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    A better way to get China exposure

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Investing in China stocks is a scary proposition right now but there's an ETF that uses a smart approach. It's down, but not like the Shanghai market.

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    Advisers say China drop isn't done yet, but calm clients on the downslide

    It's premature to think Chinese stocks are over the worst, but investing for the long term changes the picture.

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    The market's zero-to-hero story

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The financial sector has been a laggard and in fact hasn't been an early cycle winner since 2011. But the picture is getting brighter.

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    Donald Trump's investment portfolio a messy hodgepodge: advisers

    Advisers say the presidential hopeful and real estate mogul's investments reveal a scattered approach to money management. (See the top five fund companies holding Mr. Trump's money.)

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    Fund unloads China stocks but finds value in shares listed in Hong Kong, New York

    Sydney-based money manager says average dual-listed company trades at half its price off the mainland.

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    Greece's latest problem is the IMF

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The IMF is throwing a wrench into the Greek bailout works, setting off a political earthquake in Europe.

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    The toughest job in financial advice: Teaching economics to a presidential contender

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Teaching economics to a presidential contender isn't easy. Unless the economic advisers agree with the preconceived views of the candidates, the relationship can be testy and useless.

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    Greece offers prime example of how to get in front of clients to counteract scary headlines

    Advisers should communicate proactively with clients to ease their fears and solidify the bond.

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    Stock buybacks come under fire from politicians

    Breakfast with Benjamin There's a rising backlash for record-level stock-buyback programs, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren issues charges of 'stock manipulation.'

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    Short sales are stacking up and the bears are starting to show some teeth

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The market bears are getting bolder as they start to come out from a long hibernation, which doesn't really bode well for the bulls.

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    Bill Gross recommended shorting China stocks but didn't pull the trigger

    Bill Gross, who recommended shorting the Chinese stock market last month before it plunged, didn't actually do the trade. Instead he wagered against both the S&P 500 emerging market currencies.

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    China does everything wrong in efforts to reverse stock market slide

    Breakfast with Benjamin: China gets low marks for how it's trying to save its equity markets by preventing the sale of stocks.

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    China's stock market meltdown is looking like a buying opportunity

    Strategists recommend a slow and steady move into the world's second-largest equity market.

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    Banks are cutting broker-dealer units from their 'living wills'

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The nation's biggest banks, like JPMorgan Chase, are lumping their broker-dealer units in with other 'non-essential' operations.

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    Financial advisers tell clients to shrug off the Greek vote

    Financial advisers and investors are keeping a calm head Monday by keeping Greece in perspective.As Greek voters went to the polls on Sunday, ultimately voting against the latest austerity measures presented by the European Union to help guide Greece out of it financial straits, there doesn't