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    What new scrutiny of life insurance captives means for advisers

    Regulatory attention means advisers may want to rethink which companies they work with.

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    Resurgence ahead for life settlements industry?

    Underfunded universal life policies' loss may be a gain for secondary insurance market.

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    Lincoln National: Variable annuity sales are up, and there's still room to grow

    Lincoln National's variable annuity deposits hit $3.4 billion at the life insurer during the third quarter, reflecting a 56% increase from the year-ago period, but execs want to shift more to contracts without living benefits.

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    Life settlements on regulators' radar as states push their use

    Texas latest to encourage holders to sell life insurance, use proceeds for long-term care.

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    No surrender: Advisers have 'obligation' to talk life settlements with clients

    Policy buyer says transactions make plenty of sense for certain groups of people

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    Bizarre life settlement drama in Texas nearing an end

    Clients who invested some $80 million in life settlements that went awry may get their due. It's just going to take a while. About 900 investors shelled out big bucks to Retirement Value LLC and Hill Country Funding LLC to purchase interests in life settlements, according to authorities in Texas.

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    Stillwater runs dry as OSU, Pickens come up empty in insurance battle

    Judge rejects bid to recoup $33 million in soured funding scheme for school's athletic department; life insurance policies taken on 27 donors

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    Life settlement notes turn out to be killer for Tex reps

    Pair of brokers in Lone Star state suspended for selling bogus promissory notes from now-defunct National Life Settlements; 'We were fooled'

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    Campaign has Betty White pitching ‘hot' life settlements

    Actress Betty White is the celebrity pitchwoman for life settlements provider The Lifeline Program and also stars in the firm's viral YouTube video, “I'm Still Hot.”

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    Elderly couple: Rep told us to put our IRA into life settlements

    But ex-broker refutes claim, says clients performed their own due diligence

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    SEC fraud case could give new life to life settlements controversy

    Life Partners accused of misleading shareholders about mortality estimates; securities or not?

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    Ruling is Stoli setback for Principal Life

    A federal court decision in Pennsylvania has notched a win for life settlement investors.

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    MetLife to take charge of up to $135M to pay death benefits

    MetLife Inc. will take a charge of up to $135 million for unpaid death benefits based on Social Security Administration records.

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    Life settlements scammers get longer jail sentences than Enron's Skilling

    Two Houston men have been sentenced to spend more than 45 years in prison for their role in a massive life settlements fraud scheme.

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    Two reps could lose securities licenses for selling life settlement notes

    A pair of registered representatives with Planmember Securities Corp. in Texas face the loss of their securities licenses and fines of $100,000 each for the improper sale of life settlement notes.

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