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    Liquid alts get warning from SEC's Norm Champ

    SEC official tells alternative mutual funds to define principal strategies for investors.

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    Record bets against Japan stocks tell investors time to buy

    Short-selling on Tokyo's bourse jumped to the highest on record this month, as the Topix index tumbled 7.7 percent from a six-year high in September.

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    Basketball star who went bankrupt wishes he'd gotten an MBA

    Antoine Walker made $110M, but blew it all and filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

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    SRI indexes delivered market-like returns and risk, while pursuing social goals

    Interest in socially responsible investing (SRI) is increasing rapidly. From 2003 to 2012, SRI assets in the U.S. grew 54% to reach $3.31 trillion,1 according to the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (US SIF Foundation). This represents roughly 10% of assets under professional ...

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    Money managers to redraw battle plans after SEC nixes batch of nontransparent ETFs

    In a preliminary decision, the Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected applications for nontransparent ETFs from BlackRock, Inc. and Precidian Investments, determining that the proposals are not in the public interest.

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    The Fed struts its market-timing skills to inject a sense of calm

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The Fed tries to inject a sense of calm in the market, Mohamed El-Erian passes on Pimco, all economists get it wrong, a global currency war is unfolding before our eyes, and more.

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    Are online investors actually panicking at the sight of market volatility?

    Covestor sees investors tinkering around the edges of their allocations, but not much actual fear

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    The bitter economic costs of cheap oil

    Breakfast with Benjamin: The bitter economic costs of cheap oil, plus notes on taking advantage of the rising dollar, avoiding bond funds like the plague, and running toward market volatility.

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    How are REIT dividends taxed?

    My recent column talked about companies lowering their overall tax burden by spinning off or be¬coming REITs that pay no corporate level of tax. Readers have asked if these real estate investment trusts pay qualifying dividends or are REIT investors taxed like MLP investors. The answers might

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    Who should be accredited these days?

    Time the SEC revamped the accredited investor definition in a way that broadens the potential pool of investors and strengthens verification that they qualify.

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    Mutual fund industry enjoying a burst of wheeling and dealing

    Five years after the last bout of mutual fund merger mania, the lesson remains: Grow, and then grow some more.

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    The regulatory hits keep coming for LPL Financial

    The rest of this week's must-read stories include Betterment's robo-adviser for humans, big changes afoot in Social Security, and a focus on picking the right alternatives for clients

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    Market volatility gives liquid alts first real test

    One upside to the stock market carnage of the past week or two is that the wildly popular alternative-strategy mutual funds, better known as liquid alts, have finally been tested on the open road.

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    Fattened by the Federal Reserve, the markets want more

    Breakfast with Benjamin: Fresh talk of extending QE is a sign that the markets just want more. Plus, gold shines bright among the carnage, learning to love leverage, and more.

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    Schorsch empire strikes back on perception of illiquid investments

    Nicholas Schorsch's camp opposes regulatory efforts to limit investor exposure to illiquid products such as nontraded REITs.