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    Pension giants out of sync with alternative investments

    Moves in and out of alts seem to be based on market volatility and fees rather than a long-term strategy.

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    Pension giant CalSTRS ponders dumping $20B in stocks and bonds in favor of alt strategies

    Breakfast with Benjamin: CalSTRS, the country's second-largest pension fund, considers moving $20 billion out of traditional investments and into alternatives.

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    The biggest market risk right now might be trying to time this market

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The stock market is clearly shaky, but trying to time it is a fool's game.

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    How to think about alternatives

    Once the exclusive domain of institutional investors, alternatives have become widely available to advisers and investors. They've gained popularity in large part because they promise diversification beyond traditional stocks and bonds.

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    Advisers who fled Pimco Total Return pay a price in 2015

    Funds that won money from Pimco lag Bill Gross' replacements this year, but advisers say it will take more than a few months of outperformance to win back their business.

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    Investors thinking about retirement should understand BDCs

    Traditional fixed-income holdings, such as bond funds, may not provide enough meaningful income as historically low interest rates have limited the yields available to investors.

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    Go-anywhere bond funds have failed to go anywhere positive over the past year

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Nontraditional bond funds that sounded too good to be true are looking like a bust, so far.

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    Jeffrey Gundlach's DoubleLine opens its first alternatives fund

    In a year when its peers lost 15% investing in commodities, DoubleLine wades in with a long-short strategy.

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    As volatility continues, more mutual funds go to cash

    Amid market volatility, more mutual funds are playing it safe, but should they be sitting on the sidelines?

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    Closed-end funds rise to the surface following the market mess

    Breakfast with Benjamin: All the messy stock market turmoil of the past few weeks has created a sweet opportunity in the closed-end funds space.

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    That awkward moment when the Fed realizes it can't raise interest rates

    Breakfast with Benjamin: William Dudley, president of the New York Fed, says delaying a rate hike until 2016 'will be awkward.'

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    Making bigger bets with smaller portfolios

    A fund with a limited number of stocks might outperform in volatile markets

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    Boeing 401(k) fiduciary breach lawsuit settled

    The provisional settlement affects 190,000 employees and retirees of Boeing who first brought a case against the company in September 2006.

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    In hindsight, China's market meltdown wasn't really that bad

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Now that the dust has started to settle, China's stock market meltdown doesn't seem all that awful.

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    Ex-Merrill broker ordered to pay $1.4 million in insider trading case

    Gary Yin, who pleaded guilty to laundering a client's insider trading profits, must pay restitution to Merrill but avoids prison sentence.