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    The IVA revolution - InvestmentNews

    How index variable annuities may help support a balanced portfolio. Download this white paper now. Share your research with the investment community and stand out as a thought-leader. For more information on posting your research on our website, contact Ayana Reid at (212) 210-0774 or

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    John Hancock B-D to terminate health and insurance benefits

    Registered representatives at Signator Investors Inc., John Hancock's broker-dealer, received some dismaying news on Tuesday: The firm will be terminating its health and insurance benefits and will freeze its retirement benefits plan at the end of the year. Effective Jan. 1, 2015, the firm will

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    Account opening is No. 1 tech concern: Survey

    Beacon finds 'client onboarding' has replaced social-media archiving as brokers' biggest technology challenge.

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    What new scrutiny of life insurance captives means for advisers

    Regulatory attention means advisers may want to rethink which companies they work with.

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    Resurgence ahead for life settlements industry?

    Underfunded universal life policies' loss may be a gain for secondary insurance market.

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    Advisers pick their poison with UL policies

    I read the article Low interest rates threaten universal-life policies (InvestmentNews, Nov. 18), and I am glad to see that the publication is making financial advisers aware of these issues.

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    Letters to the editor

    Insurers shouldn't have I was entertained by Mary Beth Franklin's blog “The rise of Social Security zombies” (InvestmentNews, Nov. 11) on the inaccuracy of the Death Master File. I have also been reading articles in other sources, including the one she referred to, “Why the dead got government

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    When undervalued stocks are expensive

    How to find undervalued stocks in a bull market. Plus, Bitcoin (yes, Bitcoin) gets legit; big investors licking their chops at BofA $8.5B settlement proposal; some good news for Madoff victims; and welcome back cap gain distributions. Curated by InvestmentNews senior columnist Jeff Benjamin.

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    Have the courage to talk about LTC

    It's a tough discussion that's not going away. It's only going to get tougher.

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    Low interest rates threaten universal life insurance policies

    Universal life policies sold in the '80s and '90s are at risk of lapsing, causing problems for clients and advisers.

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    Confessions of a financial planner: My estate is not in order

    Brian and I got married two years ago. At that time I went through all of our finances, combined accounts, changed names, updated beneficiaries, and made a list of items to complete: wills, powers of attorney and additional life insurance for me.

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    Lincoln National: Variable annuity sales are up, and there's still room to grow

    Lincoln National's variable annuity deposits hit $3.4 billion at the life insurer during the third quarter, reflecting a 56% increase from the year-ago period, but execs want to shift more to contracts without living benefits.

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    Under new structure, fewer MetLife advisers pushed to produce more

    Restructuring puts two MetLife B-Ds under one roof, ups pressure to sell proprietary products.

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    Watchdog Belth's Insurance Forum to cease publication

    Insurance industry gadfly Joseph M. Belth in December will stop publishing The Insurance Forum, a 40-year old newsletter that shook up the world of life insurance. Mr. Belth, who is professor emeritus of insurance in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Bloomington, announced in the

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    Investor Education Survey: Financial Outlook and Perspectives from Men and Women

    This white paper features Jackson National Life Insurance and the Center for Financial Insight's survey results after polling investors in an effort to identify the opinions of men and women on key topics relating to retirement, investing and financial education.

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