday by keeping Greece in perspective.As Greek voters went to the polls on Sunday, ultimately voting against the latest austerity measures presented by the European Union to help guide Greece out of it financial straits, there doesn't

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    Greeks vote 'no' and everybody loses

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Greek voters opt for a collision course with the European Union over austerity. Go figure.

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    Three-year-old ETF becomes only game in town for investors hoping to play Greece volatility

    The Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF listed in the U.S. is just about the only way for investors to play the crisis. Be warned, however, it's volatile.

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    Treasury ETF attracts big bucks as investors seek safety amid Greek crisis

    ETF holds up better than other funds that own riskier, lower-rated debt, which had their worst monthly outflows ever.

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    Market reaction to Greece doesn't signal end of bull market

    Expect more volatility, but country isn't big enough to have lasting impact on eurozone

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    Crazy as it might sound, the new all-in bet is going long on Greek stocks

    Breakfast with Benjamin: If you've got a really strong stomach, the time looks ripe to buy the fear and jump into Greek equities.

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    We're grexhausted … leave the euro already

    Greece isn't another Lehman Brothers. I am not worried about contagion as with subprime mortgages in 2007. I don't fear counterparty risk as with AIG.

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    El-Erian sees 85% chance of Greek exit, putting him at high end of Wall Street expectations

    Investors grow nervous ahead of July 5 snap-referendum on European aid plan.

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    Greek capital controls send ripples across global financial markets

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Greece locks down its banks in a desperate attempt to prevent a public panic.

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    The world braces for a slower Chinese economy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: A weakening China will show the world how much it is really hooked on the Chinese economy.

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    Big fixed income shop prepares for the worst

    TCW has the highest level of cash in its credit funds since the 2008 financial crisis.

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    Why this is an exceptional time to be investing in Europe

    Confluence of events make European companies extremely appealing for investors

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    Saudi Arabia lays out the welcome mat for global investors

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The richest and most powerful Arab nation opens its $570 billion stock market to the world.

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    Bill Gross tweets and technical analysts get all giddy

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bond manager tweets out a nerdy note that only technical analysts understand, but the translation is both bearish and fun.

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    It's time for retirees to start bracing for higher interest rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Even if the Fed isn't sure when they'll occur, retirees should be bracing for rising interest rates.